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  1. Wouldn’t Kourtney, more than anyone, know how much time Scott actually spends with his kids? I was hoping now that Kourtney has put an entire relationship and breakup in between her and the Lord, this show would qui trying to ship them so hard.
  2. Here is what Kylie, 21 years old, actually looks like next her sister, 39, on the premiere episode. Yikes, y’all.
  3. I predict Jordyns red table talk to be apologies and vague references to the scandal, but t absolutely no tea will be spilled. I don’t think this is anything more than a story Kris cooked up to bring attention to the season 16 premiere and Jordyns new business
  4. Booooooring. They push the main plot line to the end of the show and waste a bunch of it showing everyone’s reactions to the news. The scene where Kris was panicking on the phone, her phone wasn’t even on. Why was Khloé in Cleveland all by herself?
  5. Yeah, this is all fake and probably filmed months after the fact.
  6. I think we’re going to see a lot of hazy softly lit confessionals of various Kardashians and Jenner’s talking about Khloes strength and overcoming *things* without ever actually saying the word cheat. That’s what Kim did on Ellen. She said something about something being effed up, but never actually said Tristan’s name, or an actual accusation of anything. I don’t think a woman in that family is ever going to admit that a man stepped out on them, unless it’s good ol punching bag Scott, but he that’s how he earns his paycheck.
  7. Apparently on the October 28 episode, Kim meets with victims of the Parkland shooting.
  8. At this point I don’t think Tristan and Khloe are together, and haven’t been since before True’s birth. I think they have some kind of arrangement. Khloe gets her pose-able ken doll, and a baby, but I can’t figure out what he’s in it for.
  9. Yeah.... this isn’t how formerly together, now broken up co parents discuss something this emotional. Slouched on white couches, 10 feet apart. And Sophia is a longtime family friend so no way Kourtney kids don’t know her. Even the body language is stupid, like they had this fight before and are reinacting it on zoloft
  10. Why is she even out clubbing? Kourtney is about as fun as a pile of wet toilet paper.
  11. Oh, this is all faker anyway. I doubt Kourtney even wanted to be a guardian to someone else’s kids. She’s too self centered. Kim would do it for martyrdom. Either way this is just another plot point to stir the pot between Kim and Kourtney. this is going to sound terrible, but with all the hay that was made about Kim getting a new baby and keeping a slamming bod at the same time, I almost wonder if the whole placenta acrete was made up so she could have future kids by surrogate without having to admit she just didn’t want to get fat again.
  12. Babies faces change so drastically in their first year of birth. They may or may not look like either parent at any point in time. Especially when children have a very diverse ethnic background. Eh FWIW, chubby baby cheeks on a child that can barely crawl, That may push they eye folds into a less than round (white European) shape, doesn’t make Stormi Asian.
  13. I have some very funky colored Polaroids like this from my family trip to the gulf Coast in 1982. Strange, I didn’t see baby Ye nor baby Keeks there.
  14. I know nothing about the modeling world so I don’t even know what a season is. 3 months? 30 shows would basically be working a full time job 40 hours a week? I know there’s a lot of travel/flying time, but still. She barely appears on KUWTK, and when she does it seems that all of her scenes are filmed on the same day with some clothing changes. She doesn’t have another business to run. she was quoted as saying in a dismissive way 30 shows or whatever the F these girls do...what other context is needed? Hard work is for those lesser than me.
  15. isnt Kourtney an executive producer on this show? It’s not like she has zero creative control here. And is she admitting that this conversation about fake conversations is also fake?
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