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  1. I have figured it OUT !!! Costume dept is influenced by "Little Edie" (Grey Gardens) !!!
  2. I LOVE this series. I don't prefer comedies, but this one hits on every level.
  3. Okaaaaay - Maybe it's me today, but Kevin had my eyes welling as he explained his choice for Baby's name.
  4. Yes, OHWELL !!! I hate the outfits they choose for her, especially the one you describe !!! They need to make them age appropriate, and make them fit a person that is as short waisted as she is. That is why she always looks like she's been stuffed in her clothes.
  5. Those things are real scene stealers. I can't even focus on what's being said !!!
  6. I think she was taking one (of her many) in that scene w/Jason asking him to move in. Geeze Louise - I thought Jason was going to have to shake her by the shoulders to make her come to, at least long enough to finish saying her lines. Pitiful.
  7. All those thick black eyebrows are SO distracting !!!! What's with that???
  8. I thought that, too ! But, then I realized we would be stuck watching Sonny deal with the fallout - YUCK !!!! MW and GF sold me today !! I really felt Ava's pain (as much as I could, not having experienced the situation, thank God).
  9. I found Leisel (sp) !!! Ha ! Just saw her on an NCIS promo. Took 3 rwds to figure out "How do I know this woman???"
  10. Hey, the woman Brooke was talking to at her table before Bill walked up was Emma's (Nia) real life mom (Holly). Oh yes, she was a "Dance Mom" !!
  11. This Cam looks soooo much younger than Joss. Made that awkward kiss even more so. Oscar has matured over time, so he has kinda caught up w/ the mature looking/sounding Joss.
  12. You guys are right on. Thorne and Katie are sickening !!! The sister wives and the man in the middle are nauseating !!! I gotta take a break so that I can hold down some FOOD !!!
  13. Did ya'll notice Stuffy's face made emphatic movements today ? Methinks she is trying to ACT !!!!???
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