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    Home Shopping Network

    I want to thank Colleen Lopez, Amy Morrison, MB Roe, Amy Stran and a few other female hosts for doing their jobs clean, dressed well, being informed of the products and not acting like a drunk monkey. We viewers/buyers appreciate it.
  2. She sure was. She also appeared impaired, propping herself on the table and the clothes rack and dancing inappropriately. Lori had to carry the show as Stinky couldn't do sizes or colors so why do we need her? I think the models even knew she was extra whacky. How long will this go on?
  3. Hbird do you really think so? I hope so.
  4. PearlClutcher

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    You're welcome. I know that you will have no need of our opinions when and if this happens again. Be well and happy. @SuprSuprElevated. What a treasure this is. I keep playing it over and over it's that cute. TY!
  5. PearlClutcher

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    I rarely post here nowadays but I had to respond. 1. Delete her number from your phone. 2. Try really, really hard to not think of her. Give yourself permission to move on (she has). Too bad about the health issue, but she was horrid to you before (probably many times). She "disdains weakness". Oh girl, there's your clue. She probably hates herself then and you and Lord knows who else. Everyone is weak at one time or another. 3. Treat yourself well. Eject miserable people from your life. You want to be appreciated and you deserve respect. You tried with this one. Deep-down you already know what you need to do, right?
  6. She references alcohol all.the.time. I suspect she's in over her head with it and drinks instead of eating, hence needing something to eat on-camera because of this. The out of the blue singing and goofiness isn't just being quirky - she's toasted. No other female host behaves like this and throws insults at the vendors. I bet she's not a favorite with the other OAPs either.
  7. I literally laughed at her show. Wow, the nitwit was definitely being all pissy at being on Q2. Too bad Skunky, you have to pull your weight like the other hosts. You're nothing schpeshul exceptin your pea-size brain. I cannot understand for the life of me, why, why, why the Q has not squeezed this pimple of a person out of her job. Most of you who say she's on her way out is correct. Her IG pic of her little woe is me in the hoodie was very telling. She looks like she's got a real problem she needs professional help with. She's working on her minions to get TPTB to give her old shows back and I hope they have no impact. You'd think she buy a clue and shape up, but instead she's pouting like the real child she is. Idt Lori really feels warm towards her. Skunky is always frantic and moving all over the stage with Lori following her around. The minions are so wrong when they insist Skunky has been called to show with her because LOGO needs the sales. Please, Lori doesn't need a nutjob who throws jabs at everyone.
  8. PearlClutcher

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    I got an idea: how about all those Einsteins on The Hill forego all their inflated salaries AND their medical coverage for themselves and their families? Let's see, that would amount to a pretty penny I think. They forget they work for us; they're public servants. I get angry that these entitled nitwits don't care a fig for the very people this is affecting. Thank you for listening and back to your regularly scheduled program.
  9. She will never size up. What's funny is that an obviously XS model will be standing next t her and you can see the size difference, but Shawnie Sue is also an XS. How's that working for her? it's not and she looks stuffed into the clothing. Nothing like being vain and stupid.
  10. Yes! The Q's so-called fashion and beauty "expert" is biting the dirt. The fashions she is now schlepping is not exactly from the upper end stores with "valet parking dahling". Lol. It makes me grin seeing the Lady of Shitmoor hitting the pavement with these atrocities. She's not happy about it either. She just cannot help herself in giving shade to those around her. Her ever-expanding caboose has been moved around and she's too over-madeup, with too-dirty hair and looking like an old reject from clown school to be the diva anymore.
  11. The Freak (thanks Brett) has been moved around. She's obviously pissed at something, someone and it's spilling onto her shows. Don't think that you can't be replaced Shawnie Sue; your horrid attitude to the OAPs and models is biting you on your ever-expanding azz.
  12. So she has a tiz that he doesn't know the answer? This is from an apparent know-it-all who doesn't know what a credenza is or where the Solomon Islands are tons of other self-professed "I don't knows". She cannot miss any opportunity to make someone feel bad. It's apparent she's losing her shit and couldn't exhibit more low self-esteem and being threatened if she shouted it. Go back to your box of wine you obnoxious twit. Happy chugging! She's just trying to convince herself- every day. She needs one to say "I Love My Box of Wine". That's more her like her uber cool lifestyle.
  13. PearlClutcher

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    I read that @SuprSuprElevated. Good article. The only sticky point is that some private RV parks are not geared up for families with small children. There's going to be a division between RVers who want a fairly quiet spot versus families who need play areas for the young ones as kids are kids. Of course there are the KOAs, Jellystone and state parks are are set up for all kinds of activities. Hopefully everyone finds what suits them. .
  14. PearlClutcher

    Product Reviews: After Sales

    "Make it work" Tim Gunn ?
  15. I suspect some sipping of an adult "bevie" at times. Some shows its really noticeable. One time she was so animated and the "scho's" were really flying. I was convinced she was inebriated..
  16. My analysis of this nut job is that she's a liar and a hypochondriac. She's outed herself many times about things she's said and then contradicts herself. Maybe she gets ill from time to time because she's dirty and admits that by not washing her hands and bathing. Basically she likes being ill for attention. I sincerely hope she will not display Munchausen by proxy.
  17. Plus Martha is good buds with Snoop. Their show is great. Martha apparently knows his whole family.
  18. PearlClutcher

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    I'm glad you shared @Booney. At times when you've had enough of some humans and their ass-holery, this video shows a tender side of an ill senior animal giving comfort to some kitties. Thanks for sharing.
  19. PearlClutcher

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I read where she has Frenchie Franchesca and Sharkey who is a male - both adorable.
  20. PearlClutcher

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    They need to remember one thing about Martha: She did her stint in prison and she made friends in prison! So nothing is going to upset her and she sees right through fake azzhats. Don't play Martha. Like said before - she'll cut a bitch. Love them. My vet said that unfortunately they're prone to respiratory ailments, I assume like most short-nosed, barrell chested breeds.
  21. PearlClutcher

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Targeting aka as preying but you don't have to buy into that smarmy sales tactic.
  22. Isn't that the truth. Evening shows are so nice and enjoyable. I wish she could stay at the beach permanently. #winwin
  23. PearlClutcher


    She's such a nutso. Is her crap really comparable to McCartney's or any other high end designers apparel? I dont think so. I wish she would just shut her ever moving yapper on that. Her granny garb is nowhere near McCartney's quality. My future DIL loves McCartney's clothing line and has some of her beautiful items. The feel and prints are nowhere near Dottie Dingbat's stuff. I bought a blouse of Graver's one time and sent it back. It was something you could get at Wal-Mart or Catos.
  24. PearlClutcher

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Good grief, Caroweeble is insufferable. Always making all seniors out to be frail, demented and unable to manage simple tasks. Between showing off her ample behind and the granny pandering, she's on my list of "those who should go".
  25. "do you hear something on the breeze? skunky wears wind chimes to her knees" This tickled me. I sure don't miss her!