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  1. Mrs. DuRona

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    That was so funny! Poor Kevin, haha. I think Jed can relate, because a similar thing happened earlier to him when she was making out with Luke at the massage table. Can you imagine if it had been Luke instead of Kevin? He would have shot literal laser beams out of his eyes.
  2. Mrs. DuRona

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    "My heart producers want him to stay". There, Hannah, fixed it for ya. She is so over him. The look on her face at the rose ceremony at the beginning. It was like she was trying not to throw up. I liked silly Hannah on her date with Mike. There is no way I would be able to eat the super sour candy, haha.
  3. Mrs. DuRona

    The Act

    Vicious cycle of crazy abuse. That was a really good episode. I am curious though... why did DeeDee name her child after a stripper?
  4. Mrs. DuRona

    The Handmaid's Roles: Cast in Other Roles

    Mr. D and I went to see "Us" last weekend (great movie!) and it was very odd to see Elisabeth Moss all made up and chillin' on the beach...
  5. Mrs. DuRona

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    I actually agree that it is a smart move. He is delegating, while helping interns see the bigger picture about why administration decisions are made. It takes some of the stress off the job and allows him time with his patients. Not all of them are going to be chief someday, but being well-versed in the "behind the scenes" reporting makes for a more collaborative work environment. Just my two cents worth.
  6. Mrs. DuRona

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Yeah, good luck with that. Most Doctors/Insurance won't do it if you're under a certain age or have already had children. They think that you might change your mind. The only exception would be if it was medically necessary (ie: uterine cancer).
  7. Mrs. DuRona

    S03.E18: Her

    That felt like a quick cover to me. She panicked and forgot about tapping the foot (understandable) and didn't want her mom to know it.
  8. Mrs. DuRona

    S03.E18: Her

    OMG, yes. That is *such* a Pearson thing to do, haha!
  9. Mrs. DuRona

    S03.E18: Her

    What if it's not dementia, alzheimers or a stroke? Earlier in the season, Rebecca mentioned that she basically takes Advil like it's candy. What if the car accident caused her chronic pain that got so bad in her old age, that she was confined to a wheelchair, etc, and was opting for assisted suicide? It would explain the calmness of everyone (this had been discussed and planned) and the games - it was her "going away" party. It's why Tess was reluctant to see her, because she knew she'd have to watch her die. She was also probably super drugged up, like she was in the hospital after her accident. Which is why Randall introduced himself as her son. Just thinkin' outside the box... Maybe Kevin decided to adopt and just happened to adopt a kid with similar features? He would absolutely have Kevin's personality - nature vs. nurture and all that. I was adopted and people are always surprised because I look so much like my family, and my Dad and I both sing. It would be a nice, full circle thing, too. UGH, I'm so tired of shows ending so early now! I remember when I was a kid, the seasons would go at least through May. Show seasons ending always seemed to coincide with the school year ending.
  10. Mrs. DuRona

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Only, she didn't cancel. She told Randall she was invited for drinks, and wouldn't be able to make it to dinner, but he put his stubborn foot down and she (deflatedly) said ok. She showed up. She was gracious and the perfect doting politician's wife. I absolutely buy that there was an accident (you don't make that up as an excuse - way too easy to confirm), and that her phone died. It is entirely possible her car charger wasn't in her car, I take things out of my car that I need all the time. It's also possible if she has a portable charger, it was dead. Happens all the time. Team Beth all the way.
  11. Mrs. DuRona

    S02.E03: The Punishment Room

    Oh, man, as soon as she stood up and went into stand up mode, I was cringing. Not your day, Midge! And not at all appropriate! Poor Mary. :( Guess it wasn't just the money that was holding back her dream wedding. :/
  12. Mrs. DuRona

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    To be fair, she A. probably didn't think you need a degree to teach chorus (as we have discovered in earlier posts here that some people don't know you do), and B. Madison made it sound like they were so desperate, at this point they'd take anyone. So, I gotta give her a pass on going in unprepared and unqualified. As for her being in school but not being able to drive. 2 hours in the car vs. two hours in a classroom are totally different. She's not going back full time, so it's most likely she's only taking a class or 2 at a time. She won't be sitting sentient for hours on end. She can stand up, go to the bathroom, move her legs and arms during lectures. Sitting in a confined space like a car is totally different.
  13. Mrs. DuRona

    S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    Right down to Theo's "Elsa from Frozen" gloves to keep her abilities at bay, and having her "let it go" moment at the end when she tosses them in the trash can...
  14. Also, it is NOT cookie season! Girl Scout cookies are a rare commodity only sold in Jan/Feb. (Although, I looked it up just now and it did say that some troops start as early as September, which I have never seen - that's insane. Like Christmas decorations going up in September. Grumble, grumble....). They really should have come up with some other reason for Beth to have her meltdown with the kids.
  15. Mrs. DuRona

    S01.E03: Touch

    Theo is officially my favorite. She also seems to be the most well-adjusted of all the kids. As soon as they showed the guy to be a foster dad, I waited to see him smile - I had a feeling that was what was going on. So sad. :( Shirley's husband is totally taking royalties. He was very "Um, yeah, sure honey, not one red scent (but we'll talk later)" about it.