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  1. Apparently there's 8 episodes total but the 7th will air on June 15 th and there's no date for the 8th
  2. https://tv.avclub.com/hgtvs-ben-and-erin-napier-say-everyone-should-move-to-a-1846824204?utm_source=AV_Club_Daily_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-05-07 Erin & Ben did an interview with the site The AvClub promoting Home Town Takeover
  3. Jasmine won the outdoor because she built a pool and the other contestants hadn't. Mina didn't win any challenges (although I preferred her house) but If I remember correctly she was second place.
  4. B & M's design was boring in some ways and not the house I would buy but I liked the pergola and the staircase. I was waiting for Jasmine to say something about their house being builder grade because its the 1# thing she'll complain about on her shows. N&J - I wanted them to win because I like their style and the screened in porch. I'd buy their house and then add a non-smart pergola and a staircase. Having seen their real life home, I was not surprised at all that they aren't kid friendly in mind. Their LA home was a little geared to kids in the main spaces but the current home,
  5. I'll admit I didn't realize Erin was pregnant until they literally said the words. I just thought Ben was doing a joke about how Helen and Erin are his girls.
  6. I only disagreed with the season 1 winner but the season 2 winner I was okay with
  7. There's a glass blowing competition show on Netflix called Blown Away that you might like.
  8. I thought Alison's kitchen looked familiar and it came to me that it was nearly identical to Selena Gomez's kitchen. Especially if Alison had chosen to paint the brick.
  9. Ben and Erin seemed out of their depth on the producer episode because they kept worrying that Kevin would be resistant to the prices or repairs needed like most of their clients would and he clearly didn't care about the money costs especially in comparison to the sentimental value. Plus he already owned the land and it seemed secluded so he doesn't have close neighbours with potential noise complaints. I think the other estimates he got were probably far more expensive than the 100K all in that the show quoted especially with all the custom work and it seemed like a passion project for him
  10. I never kept track of the amount of episodes but was surprised that it was such a short season. I wonder if it'll get.a second season or if they'll give her another show to try out. I'm not sure that I'll be signing up for another season. I like Jasmine's designs for the most part but I just don't like her personality as a home reno fixer. A lot of people go too far in trying to reno but for a while a lot of shows were promoting the diy reno approach and encouraging homeowners to use sweat equity and save money (especially installing your own floors) and now they've turned towards using
  11. Jasmine really annoyed me this episode and it's mainly how she can sound so patronizing sometimes when talking about/to the clients. They'd already bought the vanity and tub and aside from the bathroom issues which turned out to be minimal (and he had installed the beam properly), what they changed/added was cosmetic. They switched out the floors that weren't aesthetically pleasing, switched out the linen space, I just doubt her "punch list" was that long in this house compared to the other houses we've seen. But this was "the worst bathroom" she'd seen and a "huge undertaking" and she was ge
  12. I've been noticing it for a while. Mainly it's that she's wearing more makeup lately and possibly wearing eyelash extensions. She might've lightened her hair but I can't tell for sure.
  13. I agree its a terrible line in an otherwise great episode. I also hate that cabbie in a turban line Sophia has in another episode. Personally I always skip The Housekeeper. It's just uncomfortable to watch. The girls suspect their housekeeper of practicing voodoo and then try to bribe her into reversing her voodoo only to realize she's just a lazy worker who's preoccupied with school.
  14. Not a fan of the planter and the fact that the wife could barely reach up to the plants. It also seemed strange that the heater Is right beside the alcohol cabinet. And of course Jasmine doesn't think about the trouble it will take to change out the shower liners at such a high height
  15. I just watched the episode where a family with 5 kids was house hunting for a 3 or 4 bedroom near their current apartment. They paid cash and moved in quickly versus waiting for the house that would've been finished in 7 months and cost a slight bit more (320,000 vs 350,000). I somewhat get why they picked it since it added one more bedroom than they already had and they were able to pay with cash and pay for the furnishings to be included. But the house they didn't choose was only slightly more expensive and for 5 kids would've given a lot more space since it was a 5 bedroom instead of 3 bedr
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