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  1. It's totally what they say "cool story, never happened". Before she spouted this 50x, anyone could feel this was utter crap.
  2. Her dance moves are pretty uncoordinated as well. All that exercise still won't get her legs to match her upper half. She can preach her diet and exercise crap forever and she'll still never look as healthy and attractive as Amy Morrison.
  3. Take a close look at Skunky's overlined lips. They look awful. Too dark liner and they're chapped. She's laughable.
  4. Both talk about how these products do wondrous things for you, but both are botoxed to the hilt. Not one natural feature with the huge fake lashes, outlined lips and over the top eyebrows. Waxy-looking women.
  5. Omg, that hair. She must have just rolled out of bed. I drew hearts like that when I was in grade school.
  6. Personally I don't think anyone needs or should risk a back injury to push Tammy anymore, especially up a ramp. I agree, let her vaca in the van. She should be embarrassed to have to sit on her butt and have anyone push her anymore.
  7. Yes, but Amy told Michael that Tammy needed help so they stayed. See where it got them? So now I suppose they're off to a new home with bigger space. Tammy had ample opportunity to do good, but all she did was complain that Amy was lazy and stupid (she apparently didn't get everything Tammy wanted when grocery shopping and needing help when trying to get her medicine). She is si unappreciative and manipulative. Maybe her "boyfriends" can do thise chores now.
  8. Use a damn tissue you moron. Most mothers don't condone this awful habit of wiping snot with your hand. Then she paws clothing and purses with that hand. She just isn't clean in any manner from the troweled on orange makeup to admitting she doesn't shower regularly. Skeeves me out!
  9. If Tammy would give half the attention to her health as she does with hooking up with loser "boyfriends", she could be more tolerable. She has supposed anxiety about getting her meds, but she has no problem doing her "I'm a pansexual" on the net and fishing for a companion.
  10. While she insists on the slovenly pjs and cabin socks and gives the viewers "see, I'm going to do this because I can", it's revealed how she's bloated with unkempt hair and bad makeup application. This QVC host is an object of snark. Meanwhile over at HSN, Bobbie Rae is presenting while looking professional. What is going on where she's looking just so awful?
  11. WTH is this "thing"? So we're in an XXS or XS? I swear she's impaired in more ways than one. This is really pathetic to look so tacky. You can still look clean and cute in pajamas, but not her.
  12. Shawn couldn't get her order number amount straight when talking with Leah. First she ordered 2, then later she said she ordered 3. Which is it? Skunky droned on about her credit card bill. I'm not sure this all is 100% BS. Who's receiving literally tons of this crap? We know the nurses are going to get a truck full of stuff like a simple gift card in a generous amount wouldn't be perfect.
  13. She did herself in when she raved about the big fuzzy booties telling Leah "regular cabin socks are just dead to me now". Uh oh, what are you going to say when you have to push them again smartie pants? I think she's drumming up a vaca soon. The old, tired look is for something and we all know how calculating she is. Extra Christmas time perhaps? Btw, she did put her rings back on during the NuFace show. I didn't catch a nose wipe either - anyone?
  14. They need to appoint a new beauty and fashion "expert". Skunky shouldn't be the face for this any longer. Get Courtney, Vanessa or any one else to replace her. She's not practicing what she sells and should stop getting "lit".
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