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  1. Mamarazzi

    S02.E12: Blood, Debt And Tears

    I must have completely missed it. When did Monalisa find out that Ashleigh and Sheri were also in the program?
  2. Mamarazzi

    S02.E08: Dangerous Loyalty

    This show confuses me. Some days I choose to believe that the sheriff and friends are really looking for intel. Then I remind myself that all they really need to do is watch the dang videos and they will see all that we see. It's usually at that moment that the light bulb shines a little brighter and reminds me it is for our entertainment. The "in"mates (outmates? fakemates? ) aren't really helping anyone but themselves. And yet I watch it. Every. week.
  3. Mamarazzi

    S02.E01: Meet the Participants / S02.E02: Re-entry

    I don't disagree with how things are sadly. But as far as Monalisa, my impression was that it was more towards authority as a general rule. Look at how she reacted to Quintin when she found out he was a cop - it was the same look sudden contempt.
  4. Mamarazzi

    S02.E01: Meet the Participants / S02.E02: Re-entry

    I'm so IN! I really liked the first 2 episodes. It looks like they learned a lot from the first season and made some improvements. They are bringing them in 2 at a time, other officers know about the program, and it seems like they got more training. Especially with going over and fine tuning their cover story. Monalisa was the one who really stood out to me as being the train wreck to watch. I would almost bet that her attitude towards authority existed long before her daughter was arrested. It may have even influenced her daughter's decision making. After all, she was only robbing for drug money...not because she's a bad person. <insert ginormous eye roll> Robert 2.0 actually showed a lot of self awareness with his emotional intelligence comment. I can't remember exactly how he worded it, but he knows that he doesn't pick up on social cues. That's a step in the right direction for sure. Former CO - I'm worried about her. She just doesn't seem cut out for this at all. It is so hard to picture her working as a CO. I wonder how long she actually did the job and what her role was. She seemed very overwhelmed by the craziness of intake, so I suspect she may have been in a more cushy job??? I don't know but her actions don't match her experience.
  5. Mamarazzi

    S01.E14: The Full Story - Robert, Tami, And Barbra

    I did the same thing. I couldn't listen to more of the same crap.
  6. Mamarazzi

    S04.E06: Mammas' Boys

    I was wondering about the pens and paper too. On a previous season they used the red cups to figure it out. It's like a giant logic puzzle. I think the reason they added the black out rule the past seasons is so that they can't pair up strategically to eliminate matches. Getting a blackout now means a loss of money, but it helps tremendously in narrowing down the matches.
  7. Mamarazzi

    S01.E13: Aftermath

    I need someone to diagnose Robert for me please. He is just such a bizarre person. What's with him? He is clearly acting delusional, but is he in on his own act? Or is that really him? Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. Mamarazzi

    S01.E12: Exodus

    I always find it so jarring to see people in makeup after we've seen them beautiful and bare-faced for so long. Same thing happens on the Survivor reunion. Next week looks really good. This week - meh. I enjoyed Zac's interview and Tami's interview. They seemed to take them a bit more seriously and treat them with more respect than they did with the other participants. Hopefully they'll beef up their training so the co's can be more effective at their job.
  9. Mamarazzi

    Skin Wars

    The whole moody artist vibe who talks in circles without really saying anything....was a bit much. I absolutely loved the death card. That was so amazing.
  10. Mamarazzi

    S03.E22: She's Got Us

    I hated it too. I wasn't cohesive at all - it was so all over the place. I watched it about an hour ago and I can't remember why the guy killed the family, or even if we saw him earlier in the episode. And I love the cage, but really people? Electric shock? So disappointed.
  11. Mamarazzi

    S01.E11: 11th Hour

    For me, this way by far the best episode. Their faces when Barbra had her list were priceless. I loved her for that. Who else was it that suggested they offer the inmates classes or something to do with themselves during the day? Was that Barbra's mom? Anyway, the Sheriff's blew her off, so I suspect they'll do the same about Barbra's suggestions. Although I'm sure the med guy is going to be talked to. I so wanted Zac to find that cell phone, but oh the irony when it buzzed in front of the guard. I hope the guard is okay. It's seems a bit irresponsible to have just one guard go in at night looking for the phone. I'm assuming that's what the guard was there for, but maybe I misunderstood. I really want to see Zac and Isaiah find out they were both in the program. Same with Yaz with Tami & Barbra.
  12. Mamarazzi

    S07.E10: Shipwrecked

    This was such a great episode. I loved the humanness of it. It seemed they were all just being themselves and put aside a lot of the bravado and posturing. I loved the story Jessie told about his creature - such a creative mind. But I'm glad that Anthony won and hope that he wins it all. So when they were in their teams of 3 and the judges said Christian...Jessie, James, did anyone else want the judges to say, "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
  13. Mamarazzi

    AS5: Sam Donovan

    Oh my. It reminds me of the scene in European Vacation where Clark is driving and can't get out of the roundabout. "Look kids, Big Ben. Parliament. Look kids, Big Ben. Parliament." https://youtu.be/iAgX6qlJEMc
  14. Mamarazzi

    S01.E09: Alone For The Holidays

    This. This is what stood out to me the most this episode and it made me so mad. Isaiah is not the kind of kid who can hold his own. WHY is he a good candidate for this program? He's not. That's why I am convinced that this show is totally fake. If they were serious about gathering intel, they would have selected people who would actually do a good job. Isaiah, dress shoes, and Robert are horrible choices to meet their "goal" of getting insider info. Ugh, ugh, ugh. But of course....I'll keep watching.
  15. Mamarazzi

    S05.E12: Prince of Prints

    Every time I think of Nina as a guest judge, I am reminded of Dmitry's awesome quote, "You know who doesn't like Nina? People who suck." That gives me endless joy. More Dmitry please.