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  1. Well, to respectfully disagree, the cultural references are part of the charm for me -- to make sure it's set in that specific time and the things that mattered then. It's kind of a good puzzle to see if you recognize some of them, too. (Madame Chiang Kai-Shek indeed!) Also a big Megan Hilty fan here, especially from 'Smash'.
  2. Well, then, and Thank You, absnow, about A Christmas Witness, it was certainly pretty dark to be included in this genre with "holiday" movies. The 'hero' seemed beyond being redeemed, given his past, and along the way he was just unpleasant, and the kind of guy you would lose as fast as possible. (His "Well, if you're not into me, you're probably 'playing for the other team'" -- was about as unlikeable as it gets.) There were a couple of sitting under the stars having a cozy chat scenes, but they didn't erase his behavior generally. It was a little jarring too, in this endless series o
  3. I'm uncertain where to write about A Christmas Witness, which premiered last night on ION TV. It had Arielle Kebbel and Colin Egglesfield, who we've seen before in Hallmark movies, but it was a 'way different thing. If somebody knows, I'm curious to go there and see what people thought. Thanks!
  4. On a couple of the points mentioned above on Christmas at Castle Hart, I also thought Stuart Townsend was a really good choice for the 'Earl', handsome and very personable generally. The sister actually irked me all the way through, because she was mugging every time she spoke, and popping her eyes and literally making faces. I was thinking she had gone to a 'way different acting school than everybody else had. Getting down to real nit-picking, it seemed utterly absurd when the sisters were shown into their rooms, and realized the situation they were in, and they literally jumped up an
  5. I love me some Broadway, but those entries didn't really appeal much. It struck me that the ladies in black waving their rear-ends around weren't really the best choice for the kiddy viewers who tuned in for the balloons! But, not my call. It's good seeing Harry Connick Jr again, though.
  6. I got a sense from this catfish victim that I never have from the others .. Some part of her heard the proofs that this Shawn person was fake, but another part of her knows that somebody, some living person, was typing those "Hi my honey" messages hour after hour. And so even though they were based on a stack of lies, she was saying "Well can't I just go on messaging with him.." Whoever 'him' might be .. it was a living person who was keeping her company. I think her brain was working on both levels, while also clinging slightly to the fiction that "he" might still turn up and pay back he
  7. Just watched Christmas Family Tree and I share all of the reservations y'all have brought up. I still think that if the DNA company said there was an error, there was an error. They were sloppy in reporting it, but I wouldn't be so quick to challenge it from the photo. I was really sure at the beginning with they variously called her mother "Trish" and "Patty" -- same issue they had in Very Merry Mix Up with Billy and Will, that he was not the father, and still didn't hear how they overcame that one. And of course while there was a new basic story, 'discover bio-family', 80% of the
  8. For me it's a Rupert Penry-Jones thing, and the line near the end "You had me at 'sewing kit.'" They are all really likeable, for sure. I looked up the little girl Theodora recently. As the movie was made quite a while ago, she's changed a bit, and has gone on to be a pretty serious competitive gymnast, so she's a hard-working, serious little person.
  9. Wow, thank you for posting this! After the utterly atrocious pimping for the little game, I didn't stick around for what I assumed would just be the credits Well, that turned everything on its ear from where we were left. It was a real tease to indicate that the story would be continued in the future. I'm not holding my breath for that. But I actually was surprised and was so glad you mentioned the After The Taping sequel!
  10. The second part of the catfish story hasn't aired here yet, but I'm assuming he doesn't ask what seems to me to be an obvious question : How are you two planning to live, support yourselves, after you're married? I haven't heard if the man works, and if she is retired (at 60?) - can she earn a living, and could she make any money in Nigeria? If the $$ she sent for "an apartment" went for a deposit, how will they pay the rent down the line? These seem such major questions, along with the extreme danger generally in his area, and I don't think he ever pursues it. Mutter mumble. Still
  11. For me the most surprising (and rewarding) one was Henry Winkler in Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The entire story had a great, unusual energy, but his really led the thing Also, Warren Christie brought a great level of attitude to his role, which fit in great. Unfortunately, everything else I've seen Christie in (Hallmark-wise) has given him a pretty vapid character. But, Winkler all the way He's got so much else going on in his career, it was surprising to see him doing this - but I'm tickled that he did.
  12. Noticed a funny thing the last day or two. Does anybody else remember that a few months ago (or last year) there was discussion on here about Hallmark holiday heroes being especially attractive in great white cable-knit sweaters? It happened, really. Well I am seeing a promo for the new Christmas movies with the wording superimposed over a -- white cable-knit sweater. Coincidence ?? Or do producers, as I have read, really cruise these pages to learn what we're thinking? If so, Hi Producers! And Costumers, keep those sweaters coming.
  13. Quoting: "I definitely agree. I just watched Raise A Glass To Love, and it puts to rest the ridiculous antiquated concept that an openly gay actor can't create believable chemistry when paired with an actress. Juan Pablo was also wonderful in Paramount Network's 2020 holiday film Dashing In December when paired with straight actor Peter Porte." This caught my eye because I pretty much remembered reading that Peter Porte was also gay. Just went and checked, and I'd remembered correctly. My favorite Peter Porte line was in the one where he was a teacher who had amnesia for a time,
  14. So glad you said this, Bankerchick. I have similarly pretty much memorized One Royal Holiday, and appreciate every single fine point (and weak spot, of which there are a couple). Besides the story, I appreciate the caliber of the cast, four principals having heavy Broadway credentials (including two Tony awards), and their work in this show. I'll just ask - are there other of these movies that some of us have watched so much that we can hum along??
  15. As to talking about dollars instead of the local currencies, I remember some chat about that here many months ago .. It just makes them look lame sitting there writing "$2000" in their notebooks, no matter where they are in the world. It would seem more reasonable to speak of the local currency when they are acting out that original conversation, and put the appropriate dollar amount below. It struck me, though, that maybe over time the relative values would change (as they do, daily) and make it wrong? Well, like, who cares ? If we're seeing a rerun five years out and the comparable valu
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