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  1. Marvelous? Oh, yes indeed! Now, just tell us how to make them bow. If you can do that, I will go along with almost anything! Bravo! Bravo!
  2. I don't know any more than I would ever want to know. I am interested in who you are and why you think we would care. In general, we are a fairly inquisitive bunch. I hope you will give us a chance. You just might be surprised. After all, if we are interested in most of this scum, why do you think we would not be interested in you? I think we would be. I think you should give us a shot! We just might surprise you after all! Any one could choose the wrong rock.You can always mistake our interest for genuine sincerety. Just give us a shot? We may surprise you. After all, if we chose the wrong rock, we could easily choose something else.
  3. Yes, OK. Quite right. Thanks for pointing that out. I gues that I just got caught up in the emotion and my brain turned off. I still feel bad for Jessica. Even though she is a criminal prosecution lawyer and the only thing I hate worse than lawyers are criminal lawyers. And the only thing I hate worse than criminal lawyers are criminal prosecution lawyers. I guess my brain just turned completely off.
  4. IMO, voting her out was behaving badly towards her. You may not agree. If you don't agree, I will understand. But it sure is impossible for me to explain why. For some reason, this seems to be a very extreme case of bad behavior. I may not know exactly why. But I sure do know that it was a very painful incident. Painful for Jessica, that is. Those tears were real tears. Real painful tears.
  5. It's very strange. But I never really cared for Jessica very much all season. But as soon as I saw how the vote went against her and how she cried those tears, for some reason, I felt really bad and I wanted to console her and hug her. I'm sorry they did that to you Jessica. They behaved badly towards you! I'm so sorry! I felt like crying! Maybe you could sneak up on one of them while they sleep and give them a tattoo against their will. That would definitely give them a lesson they would never forget! Lousy Bastards!
  6. Why do people keep telling? Allow me to make a guess? It's exciting to have a secret and share a secret. Even if you know that sharing that secret may well cause you great harm, it is still exciting and it makes one feel powerful to have that info and then share that info. I understand the emotion behind your post. You want to know why people continue to be so foolish. Even when they know that opening their mouths will likely cause them great harm .... they do it anyway. Perhaps the lesson is that people value sharing info with others above and beyond causing themselves great harm. What is the lesson? I'm not sure but perhaps it just might be that people can be such dumbass jerks? Maybe. Maybe not. I can't really say for sure. However, if the day should ever come when someone will push a button and launch a whole bunch of nuclear missles and destroy all the life on this planet, my guess will be the cause will be some kind of misunderstanding or quarrel or some kind of hatred between two people belonging to opposite genders. IOW, it will be a fight between a man and a woman. That is just my guess. I don't know which gender it will be who pushes the button. But I'm pretty sure that it will be a serious fight between a man and a woman that starts things going KA-BLOOHIE! I hope not. But I sure would have to guess that is what will do it. Either that. Or a fight about oil or some other source of energy. It's just my guess. To understand fully, I would guess that you really need to examine people of your same gender. It's hard enough to understand the inner workings of people of your same gender. Trying to understand people of the opposite gender is ... well ... sigh ... just forget about it! That is just too difficult. Especially if you are a (BLANK) and you are trying to understand the mental machinations of the (BLANK) gender. (fill in the blanks yourself). I removed the actual gender names because no matter which gender I posted is more difficult to understand, I just knew that I would have to suffer the slings and arrows of massive Shakespearian torment. I may be strong. But IMHO, no one is that strong! I do not intend to sling any offense at anyone. It's freaking impossible. But I don't intend to do that because ... I can't stand up to the kind of abuse I would receive if I did intend to sling some abuse at all the people belonging to one of the genders. Sorry. That is just too much to withstand. It's just impossible. Sorry.
  7. Oh. Thanks ever so much for clarifying that. I just found pictures of Caleb and his new gf. She is extremely beautiful. I wish him all happiness.
  8. Caleb died? Are you kidding? I hope you are joking. Caleb was on a season of Big Brother and he was a great guy. I was hoping to see him back on Survivor again. Please say it ain't so that he died. Please? Here is a link to Wikipedia that makes it look like he is still alive: https://www.google.ca/search?q=caleb+big+brother&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=DJ83WOSOIOy4jwSu0qCYCw
  9. I may be mistaken. But I'm fairly certain these rules were originally made on the spot. In all likelihood, Probst might have halted the filming and met with TPTB and made those rules off camera. But since then, these rules were presented as if they had always been in place. But do you really believe all these cases were anticipated and rules written before Season One ever began? That may be true. But I strongly doubt it. Can we ever know the truth?
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hannah's a banana!
