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  1. I think your guess somehow incepted me because I thought Cupcake sounded like Todrick. I have no ideas if the clues matched because I wasn’t paying attention and I just guess based on voice (the clues have become impossible for me).
  2. Maybe I’m a bad person, but I wondered if Risha’s sister chose to disengage from the family because her mom is such a negative / toxic person and treated her husband the way Lopa does Vishal.
  3. UMAngela


    I thought Nastia may have been trying to channel that Tara/Johnny fashion energy from figure skating coverage; it was too much for me. (But you do you, Nastia.)
  4. I get that Kate’s weight is often a storyline in the show, but comments on Chrissy Metz’s body independent of that storyline are irrelevant and unnecessary.
  5. Maybe this show has broken me, but I loved music trivia. Glenn Close had me rolling.
  6. I don’t know what it says about me, but... after seeing this I swore I’d never eat octopus again, yet here I am, entering the final week of Greek Orthodox Lent, with octopus in my fridge.
  7. You may not be aware (this is a place where showing clips may have helped), but the winning short film, Two Distant Strangers, is about the death of Black Americans at the hands of the police.
  8. As a proud U of Michigan grad (note my user name), I’d want to encourage your son that way... but damn, out of state tuition is such a scam.
  9. Oh look. Matt is exercising. Take a shot. (Or eat your feelings in ice cream. Whatever.)
  10. The interviewer, Rachel Lindsay, is not the authority of all things Bachelor, but certainly an important voice when it comes to the BIPOC contestant experience on The Bachelor. And I’m with you, I often cringe when I think back on dumb stuff I said or posted in my youth; if I’m ever called on it, I’ll admit my ignorance, apologize, and continue trying to be better.
  11. 10000000000% She tried so hard to get herself eliminated.
  12. So, he essentially liked Abigail enough that he didn’t give her a one-on-one date, then somehow developed feelings for the women who did get one-on-ones. Funny how that works.
  13. Watching her drive away in the minivan made this whole charade worth it.
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if her hometown date was re-edited to cut out any questionable reactions and drama. It’s going to be all smiles and no tough questions.
  15. I do not like Pieper’s white boots. That is all.
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