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  1. I think the Karen storyline from this season shows one of the flaws of them doing these big jumps between seasons. You can tell the writers have storylines they want to do for the characters, but also with space, so they're making these jumps to make the stories with space possible, and then forcing in the character storylines. It was evident in season 1 that they were having Karen go on a progression from being very black and white and rigid in her thinking and behaviors to seeing more shades of grey. Then, when Shane died, it's a catalyst to have this storyline showing how much she has
  2. Here's what I don't understand about all of this. How is no one bringing up that they were in a nearly identical situation, only reversed, not too long ago? How has no one pointed out to Hope that she found herself pregnant while Liam was married to Steffy and though the "out" is that Liam was "done" with Steffy when they slept together, he was right back with her with a quickness in true Liam fashion. To me, Hope just feels like such a hypocrite as she wails about all of this because it almost feels like chickens coming home to roost for her. But I guess that's my problem with B&B as a wh
  3. People give Kelly shit because she sleepwalks through everything, but man I don't blame the girl. We've seen that she will absolutely put effort into selling a relationship and storylines, and it's only once she got stuck in the Jasam stuff again that she shut down. She's done it with Steve multiple times over the years to promote and push that love story, and then she's done it with her other romantic interests too. It's only once she got stuck in neutral with all character growth erased that she basically shut down with anything involving Jasam. Yes, it's not the most professional thing in t
  4. Someone who has paid closer attention, help bring me up to speed. I thought Finn recused himself as Steffy's doctor. I know they kissed and everything, but I had been under the assumption that he was still not her doctor anymore. Or did B&B just leave that in limbo? I will say, I appreciate that Finn is getting some more interaction with others in the cast. He's still wooden, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt for awhile due to how he's had to come into the show in the midst of a pandemic. I do think today was his best day so far, though. I also appreciate how ro
  5. I really wish they would've had Brooke and Hope leave for a bit during the scenes today. Having so many people telling Steffy she had a problem and basically all repeating the same thing over and over, was too much, and I think just kept driving her stress up and up and up. Once Ridge got there, I think it should've been just Ridge and Liam with her at that point, or even Ridge and Brooke. I think the numbers needed to reduce and for the conversation to not be so much of 4-on-1. Cause everything that went down in Brooke's house over the past few days has done nothing but escalate the situation
  6. She is trying to do something about it, but he's all over her and everyone else about that. The only reason he's found out about the pills is because he was so worked up over her getting cozy with the doctor and just happened to find her passed out, but if she'd been awake and with it when he came over, that's what the fight was going to be about.
  7. But Steffy didn't take Beth from Hope and Liam. She had no idea she was raising their child. She adopted a child that happened to be a kidnapped child, which she didn't know. So to say that the child was never hers is getting a little too close to saying adopted children aren't actually the children of the parents who adopt them, which I hope isn't what you're actually implying. And Beth being taken from her is of course painful. They spent nearly a year on the switch only to totally brush over the actual reveal, but Steffy did raise the child for nearly a year as her own, so of course s
  8. I'm so over COVID restrictions. I feel like it's starting to really hinder stuff on-screen. First, I feel like basically all the actors are stiff, and no one has chemistry with anyone. I know Tanner mentioned around the time he started that it's so strict that if he leaves a pen on set, he has to be the one to go back and get it. Someone can't even touch a pen he's touched. It makes me think that the actors are so focused on being so far apart and probably being sure to not touch something that another actor might need to touch when they move around in scenes (I feel like I notice more random
  9. Being a stepmother gives her 0 right to make choices that directly go against what was decided between Liam and Steffy. She is not the parent in this situation, and has no right to behave as one.
  10. Hope may not be out of line for voicing concerns, but where she's out of line is directly going against what Steffy and Liam had agreed. She lied to Liam and told him she was taking Kelly back to Steffy, then did the exact opposite. She would lose her mind if Steffy pulled that with her.
  11. I think I understand what the writers are trying to do with Thomas and his conversations with Steffy. Siblings are masters at pointing out realities that the other doesn't want to address, but they're just writing it so badly. They're having him lecture her every time he's there. Unless they're attempting to go down yet another path of him being manipulative, they're just bungling the writing on it, which sucks, cause I think he has really good points. I think Thomas is pointing out things that Steffy hasn't let herself face, but the writers are going about it wrong. And good lord, Hope.
  12. Yes, but the attack scenes happened after the conversation I was mentioning. So her ripping on him wasn't in response to him crossing that line.
  13. Malia doesn't have to read any message boards to know she needs to try some damage control. Her comment sections on her social media profiles are a disaster. She's turned them off on her most recent IG posts, but that isn't stopping people from going into the first one that has comments turned on and leaving their comments there. She's getting completely blasted.
  14. And that's why I just can't get on board with Beth. I'm all for dark shows, and have watched my share of them. I love complicated women, and tough women, but Beth is a character that has grated my nerves so much, there are times where I have had to step away from the show. I only recently found it, and have been binging it with my family, and have cut a couple nights short because she just irritates me so much. Maybe it's because I binged the show that I can't get on board with her character more this season, but she's just so heinous. There was one scene, I think with one of the Beck br
  15. Or heck, this isn't the 80s anymore. We have FaceTime and all those other video chats available. They could easily do the conference route, but then have Jason FaceTime her, so we can still get some LC on our screen. Honestly,, it could also provide a brief moment of entertainment. I just can't imagine Jason knows how to FaceTime and it could be amusing for there to be a scene of one of the kids trying to teach him. Family moments, levity, and LC is safe. All around win.
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