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  1. For me all signs point to Dean the son. A confession and the means and motive to disappear his uncle. Hell he even confessed amd then recanted. My money is on him. Wish they had gone after him harder.
  2. Right!? I was like "save the smokey eye for the whores, girl." Even the axe-murdering psychiatrist had on a smokey eye. Sorry, makeup is kind of my thing.
  3. if this episode doesn't produce an emmy award for both of these actors i will eat my own hat.
  4. ghost brothers? what is this that you speaketh of!? OK, going in search of it now, I can't believe i missed this!! also, i as well gave up on paranormal lockdown, it just didn't dazzle me. another heads up: has anyone else heard that a NEW celebrity paranormal project will be on tonight??? that show last aired 9 years ago. tvguide just sent me a reminder, does anyone else know about this?? eta: apparently CPP s01 is now available on hulu, i guess that's what the reminder was, i almost had a heart attack.
  5. honestly i stopped watching it two seasons ago. speaking of the Zak, his new show deadly possessions is fucking turrrrrrible. ETA: my haunted house is back on the air, i seriously love the hipster actors acting out the reenactments. the current episode with the girl who goes into a haunted house on a dare scared the piss outta me!
  6. i uploaded the original image and then i filled in the "ghost" crawling on his hands and knees, now do you see it happy belly? http://imgur.com/a/2GEpf
  7. you are an genius Ananayel, i was able to see it. hahaha its totally a guy crawling out of the scene. reddit never fails.
  8. i'm having a hard time finding the new season of MH online, argh!! i also heard ghostly encounters have new episodes up but can't find them either! i loved PS too, the main kid Ryan went through a lot of crazy health scares after that show ended. i've watches a few GA shows and need to download the rest, thanks for the reminder. DF is just too over the top for me. his provocation methods and super judgmental attitude (he yelled at some family for having halloween decorations up) turned me the fuck off. i assume they were both cancelled. i remember both shows and really liked them as well. just watched the first ep of Paranormal Lockdown (PL)... and have to say i like a few things so far: they stay 3 days, they actually honor their word and will leave if the spirits do as they asked (ie. saying Katrina), they have a good energy together although i think Katrina's psychic-ness is BS and i like that they bring in other famous paranormal investigators. i did have an issue with their last piece of evidence and COULD NOT for the life of me see any dark shadow slithering behind them, was it just me? could any of you see it?? Ghost Nerds Unite!
  9. No way!! I'm am so on this!!! Also "A Haunting" season 8 is back on!! Just saw the first episode with the boy who has a deeeeeemon attached to him. LMAO. anyone else see it??
  10. hi notyrmomma, i actually addressed this in another thread about this show, i have no idea why the admin made another general thread for this show. anyway, i copied it and will paste it here. But in short, yes, they used two actors, one to play the "actual witness" and another to play an "actor playing the witness in the reenactments". hahahaa. ugh.
  11. Season 8 episode 1 "heartland horror" is finally up. Did anyone watch it?
  12. HAAAA!! i was just coming over here to say that if you move into a home and then have an "old vague cryptic neighbor lady" ask you if you knew about what happened in your basement PUNCH HER IN THE FACE until she tells you. also the husband's blatant disregard to his wife's fears seriously enraged me. even after shit happened to him, he was still useless. and who else thought "of course the camera film will be erased" when the news crew caught the apparition on video? and yep, it was. how surprising. anyway, they apparently still live in their haunted house and i hope they get some actual help from this show.
  13. yeah i agree, i watched all the Paranormal Home Inspectors episodes (with the Canadian psychic who always cries right?) on youtube (episodes here) and was underwhelmed. i think any show that has a psychic is automatically discredited in my book. Although i love chip coffey. he can do no wrong in my eyes, hahaha.
  14. ok i'm watching finally... right away i'm like WTF is going on with Real Chris's eyebrows!? same with Real Amanda, they both have overly plucked 90s brows, amirite?? just an observation. also Real Amanda's teeth are jacked up, its unsettling a bit..
  15. from what i recall the heads of the society of psychical research came into the home, kicked everyone out and watched Janet like a hawk, she couldn't get the poltergeist to appear and they caught her throwing something (i think?) anyway once the papers got a hold of the possibility of a hoax, they ran with it and pretty much discounted everything else. Janet was institutionalized and the family begged for Guy and Maurice to get involved and help set the record straight.
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