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  1. I think I would like Kai better if her hashtags weren't a paragraph long. #EveryThoughtGoingThroughMyHeadThroughoutTheWholeChatWithNoEditingWhatsoever. Hit send
  2. Count me in as not liking the clone twist. All the other catfish are doing it with the consent and knowledge of real Ashley, real Isabella etc. This was done without Michelle's consent and feels like a violation that makes me pretty uncomfortable. Especially on a show that has always seemed to cast mostly good people and has generally not tried to hurt its hamsters. I don't like it. Overall there's nobody I really dislike yet but nobody that strikes me as particularly awesome either.
  3. His wife too, if that was her 60th birthday, she looks about 45.
  4. I have a couple of episodes left, but I think I liked last year better. Last year had people playing as themselves who subverted expectations and showed more dimensions. Everyone this year seems to be either exactly who they seem to be at first glance or a catfish. And I see Courtney winning and he just seems like just a mean person. I hate that.
  5. So this special has about 20 minutes of Rosie Perez but no Bob McGrath, Loretta Long or Emilio Delgado. Hell No!
  6. She's also never heard of NSYNC, she has a very wide ranging ignorance.
  7. I just rewatched the first episode of the original season. It's remarkable how unguarded and open they all seem. Very unlike later casts who have watched and planned their "character." Also, my favorites now, Heather and Julie, are my favorites from the original run and ones I don't really care for, Becky and Kevin, are still the ones I can do without.
  8. Twenty-nine years in and Julie and Heather are still the best reality TV people ever!
  9. I bet a lot of it has to do with music rights. That has always held up MTV properties for streaming and DVD
  10. Is it bad that I got up extra early to watch the episode before work?
  11. No such thing as "partner" at a hospital. No such thing. It's not a law firm.
  12. I hate the DoorDash Super Bowl ad. Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, go ahead and use them to sell stuff. Honestly, that probably makes me more likely to buy. But the Sesame Street muppets should be off limits, Leave them to educational purposes.
  13. Have they announced a premiere date yet, I can't find one?
  14. I live in a small town in Alabama and have never heard anything like that. I feel like her big culinary achievement was when "Mama made Shake N Bake, And I hayelped"
  15. I think I had heard that Original Jake was not an actor but an actual State Farm employee and New Jake is an actor and therefore more trained and available for multiple commercials
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