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  1. Very interesting. This is probably why Jenny's family is very worried for her. Her lack of making decisions in her best interest and even her retirement are prominent. She has very little SS to support her and apparently her never-working fiance.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree. We're a very diverse country.
  3. Jenny screaming at Sumit, what a sweetheart she is.
  4. Is that the one where's she seductively sucking on a guy's finger? I wonder if she puts that little ditty up on the screen when she's doing her motivational talks in churches? Btw, isn't her certification by an online course?
  5. One was smart and clean, the other worshipped her wine glass.
  6. If you want a good laugh, just enlarge Skunky's picture below. She's the ultimate buffoon and it's hilarious how ridiculous she looks.
  7. The dimwit doesn't even know what day of the week it is. If you'd put down the liquor you might know more basic things in life. She's talking like she's toasted.
  8. I caught that too. I loved how Rosemary used "trashy" to describe the overdone look Skunks has.
  9. Rosemary just shaded her. She said you don't emphasize everything or you'll look tacky. Skunky has everything going on including that highlighter right on her cheeks and she wasn't supposed to. Funny how this almost 50 year old still can't apply makeup well. Btw will she ever wash that damn greasy hair?
  10. She's completely fukkin up Rosemary's show. She says she can't read the colors. So much for your stupid Magoo glasses being needed. She looks like an idiot and Rosemary has to continually correct her.
  11. She's all doom and gloom on her hear my soul speak crap. Droning on and on about her *sob* hard times. She looks disheveled and of course the hair hanks are present.
  12. I think this is from Zsa Zsa's Gabor's estate sale a long time ago. No one would pick up on it so they left it by the curb. The installers said okey dokey, laid it down and kept the money. Win win!
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