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  1. They were really delightful, but didn't burst into song, which was a pity. We did, after the Hallmark movie, re-watch Galavant Season 1 Episode 1 and I imagine will re-watch more. It was freakin' brilliant.
  2. Good question. I found an article from 2016 by a person named Denninger that says all the principal actors do their own singing. More points for Joshua Sasse and Mallory Jensen!
  3. Okay, just finished watching the 'Pen Pal' movie and I have to say I liked it very much, especially since I largely viewed it as a reunion of the two actors from 'Galavant.' But they were very personable and intelligent .. the scenery was beautiful, and that 'chateau' was quite a nice spot. Regrettably they did include the 'face touch' trope bit discussed above,, and the nearly inevitable Hero Misinterprets seeing Heroine With Another Man -- at 30 minutes from the end, a little early -- but Jeez. I was interested to see again the guy who played the prince of Angosia in "Royal He
  4. Me too--I m really looking forward to seeing if the show explains that new 'look', and if so, how. If we were voting, I'd have to vote in favor of his appearance with hair.
  5. Watching the promos for upcoming Spring premiere movies, I saw a familiar face in the bit for the Irish one, "As Luck Would Have It"- and pretty soon realized that the hero is played by Alan Leech, who was Tom Branson -- the chauffeur who married into the Crawley family in 'Downton Abbey' ! One of the most beloved (and complex) characters in the entire series! I'm looking forward to seeing him, and glad he's working, but professionally it does seem a bit of a come-down. I hope he does also have some major motion picture in the works by now.
  6. I second that emotion about the inaccuracies in the Prince Ronan piece. I've spent a lot of time over the years in shops making garments (for theater, in my case) and the absurdities here just gave me a cramp. As mentioned above, take random measurements while chatting away, without writing anything down? It struck me that all the people involved in those scenes are actors, and have themselves been measured for costumes dozens of times, and know how it goes. Argh. And as said too, even the most skilled designer / seamstress would not even suppose she / he could turn out a perfectly fittin
  7. Sharing the irritation with the husband in London. First, nobody gets to punch Richard, not on my watch ! Second it was really unclear why they needed to be in that very most expensive part (Marylebone, Kensington, seriously, people?) of the most expensive city. I thought I heard some reference to proximity to work, then right after that I heard 'work remotely.' Husband seemed to have made it an element of his personality to be rude on a regular basis -- including flinging himself onto somebody else's bed. It seems too bad their format limits us to seeing three options, becau
  8. It's so interesting, the strong feelings about certain actors. For me, I'm always glad to see Bethany Joy Lenz because I watched her in her very early role as Michelle Bauer on "Guiding Light." Her character there, as a teen, was somewhat like the ones she is cast in now.. Oh and also, always happy to see Andrew Walker. I think my favorite of his was 'Bridal Wave'. There was some nice writing in that one.
  9. I'm interested to see thoughts on last night's A Winter Getaway. To start, I was happy to see new and personable lead actors, whom we haven't already watched falling in love with a dozen other people. The setting was incredibly beautiful - but I thought for a portion of the film it had become less a story and more a lengthy commercial for Banff. (I hope and imagine they got a great rate on the use of the hotel &c in exchange for all that footage.) A review over on imdb remarked, and I imagine everyone noticed, that in the couple's final conversation, there was a song in the 'backgr
  10. You guys, I hadn't looked at this page for a day or so, and you have happily mentioned the royal movies that I also like a lot. Much of it is from their having different actors as the princes or kings .. Rupert Penry-Jones, Aaron Tveit, and Will Kemp in the first one he did. They all have really strong resumes outside of the Hallmark realm ( ! ) ,, That 'Carousel' thing was embarrassing, but when the story is a little different and the lead guy is strong, a royal story can be much more palatable than the 'Heroine returns to small town to save her father's (whatever) farm or inn. T
  11. So, about Christmas at the Castle .. I will probably go back and see it from the very beginning, but I have the idea. As said above, they evidently used most of the budget going to Scotland and renting the castle, The castle and the rooms inside were great, as were the shots of the countryside and the Edinburgh Christmas Faire. I read a review which picked a lot of holes in the plot. One was the wee problem that when the heroine met her soon-to-be-true-love, the first thing she did was tell him a huge lie, and go with that for most of the film. I read, too, compliments on the acting
  12. Can someone direct me please to the right page to talk about Christmas at the Castle? It premiered on Lifetime tonight, There is a Lifetime page, but nobody's posted on it for a couple of weeks! So many thoughts .. but I want to put them at the right place. Thanks !
  13. I'm the wrong person to start discussing Christmas Carousel because I only watched bits of it, including the last ten minutes. But lordy, that was dreadful. The two IMDB reviews up agree, and they evidently did watch the whole thing. In the bits I saw, there was a parade of the obligatory tropes (spunky red-haired 11-year old princess, noble long-time lady friend admitting at the end they were not in love, everybody dressed up for the royal dance at the end, &c). I can forgive a lot of traditional story bits. But the really terrible acting was what caught my attention more. I
  14. Well, to take a stab at that -- I figured he already knew he liked her because she was a positive person, and wanted to help other people, and didn't take him as seriously as most people did &c .. and the having been the father's nurse added the element of how she behaves at her job, which was also positive and affected his father specifically. When my mom was in ICU for many days, all the nurses were wonderful but one was especially gracious, and afterwards we wanted to remember her particularly and bought her a present for her upcoming wedding. Some nurses really mean even mo
  15. Good point! You know, I realized that at one point, and I thought Wow that is an incredible stretch, to even bother putting in. I guess that's what's called 'Easter eggs', little obscure bits that they will put into a film for people to catch, even though it doesn't matter, and say 'Aha!". If I hadn't seen the promos and just watched as a holiday Hallmark movie, I wonder how long it would have been before I realized there was a 'Wizard of Oz' thread going on and I should be watching for the bits? Catching the tertiary characters' names was more than I accomplished, even knowing what
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