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  1. Oh that video was horrible. Jessa Blessa and her monotone voice basically saying nothing was too much. I had to fast forward to the last minute to see if anything significant happened. By the way Jessa… nobody wants to hear about your “bloody show”. You are not a media personality. Congrats, you had a baby; along with 5 million others on the planet.
  2. What the actual Fuck is this? The hell? So YOUR DAUGHTER AND WIFE don’t want this perv in your house, but to hell with them. Bring him in. Cook his meals. Bullshit! Fuck the Reavers and the Duggar’s. I would cook him something...
  3. I am literally in tears. It’s just too much. How...HOW do you remain with someone like that and keep having kids? They were his own kids ages!!? 😥
  4. I think they were attending by zoom. Is this a good or bad thing that it’s taking so long? Golly...
  5. Well Jed!’s “political career” is torched so good luck to him.
  6. I hope that the spouses of the Duggar siblings have removed them and maybe, taken them out of the are and secluded. No social media, no phone; the spouses have their own in case of emergency. They need to decompress and hopefully figure out how to take a break from this craziness.
  7. From my understanding you cannot “accidentally” download underage abuse pictures. You have to go to the dark web; and it isn’t an oops.
  8. If you can get to Cousin Amy’s account...she KNEW something was getting ready to hit. Maybe Jill tipped her off. I would link but yeah, I’m old.
  9. I hope she doesn’t ever feel guilty. I felt so bad for her. She was deeply hurting and her smug-ass sister just sat there like a bitch. Also, I’m glad she had some time with just her husband this morning. She probably knew what was coming and I’m happy her husband was there for her.
  10. Hey are you fuckers praying for the innocent victims?! I hate them. I only wish horrible things on them.
  11. Especially with the whole “situation with Josh brought us closer” I’m thinking they found out after the book was written and that’s why the pulled the kids off SM.
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