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  1. mcgett

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    The Monti Kids company was on "The Pitch" January 30th podcast https://www.gimletmedia.com/the-pitch/shark-tank-vs-the-pitch-56-monti-kids with a much different outcome than on Shark Tank. Near the end of her pitch she says "that was a lot less stressful than Shark Tank" and there is a bit of audio from a Shark Tank viewing party that she held for family and friends. Personally, there would be no way that I would be hosting a viewing party after what happened on Shark Tank. A couple of comparisons, on Shark Tank she was asking for $200K for 2.5% of the company while on the pitch she said that she was raising a seed round of $3M with a $8M pre-money valuation, so both of the offers were equal, but phrased differently. In the end she was selling 37.5% of the company in total. During her pitch she was pushing more on a 1:1 Experts:Parents network that pairs with the toys which is where I think that The Pitch investors saw value and scalability. She mentioned revenue numbers that I think are unrealistic though, $1.3M this year, $5M next year and $300M in years. Maybe in software you could do this, but now way is this happening in education kids toys.
  2. mcgett

    The Grand Tour

    JetBlue doesn't have Business Class, but they do have classes with "Mint" and "Even More Space" as options and they cater to business needs with additional flexibility on ticket changes. However, on the direct flights from JFK to Buffalo Mint/First Class isn't available, but the "Even More Space" is available in the first two rows (4 seats). Still, the phone calls to Jet Blue were faked/scripted as was the late boarding with the wheel chair. Getting off last after the other passengers had disembarked would be correct sequence. I'm a bit surprised that JetBlue went along with this as it likely caused some reputation damage if people that it was real and with the ding on the legroom as they advertise that they have the most legroom in coach.
  3. mcgett

    S05.E17: Montiel

    Well they did say that Susana Monaco needed a lot of help with her online sales. There is a website where you can buy (not sure why anyone would) from the line: https://brknheart.com/ The site is really not intuitive, there is a cart summary "0 $0.00" that shows in the upper right, but the main page is devoid of anything that makes it look like it is a retail site. The upper left had a three bars menu symbol which brings up a side panel with Women, Men and Marcus Lemonis Limited Edition selection. The whole things needs a serious overhaul.
  4. mcgett

    S03.E06: And She Was

    I'm aghast that they actually said this as non-complete clauses are invalid in California. This is one of the primary reasons why Silicon Valley companies have been so agile and successful as employees can easily move around or startup there own businesses without any worries about the old company.
  5. mcgett

    S03.E01: Founder Friendly

    It is very common for a company's stock to go up with a mass layoff as investors are all about the future. This is seen as a reduction in expenses going forward and the acknowledgement that management has taken action against unprofitable portions of the business thus generating more profits due to lower expenses and lower losses. The discussion around stock options however was a bit murkier. Currently, the extreme vast majority of stock option grants are not RSU, Restricted Stock Units, and these cause an expense at the time when they vest unlikely the older traditional options that cause an expense when they vest. I'm not sure if the standard options isn't exercised due to the option price being higher than the stock price or the employee leaving the company if a the expense can be recouped. Not have the future RSU expenses would be a positive. Erlich never actually sold his house. He never agreed to the offer when he found out that the buyers wanted to just tear the place down and he was on an emotionally high from the condor rescue video streaming success.