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  1. "I don't believe in the church. But I do believe in your church". Love it. Fun episode, good to see everyone interacting! And honestly? I didn't miss the singing.
  2. For me, it wasn't that DeLuca told Zola a story about her Dad. It was that he told her that story. That was one that Meredith should have told her, showing her the drawing on the wall. It would have been a very meaningful moment - maybe pass the tumor drawing on to her to remember her Dad every time she looked at it? But it was thrown away to be a bonding moment between DeLuca and Zola. I don't have issue with DeLuca per se, but this pairing just doesn't feel right to me. I wish it had just been a fling. Baby Zombies were awesome, and Teddy should be in charge of Halloween every year.
  3. A jello salad gels exactly with a lobster/country club background. I've been to plenty of brunches and dinners at country clubs (I come from a WASP-y background), and there have been jello salads at each and every one. The food at those clubs is blander than bland. It wasn't a jello salad, though. It was her one dish she could do really well - homemade cranberry sauce.
  4. Usually the way these things work, a songwriter gets hired to write for one commercial. It's not an ongoing gig. Ah, the way he said it "I got a contract with..." implied it's for a period of time/multiple ads. I also have a friend who was in an iHop commercial for, like, 2 seconds (no lines) and every time it aired, she'd get a check. I don't know if radio jingles work the same way, though.
  5. Anyone else immediately think "Oh my God, she's pregnant!" when she said she was feeling sick and had to step outside? I almost wish she was - there could be a whole spin-off: Fantasy Suite Who's Your Daddy?
  6. As much as my initial like for Jed has faded away, I can't fault him for being excited about landing a contract to write jingles for a dog food company. It's steady income, and even if it's not the ultimate dream job, he is making money with music. It was probably the first time he actually made money with his music. I think it was his way of saying that it's not all just bars and stuff, it's a legitimate income. Having said that: girl, when HIS family and YOUR family are doubtful and skeptical, walk away. Seriously. If you have to work THAT hard and feel THAT bad after the visit with your family, he's not the one. I feel like, as with Luke, Hannah lasered in on Jed. And she didn't want to let that go. So she was surprised by her feelings for Tyler. When her mom asked if she could see herself being engaged to Tyler, it was a genuine reaction of joy. But she had already made up her end-game in her head, and didn't want to/didn't know that she could change that.
  7. Damn you, Men Tell All. You made me actually, genuinely laugh at Cam's ridiculous rapping.
  8. Ew. Something also that has been bugging me all season. Has anyone ever launched an actual, successful career from appearing on Bachelor/Bachelorette? Like, if I was a record exec or worked for a label, the last place I'd scan for new talent would be this kind of reality show. So, why did Jed think this, of all places, would be where he would be "discovered"? Dude, just apply for The Voice or something.
  9. I wonder what Luke's family and church think watching the season as it airs. He was totally BSing his parents. I wonder if they're onto him. That church group is like the cult of Luke. He has them all fooled. I am a church-goer, but groups like that are just creepy. Stepford Churches. I actually don't mind Jed's voice, and initially was kinda hoping she'd pick him, but after hearing about what a scuzzball he is and his whole "I came here to promote my music", eh. I did like the little song they wrote - maybe he should focus on being a songwriter and not a performer. His family was having none of this, and it cracked me up. His mom saying that it's quite the way to fall in love (fantastical? Something like that?) was spot on. "Do you say that to all the guys?" Hehe. Oh, Hannah. You just want to sleep with all of them so bad, you can't send one home! FOMO big time. This is the first season I've watched all the way through since Ashley "I want Bentleeeeyyy". I like Hannah, but maybe the show that's all about finding a husband isn't where you should be sowing your wild oats.
  10. I think the useless things she was talking about was all the talking in circles about how awful Luke is. When she was with Garrett, you could see her face just drop as soon as he brought him up.
  11. I think it's because producers are seeing the backlash over all the focus on Luke, and are like "No, don't go! She kicks him out, we promise!!!"
  12. That was so funny! Poor Kevin, haha. I think Jed can relate, because a similar thing happened earlier to him when she was making out with Luke at the massage table. Can you imagine if it had been Luke instead of Kevin? He would have shot literal laser beams out of his eyes.
  13. "My heart producers want him to stay". There, Hannah, fixed it for ya. She is so over him. The look on her face at the rose ceremony at the beginning. It was like she was trying not to throw up. I liked silly Hannah on her date with Mike. There is no way I would be able to eat the super sour candy, haha.
  14. Vicious cycle of crazy abuse. That was a really good episode. I am curious though... why did DeeDee name her child after a stripper?
  15. Mr. D and I went to see "Us" last weekend (great movie!) and it was very odd to see Elisabeth Moss all made up and chillin' on the beach...
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