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  1. Regarding Peter Rosello, I found this: "Moreover, in November 2017, he was captured at a red light with two kilos of cocaine in his vehicle, which he admitted he would sell. Thus, Pegy was again sentenced to a few years behind bars on drug-related charges, and that’s where he remains. Today, at the age of 56, he is incarcerated at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution, Miami, where he’s expected to remain until his release date of February 10, 2022."
  2. Dr. Procter is soooo hot! I know, I know I'm not the first tos say it, but damn! He is fine!
  3. She reminds me of Tammy from "1000-lb Sisters".
  4. Wherer are Teddi's underwear?
  5. Oops, she turned him down! (But she'll be back later.)
  6. Good for her for shutting her sister down!
  7. What is that on the table, all blurred-out?
  8. Sorry to disappoint, sis, but you're gonna have to lose weight first.
  9. Damn, her mom looks young as hell! She's fly!
  10. Does anyone know how much the check was for?
  11. lol at Nayte swaggering back to his spot after getting the rose.
  12. I just can't get over how damn young Brandon looks. It takes me out of every scene he's in.
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