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  1. ZombiUnicorn

    Season 19: Live Feed Discussion

    Funny I was awake during childbirth...my epidural must have been put in backwards ;P
  2. ZombiUnicorn

    World Of Dance

    I have some questions of how choreographing work on WoD. Obviously on SYTYCD we have "well-known" choreographers in each style and in that way everyone is basically on an even playing level. Are there show ones here to and we just arent shown that side or do contestants HAVE to do their own or is it up to each performer to hire their own? I wonder this tonight when Fikshun was talking about how much of his dance was freestyle. Then again with the 2 girls who dance on Janet Jackson tour going against Eva. I would assume the 2 girls would have easier access to better choreographers. I see what everyone is saying about eva and nicks tricks but I will say at least Eva seems to have the flexibility on both sides which you don't often see in jrs their age. If I recall Nicks was all in his left(?) leg. Also was he on dancemoms ...maybe the Miami version? kid looks familiar.
  3. ZombiUnicorn

    S01.E01: Everything's Bigger In Dallas

    I cant believe noones mentioned LeAnn being on Big Rich Texas. She was a chairperson for a group called "The Fashionistas"