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  1. Chippings

    House Hunters International

    Me too ! He had a very specific good energy which is hard to match.
  2. Chippings

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    Oops, I almost forgot - Did anybody else scream out "Oh no Please!" at the end of the episode, when Laura arrived at the airport and Aladin was not there to meet her ?? Oh No What Ever shall I do, All alone here in a strange land, with nobody to help me, except two producers, a camera man and a sound guy ? Seriously, TLC Yawn. How shall I ever stand the suspense til next week's episode.
  3. The above answer the puzzle very nicely. That Quickie thing doesn't exist in CA (or didn't a couple of years ago). The Service element is slightly different there. It is still unclear, really, if she was just serving Jay or asking him to sign off on whatever terms she wants. There are no kids and no community property (house, savings, cars &c) - but is he entitled to any support that he would be waiving? In the law hardly anything is Simple. Well I have belabored this question enough. It was a slimy way to handle it, Ashley, but no surprise there. Thank you for your answers, Colleagues!
  4. I just watched this in bits (couldn't take the entire thing) but one thing that caught my eye was Ashley "serving" the divorce papers on Jay herself. Don't know about Pennsylvania, but I was in this business for years in California, and a party cannot serve their papers own on the other party. Period. It has to be done by a third person, either in person or by mail. Also to complete the divorce (and this seems something that should be pretty universal) there has to be a Proof of Service filed, and the Court will glance at who did the serving. It just doesn't float. We suspend disbelief a lot around here, but that really jarred. (If anybody knows that Pennsylvania is different in this, let me know!) Beyond that, these people are all pretty loathsome, so I second all the above-mentioned notes about that.
  5. Hullo --- No thoughts about the new movie last night, "Sister of the Bride" ? Mine are that it was entirely boring - no real dilemmas, resolutions that I didn't care much about. Except I did resent big-time that 'Ben', the Economics professor, turned down (is this a spoiler, since it already aired?) his dream job at Oxford for a pale facsimile. But the house was very pretty, and it was nice to see Michael Gross and the '55 T-bird. Otherwise, zzz-zz-zz.
  6. Chippings

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    I am kinda puzzled about Jenny's resisting wearing the Indian clothing -- "I'm an American woman, they can't tell me what to wear" -- because in the intro to that segment, I swear I heard her say something like We are going to buy an Indian outfit so I won't be so conspicuous -- or stand out so much -- when we go out. I had recorded the episode and now have deleted it, but did she not say that? And if so, it was entirely weird that she then got completely resistant to the idea. (Or, do I remember it wrong?)
  7. Just a note - this evening Hallmark ran 'Snow Bride' again and I was reminded how much I liked it. (In case the title doesn't ring a bell, the tabloid reporter smuggles herself into the snowbound retreat of political family, hits it off with older son. Et cetera.) Unusual story, none of the usual tropes (return to hometown, run into each other and spill coffee &c); new, attractive people whom we haven't seen fall in love with ten other people in other Hallmark movies, good and interesting small side-stories. Haven't seen it in many months. Such a pleasure!
  8. Chippings

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    Just to say that this evening I saw more sensible people (two) than I've seen in any hour of these things before. That'd be Ludwing (of the grilled cheese sandwiches) and Karine's brother. I sure would like to know more about Ludwing - he's been her "adopted brother" for 20 years, but he has an accent of some kind; seems to have a nice enough house, and looks as if he plays the piano. And if Karine's brother grew up in the same environment as Karine did, how'd he get so sensible? Nice to meet you, sensible people. Let's get together again some time soon, please.
  9. Chippings

    S17.E14: Finale

    Not specifically related to Project Runway, but on this point -- I found my way to TWoP originally because I saw an article in Time (or Newsweek) about television at that time, and it said that people involved with TV shows do look on line to see what people are thinking, and the main site they looked to was 'Television Without Pity.' If that's still the case, they have possibly followed us here.
  10. Chippings

    S17.E14: Finale

    I had two Von Furstenbergs, one a red/white print and one blue/white. They fit like nobody's business and looked absolutely great on. Have to say that I tried to get my sister-in-law to get one, and it didn't fit her at all, just wrong. That thing defined a classic. I still have my red one, but wouldn't have the nerve to put it on today. DvF never designed a single thing later that could match it, but she earned her place in history. (Sorry to cut into the cheers about the winner - I agree!)
  11. So many things to smirk over in this show, but in regard to Jenny at the airport -- I think we are getting pretty tired of this trope: American gets to airport / train station, and loved one is not there, so they panic (See: Pole in Brazil the first time, Whats-er-name with the darling baby Lucy in England). "Oh no, I am all alone, what will I ever do??" when obviously there is the camera crew, producers &c right there, who all have phones and the producers were obviously in touch and knew where Sumit was. Seriously? It doesn't make for a really good cliff-hanger. In passing by one "extended" episode (and how do they "extend" a one-hour episode and still have it be a one-hour episode?) (never mind), I enjoyed seeing Pole's boss in Kentucky say he wasn't a good worker and if he hadn't quit, would have been fired very soon. If you can't make a good showing picking up cow patties and carrying hay bales, it doesn't bode really well for much else.
  12. Chippings

    House Hunters International

    Malta -- Something sort of galled me at the beginning of the episode which we see every single time, but it got me to thinking. We know the whole deal is staged, and the people already have chosen a place. But it struck me as unnecessarily phony at the initial "meeting" when the realtor, of Malta, asks the clients, from the UK, "How much do you want to spend?" and they reply "One thousand dollars." No .. None of these people functions in any way in dollars, and it's just so faux to insult our intelligence by play-acting as if it meant something to them. Given that the viewers are used to dollars, we still do know that in other places they have other currencies - HGTV, Why can't you have your clients reply in the currency of the place where they are, and show a streamer across the screen showing its equivalent in dollars?? It would make the 'story' a little more realistic, and we could figure out how much the amount is in our experience. HGTV, anybody listening ?? I wonder if they ever did consider that ..
  13. My issue with Friend to Fiance was that fully grown adults kept asking each other "Yes, but do you LIKE-like him??" as if they were fourteen. It sort of diminished the whole thing. Also I couldn't quite respect a grown man who retreats from his looming wedding by crouching in his childhood playhouse. Issues, much??? Girl was cute - perky, and at least a different face from the half dozen usual ones. But the characters' wide pre-teen streak in their personalities was not attractive.
  14. Chippings

    House Hunters International

    I second that emotion. Always a pleasure also to see London. The humans were whiny indeed, but more particularly Sebastian, the dark-haired one. You'd have thought that coming from New York they'd have an idea of very high rents and small spaces, but they whined big-time about both. I wonder what palatial digs they'd had in NYC, with a 'music studio', and to accommodate two dogs, for $1700?
  15. This fellow, like Dennis, does not seem like a stupid person, and it's interesting (terribly sad) how his loneliness overcame every kind of sense he surely had had for the last several decades. The signs were all there (starting with the requests for money, but after that the principal one to me was the pile of letters from the "German government" written in English and demanding US dollars). As with earlier episodes, I'm always thinking of the days after the taping -- when day in & day out for months they have at least had texts coming in saying "I miss you My Love", "How are you Honey" .. some indication that there's somebody out there who loves you .. and now not only is that person proven to be fictional, but there's a great gap of no loving affirmations every day. That must be awfully hard. As said above, this seems like such a nice man, and essentially a smart one. Poor guy. I hope Dennis, in addition to his family, stays in touch and gives him some support.