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  1. Hi all! It’s been a very long while since I have posted. I can’t even remember when I quit watching but I started back when they started the classic episodes. I see many here don’t like them but I’m loving them. They aren’t all great but they are so much better than what I was seeing on my screen when I quit. Y&R was always a slow burn soap so to speak. Storylines weren’t over in a week. By the time a SL was ending you were very invested in what was happening. My reason for posting is because of today’s episode. What the freaking hell was that show killing bitch JFP 🤬🤬🤬🤬thinking?
  2. I guess I did not make myself clear. I think the cover is better than the original. That’s why I said I don’t like Bruce’s version. I also love Natalie Merchant singing Because the Night but I like Bruce’s, too. The two are very different musically especially Natalie’s Unplugged version.
  3. So I’ve read most of this thread and I can’t believe no one mentioned Springsteen’s Blinded by the Light. I love Bruce but his version is awful imo. Maybe it’s because Manfred Mann’s version was sooo popular but I can not listen to Bruce sing it. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me.
  4. I thought this documentary/series was great. I, too, was tired of Johnny Cash but I understood why he was highlighted. He was special but if Burns could have cut a bit of him it would have helped IMO. I was so disappointed in the time given to George Strait. I saw him when he was playing in ballrooms at hotels and I saw him at one of his last concerts at JerryWorld. For those of you not from Texas it’s where the Dallas Cowboys play. Over 100,000 people were there each night. I was there for the beginning and the end. I have so many memories that go with his songs. I was in college and had
  5. I really liked Fontana. He was abrasive but he did not suffer fools gladly. It was a challenge for any actor to follow Jerry/Lenny. I’d take him every.single.day and twice on Sunday over Cassady.?I’ve mentioned before that I love “Thinking Makes it So.” It was definitely a thought provoking episode. I feel like Logan did some questionable things, too, but I still loved him. But, McCoy was willing to make a deal for the little girl who was kidnapped. As a matter of fact he went against the expressed wishes of Branch. I can’t think of the name of the episode and I just watched it the ot
  6. IMO Meghan is a mendacious obfuscator. I choose those words because I bet money she doesn’t know what they mean and even if she does she couldn’t use them correctly. She seems to revel in being vituperative. It is so very hard for me to believe she went to a Catholic high school. At the one I attended I was expected to know what they meant (and so very many more) and be able to use them. I know Joy could correct her when she uses the wrong word and/or mispronounces it. She shows her ignorance daily and the little she seems to know about history is shameful. I know I said that before but that b
  7. I have heard this many times. BB could eviscerate you and make you smile as she did it. I have to say that Meghan can’t come close in that regard. My grandmother would roll over in her grave if she heard Meghan. I can hear her in my head. That girl is a vicious, vile, vituperative, vitriolic, venomous snake. I don’t think Meghan can use a couple of those words correctly even if, by chance, she knows them. I hate to be so mean. I wanted to give her a chance but she just seems like a bitter, resentful, mean, nasty, spiteful person. Surely her family sees her hostility. I’d sure as hell want to b
  8. Lately this forum has been so awesome that I’ve been trying to watch some of show. Y’all have been on fire!? I could not believe Meghan’s comment about Hoover. Her knowledge of history is shameful. She’s a damn fidiot and I think that’s being generous. I’d like to add that that her language skills are beyond awful esp for a self proclaimed “political pundit”. You don’t fillet a person. You fillet a damn fish. You would eviscerate a person if you had that ability and she proves she doesn’t on a daily basis. The stupid burns so brightly in her I can’t believe the others at the table don’t wear
  9. Absolutely. Great line by the administrative judge giving him the option of being sick or going to the review board. He was a raging asshole.
  10. Just watched Burned. Jeebus Cripes but that judge was stupider ?or at least as stupid ?as the one in Killerz. I taught and that shit irritates the hell out of me.??
  11. Just watched Terminal. I love this episode. Adam is front and center and is great. I believe this is the only episode that shows Adam in the courtroom as part of the legal team. Love when he has argues his side of the case. "Your Honor, if I may...The Governor's using his office to put a man's life in the balance. He claims his power is absolute--beyond review. That's arrogant. Smacks of royal authority. I don't think the Constitution allows it and I know the justice system can't tolerate it." I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Adam. Also, he is terrific at the hospital. He says nothing just
  12. But I thought Mike could have gone back to Manhattan before he went to CI. Deakins mentions that Anita had tried to get him back several times. IDK if she was shut down by 1PP or if Logan didn’t want to screw with that shit. He did have an attitude. I loved him but TIIC at 1PP did not. Am I remembering this correctly?
  13. Oooh watching Competence which as I have said is one of my favorite Anita episodes. That kid was such a shit. Lying and threatening the young girl with special needs. Makes me angry ????every time I watch. He knew what he was doing and deserved to be found guilty. Briscoe and Logan did a great job getting the girl to show them where to find the gun. IAB pissed me off, too, with the insinuations that Anita wasn’t deserving of her position. Anita was great on the stand with the Grand Jury and with the mother whose son was killed.???
  14. This was the episode where Nora had a round table with all her ADAs about the going for the death penalty, yes? I liked that there was a discussion from differing POVs not just Nora, Jack, and Abbie’s. It was a pretty heinous act/murder on the part of that young man and the kids with him. I just watched Coma with Larry Miller as the comedy club owner. Such a smug, slimy, bottom of the barrel character. It’s so hard to believe any woman would marry him and be fooled by that oh so fake affect. I’m not a fan as I mentioned and this episode only confirms my dislike.
  15. In Competence Lenny mentions that Anita worked in the Narcotic’s division before she came over to the 27. I always thought she was a detective at that time. That is one of my favorite episodes that revolves around Anita.
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