  11. Upon reflection on all of Jessica's tears, it seems to me there just had to be a better way to settle that matter. If that situation ever arises again, I will propose one solution and maybe some of you can propose a better solution? There were 10 people left. Two of them were tied. If I was one of the other eight, I would propose saying something like this to the rest of them: "Am I correct in saying that every one of us doesn't really have a preference for which of those two gets voted out as compared to one of us getting voted out? If so, let me propose this solution:" I will take myself out of the running to decide which of the two goes home. I will pick up a rock and face one direction. The rest of you will go behind my back so I can't see you and stand in some random place. Then, I will throw the rock in the air so that it lands behind me so I can't see where it lands. The person closest to the landing place will then choose which of the two gets voted out. If that is objectionable because it may cause hard feelings by the person who gets voted out and the person who decides, then another way to do this is that all seven of the remaining people can huddle up so the two who got votes can't see what goes on and then, the person standing nearest the rock can just tap someone and that person will decide and they will point in the direction of one of the two people. That may be a little too complicated. But my point is there must be an easy way for the 8 people to choose who will go home in such a way that the person who gets voted out will not know who made the decision. Can anyone here think of a simpler method? The key is that surely the 8 people would prefer one of the two to get voted out instead of one of the eight! IMHO, that is only fair since those two people are the ones who got the most votes. Why should anyone else get voted out? Especially if they never got any votes? Does that seem like a reasonable way to proceed? It may be a little too complicated. But surely someone can think of a simpler way to do it? Maybe someone could just carry some stones to each TC where all of them are one color and one is a different color and then, those stones could be used to decide who will get voted out? Or maybe they could carry 8 straws and one of them could be a short straw? It's just so bizarre and absurd that someone who got no votes should be the person voted out. That's ridiculous and if that is "according to the Rules of Survivor", then it wouldn't surprise me at all because I have a very low opinion of Probst and his intelligence and his making up rules on the spot. IMO, he often makes silly decisions. Just my opinion. There just has to be a better way. Probst really did influence the competition and the vote in several ways. He kept telling some people they had to do certain things. I thought it was unfair. I think Probst has way too much influence on who get voted out. I think he is ridiculous. Or ... maybe just dickless! I must say that I am just terribly unhappy with Probst. I really and truly despise the jerk! Whadda jerk!! I apologize for being so wordy. But there just has to be a better way to decide than for some poor innocent to get voted out given they never did anything to deserve it. And Probst? Holy Shit! Please tell me. How do his "rules" fit in to this wonderful game and its strategy "Outwit, Outlast and Outplay". Probst keeps telling us just how fabulous and fantastic the game of Survivor is. Well ... how fabulous can it be if the winner is, in part, selected by some purely random event? That smells like complete bullshit to me! What a bunch of shit! I'm truly sorry. I have nothing but contempt for Probst. AFAIC, he is just full of shit! A dickless shit bag - full of shit! Completely full of shit! What an asshole cocksucker!!! I'm sorry for using that kind of language. But, for some reason, I just can't help myself for the way I feel. I never did like Jessica very much. But surely, she did not deserve to get voted out like that. She did not deserve to get treated like that. Dspecially since she did not get a single vote. I believe in America. I believe America is better than that. Much better! Much much better!!! No one deserves to be treated like that in America! Fucking Probst! What a jerk! What a fucking jerk!! I like Survivor and so far, I especially like this season. Honest. I truly do. But ... I have had just about had enough of this Probst and I have had just about had enough of this season. What a bunch of fucking bullshit! I am really and truly pissed right off! Probst? If you are reading this, please go away and fuck yourself. You stupid fucking jagoff!
  12. When I saw the first episode, I groaned and thought this was a really stupid gimmick. But after thinking about it, it actually might make sense why this season has been so entertaining. If TPTB stumbled onto some gimmick that actually works, I think they should run with it in future seasons. This has been one of the very best seasons ever.
  13. I truly do wish there was a way that people who play the goat game could be identified and be sent packing without any money and sent home on a tramp steamer with absolutely no amenities. No air conditioning. Terrible food. And especially no grapefruit. Why no grapefruit? Because in French, "pamplemousse" means grapefruit and I think this poster deserves to be recognized. Pamplemoussse deserves some kind of reward for identifying all those goat gamers.
  14. Isn't it bizarre that at some point, the more someone sucks at this game, they actually may win the game? I don't understand how that works. But the crazier Hannah acts, the more people want to keep her around. I just wish she was gone. What a revolting personality. What kind of psychological disorder is it when someone just can't ever shut up? The more she feels threatened, the more she needs to resort to her "blabber mouth" defense. I don't understand it at all. Oh .... if only it were legal to cut her tongue out of her mouth! I'd line up for days if I could ever get the chance.
  15. Not dumb so much as crazed with paranoia and OCD and Neuroses and other related psychological defects. Maybe that is the secret to the great casting this season? Just pick a bunch of people who are under psychological care by a psychiatrist or a psychologist? People who don't need to be hospitalized or even medicated. They can function OK at work or in school. They are just generally known for being "weird type" characters. There was a very famous criminal case where someone was wrongfully convicted of rape and murder and spent 23 years in prison. Why? Because the investigating police called him a, "weird type guy". That was all it took to send him to prison for 23 years. It took a very long time to get him out. I think his name was David Milgaard. But I could easily be mistaken. It was a very long time ago. It was a monstrous outrage! It changed my opinion of the police forever.
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