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  1. BeatLA24

    S33.E16: This is the End

    I guess they got them, but all I was thinking after they finished the sand dunes portion, was to get Turbo's shoes.
  2. BeatLA24

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    I am with you in the minority. It's weird coming here and seeing how awful this season was to a great deal of people. My whole household was entertained by this season, and actually had no problem with the setup. I was pulling for Devens, but once Chris gave up his immunity to do the fire-making challenge, I had a feeling he would win.
  3. BeatLA24

    S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    Giorgia Whigham is 21.
  4. BeatLA24

    S02.E10: Do Not Disturb

    When the dad fell, I surmised it was a heart attack. It looked like his hands were going towards his chest when he was on the ground.
  5. BeatLA24

    The League

    As someone that liked when Andre would actually come out ahead, and wished Pete would lose at everything, the ending was very disappointing. I know that Andre is forever the butt of the joke, but I believe that was way over the line (even for the show's universe).
  6. BeatLA24

    OK Then, It's That Guy: The Cast In Other Roles

    I remembered him from Mad Max: Fury Road, as the Organic Mechanic.
  7. BeatLA24

    S02.E04: Fear And Trembling

    I enjoyed the use of Devo's "Too Much Paranoias" during the donut shop scene. It fit the mood of Dodd taking his nephew on a random beat down of some of the KC crew's men.
  8. BeatLA24

    S01.E06: The Good Man

    I think Strand mentioned that Abigail is the name of the yacht, so maybe it is named after somebody significant that gave him the cuff links. I guess I am in the 1% minority on this board that actually enjoyed the show. When I first heard about the spinoff, I couldn't care less. I decided to try it out, based on the casting. I watched the show with my sister, and we both got really in to it. When I came hear to catch the discussions, I was surprised at how much derision it has received. I understand a lot of the points being made, but I guess I put blinders on and got hooked on this show.
  9. BeatLA24

    The League

    I enjoy whenever Andre gets a "win." He's always the butt of the joke, that when he comes out on top, I cheer. Conversely, I like it whenever Pete gets some comeuppance. I also had to laugh at Raffi's line about how, while in period attire, it was a slave auction, and wanted to know that everyone was okay with that. I guess I'm in the minority, in loving every time Raffi shows up. I get a kick out of how he always calls Kevin, Brian, and that Pete is "Tall Guy."
  10. BeatLA24

    Cast: All Part of the Conspiracy

    Have you finished your first playthrough, yet. We just completed it this past weekend, and it is very fun and tense.
  11. BeatLA24

    Small Talk: The Bus

    If any of you have a PS4, I highly encourage you to play Until Dawn. It's a horror game where decisions you make in game will have an effect on the survival of the eight characters stranded on a mountain lodge with someone/something pursuing them. It is very tense and suspenseful. It's very cinematic, and the characters are look just like their voice actors. The cast includes Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare, Rami Malek, and AOS's own, Brett Dalton. His character, Mike, started off as the jerk; but by the end, he had become my favorite.
  12. BeatLA24


    You could tell Moshe Kasher grew up in the Bay Area, when he used both E-40 and Too $hort in Hashtag Wars.
  13. BeatLA24

    S04.E02: East Wing

    I think the part that had me cracking up the most was Amy trying to face time the meeting while stuck in traffic.
  14. I just turned on my dvr recording of this episode, but found that there was no sound. The commercials between all had audio, but not the show, itself. I am on Comcast in the Bay Area, and tried to look up if this was a problem for others, but didn't find a thing on it. I guess my recording just messed up and will have to watch the sketches online.
  15. BeatLA24

    S06.E13: The Promise

    I know this all too well. My youngest niece almost always leaves her ice cream to melt while she does other things.