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  1. Well, that was beautiful. And now it's over. Poop.
  2. MJ Frog


    It really did sound like that at times, didn't it?
  3. MJ Frog


    The actress sounds Scottish to me. I really had a hard time placing her accent. At times she sounded Irish, at others Scottish. I thought it was possible she had some northern English accent that I, the American non accent expert, might be unfamiliar with. It turns out the actress is northern alright, but Northern Irish, as according to her Wikipedia bio. And you can definitely hear it in the way this young Irish gentleman speaks: https://youtu.be/OEaT4W7LL60
  4. MJ Frog


    I am so glad Freja and Douglas ended up together. It says something about either me or the show that I kinda cared more about that than anything else that was going on. I wanted them together because I wanted Douglas to be happy, but I also really wanted Freja to be happy. I liked her better any of the other characters, kept hoping for her to come back into the story, and I didn't want someone so kind and warm to go unappreciated. Also, my goodness but Sofie Gråbøl is attractive. Connie is a puzzle. I love that she handled the break-up in the kindest possible way, and said some truly love
  5. Really not on board with shitting all over Clarice's dad -- a character who has been beloved and a source of inspiration for her in all iterations of this story up to now -- just so they can add yet another layer of trauma for Clarice to work through. Destroying a story element just so you can cannibalize it for some extra drama is one of my least favorite writing tricks.
  6. Very much this. For a minute there, they were exploring interesting aspects of grief and loss, such as whose loss was the greater -- those who returned to a different world, or those they left behind? The mourners, or those they mourned and then had to build a life without? These were questions well worth asking. I was struck by something Ben said, when the dialogue was somewhat less stilted and lazy, that had to do with him (finally) realizing how much Grace and Olive were giving up by letting go of Danny (poor Danny -- he and Zeke should hang out). Yes, of course, you dumbass -- the world, a
  7. MJ Frog


    Wow, I am not even done with the 1st season and all I can think is what a little bitch the husband is. How many women with careers and families are going through exactly what he can't seem to stop complaining about? Without even being married to a prime minister? This is definitely one of those situations where reversing the sexes would be very revealing and instructive. Grow up, dude, Have some faith in what your wife is trying to do -- she's got the biggest of big girl jobs and this is just the way things have to be for a while. Not forever, just for a while. Jesus wept, I'll bet money
  8. The older I get, the more I feel like a crank and a contrarian. I HATE cranks and contrarians. I am one of approximately eleven people who genuinely enjoyed the first of this series of Godzilla movies (the Bryan Cranston one), which had a look and an approach that was apparently just on the right side of realistic enough for me to suspend disbelief -- monster movie disbelief, anyway. Incidentally, this line is pretty arbitrary, seeing as I was able to enjoy Pacific Rim without a problem. Whatever that line was for me in the first movie about the Zilla God, this last one just blew gleefull
  9. Yes, this. I really could have done without all the thrillery, murdery stuff if only they would have explored these issues -- issues that the other incarnations of this idea, Soul Mates, and Timer (highly recommended), have glanced up against. The first episode of Soul Mates managed to do a pretty good job of taking a look at how this might actually play out in the real world, with all the attendant consequences, particularly the conundrum of love outside the "perfect match". Is a love that includes things like a deep knowledge of the other person and shared experiences any less powerful or va
  10. Upvoted for BB reference (yay!). I love Betsy Brandt and am always happy to see her but, yeah, Caroline kinda sucks now. Come back, show. I want to see what happens with Lena. Fingers crossed.
  11. Ah, darn. I avoid network sitcoms like the plague, but I really like this one. I like the cast, the characters, and the writing, which I find a notch above most of the network shows. Figures. Welp, back to cable and Netflix.
  12. Yeah, I just thought any remaining groups of people would have made provisions for the proper disposal of their dead by now. You gotta flatten the curve, guys.
  13. I would like to pose a practical question at this point. As someone who knows next to nothing about this universe, why in the world are there any functioning zombies left? It's been ten years, more than enough time for them to have rotted well past any kind of dead that can walk.
  14. She should, and she had a lot of anger about his death. But Eve is not a normal person having a normal response. Also, Eve already killed her once. Didn't take, but still.
  15. For what it's worth, my first impulse was to think that her mother was the one she wanted to kill all along -- that her minders, Konstantin and Dasha, channeled and then honed that energy, and that crazy, to their own ends. And having achieved her ultimate goal, however subconscious, Villanelle's heart isn't in it anymore. She can definitely still do it, she just no longer takes pleasure in it. As you alluded to, she has been heading towards this since the 1st season, eternally dissatisfied. Now it's time to find something new, and maybe that something new is caring for someone else. You
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