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  1. Yep, Alex won too. They all did. I wouldn't have minded this series if they'd only just injected some fairness into it by making them judge it blind. At least then it would've had some suspense to it. Otherwise, it was just a bunch of happy crappy, "Aren't we amazing?!" BS. I'm not doubting they're all good chefs -- I've never eaten any of their food, but I'm sure they are, based on what we've seen -- but the format the FN introduced in their Championship show should've been used here too.
  2. By the time these baking competition shows end, I'm generally sort of over it. This year was no exception. Between Nancy's, "It's not springy enough!", or "I'm not getting xyz flavor", or "It doesn't have enough booze in it," etc., and (some of) the bakers' mugging for the camera, or pushing each other out of the way, or making poor decisions, I'm glad to be done with it for now. So the three prom themes were 50's, 60's, and...80's?? What happened to the 70's? All that being said, it's very easy for us to armchair quarterback and say what we would have done for the theme, but in the heat of the moment and in front of cameras, not to mention the fatigue that must set in during filming (after all, how many ways can you be creative with the same thing?), I'm sure it's much harder than we think. I enjoyed watching Tati create the flowers on her cake -- I'd watch a show on how-to cake decorating, Food Network 😉
  3. Because they brought back Karen, they had an odd number of people. So someone had to be eliminated before going into Restaurant Wars.
  4. So Amanda Freitag is the latest anointed one to win their Beat the Judge competition. Who would have guessed?
  5. It was originally shown as part of their The Zoo series, since it involved tigers and a lion from the Bronx Zoo. But this iteration included pets as well. It was called something like COVID-19 and Animals.
  6. What you said brought to mind the roast pork sandwiches with broccoli rabe from DiNic's in Philadelphia.
  7. Me too, and to tell the truth, I was kind of disappointed to find out it wasn't him they were referring to!
  8. I had the same response, but with all those creatures running around, I expect (I hope!) that they saw to others while they were there. We just didn't see it.
  9. Oh, I dunno. I would consider myself a fan of this show and I also don't remember what they cooked. I'm lucky I knew who most of them were! But then again, I can't remember what I eat for breakfast some days 😉
  10. Jen Carrol was. Twice. But as Nordly Beaumont said above, it was more about the fact that Lisa was never told to PYKAG.
  11. There are wild horses all over the American Southwest. They're doing so well, in fact, that they have to be culled periodically to keep them from decimating all the resources. Of course, as you point out, it probably has some degree of risk to put horses out in a Yukon winter, which is much harsher than the winters in the SW. I guess it works for them or they would have stopped doing it, I guess.
  12. Someone watch it again and see what they said, please. I reran it a few times and I still heard that. Subtitles were of no help. ETA -- I suspect they said "High Five", which was sort of muffled. No need to answer.
  13. Please tell me I didn't hear Dr. Hodges say, " Heil Hitler" when they fist bumped!
  14. Blind judging would've been better and more "seemingly" fair.
  15. You could watch Nailed It! At least you know it's "supposed" to be stupid.
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