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  1. RHJunkie

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    I think the comparison between her relationship with Reece and Jeff is so extreme because we saw the tail end of a 10-year relationship that included increasing mental health concerns for one party versus a renewed love interest that's still fresh and then a baby on the way. There's a lot of new experiences Reagan is having with Reece that is extending the honeymoon phase (or maybe it's not a phase). She makes comments about how she normally doesn't like this or that but when Reece does it she finds it funny or endearing...I'm not sure if that's something that eventually wears on you or if she's just that in love with the guy who she had always wanted and now finally wants her back in the way she's always wanted him to reciprocate.
  2. RHJunkie


    A top NHL player makes peanuts compared to what players on max deals make in the NBA. I don't think NHL players are big-time enough for Khloe. The highest-paid hockey player in all of the league makes $13M a year. Tristian isn't even a top player in the NBA and pulls in over $18M a year. and truthfully, and as an avid hockey fan, I'd rather not have to worry about tuning in to a game and seeing the cameras obsessed with showing shots of her in her private suite.
  3. RHJunkie

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    I'm pretty sure season one was filmed in 2017 (featuring Mardi Gras 2017). I feel bad for Jeff because I think his demons are real and his reactions are authentic. Even acknowledging that he pushed Reagan away, it must still hurt him to realize how much his demons are sabotaging his ability to be happy and seeing how Reagan moved on so quickly in every way possible, it must have brought on a lot of self-doubts. Said it from last season that Jeff needs a lot of help and I think his friends are patient with him because they know that his behaviour is fuelled by other issues but that's also not a reason to take advantage of their goodwill toward you. At some point, you have to be willing to help yourself rather than expect everyone around you to simply accept you and your demons as you are. Doug was horrible with his timing and I agree with Barry that the pregnancy news should have come from Reagan, however, we saw Reagan say that decided that she wasn't going to tell Jeff and I wonder if Doug was aware of that. If he was, then I can understand why he didn't want to be in Jeff's home, smiling to his face and holding back such a secret...but they're friends, surely he had his number and could have had that conversation at least earlier in the day or later that night once the dinner was over. Watching Tamika rub salt in the wound not believing that Jeff didn't know, I felt like she was making a point. If Jeff and Reagan are so close like they claim, why wouldn't Jeff have known about her pregnancy? He was the first to know about Reese and he was the first to know about the engagement. I think Tamika was pushing the issue to demonstrate that the whole friendship that Jeff and Reagan are peddling is a facade. I'm actually liking Jon Moody this season. He's funnier than I remember from last season. I loved the bit about Justin being on Moody Duty, haha. If this show is producer driven in any way, I honestly don't see it as being obvious. So maybe it's possible that Kelsey is being intentionally extra about Justin but a part of me doesn't think so.
  4. RHJunkie

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    Tamica is a lot and I also still like her. I haven't seen the episode yet so it's hard to put in context right now but I feel like Tamica has been prodding both Raegan and Jeff to explode all season and I don't necessarily think she's doing it in a malicious way. Tamika seems to process every thought and feeling out loud and while I think she respects that Barry, for example, isn't like that (though she doesn't understand it), I don't think she believes that Reagan and Jeff's friendly demeanor is authentic. In her mind, I think she sees an explosive reaction from either side as the first step to gaining closure but like many things that come out of Tamica's mouth, it seems cold and thoughtless.
  5. RHJunkie

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    No, it hasn't...but that doesn't mean that she NEEDS to address anything. I understand that she may not be the reason why you tune into The View and I never insinuated as such. I was responding to someone who said that she should have addressed it because there were people who probably tuned in expecting that she would - to which I replied that ABC doesn't care why people tune in. If they get viewership based on people expecting certain news topics and being disappointed, they don't care so long as you stick around long enough to register as a 'viewer' and they earn a rating.
  6. RHJunkie

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    The sheer fact that Meghan still sits in that seat is proof that ABC doesn't care why you tune in, as long as you do and give them your Neilson rating. Again, I go back to the notion of the show not wanting their hosts to 'be' the news but rather talk about it. I'm an on and off watcher of the show so I don't know how Barbara would have handled Meghan taking her story elsewhere, but I just don't think her story has a place on the show unless it's relevant to a discussion at hand.
  7. RHJunkie

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I personally don't think she needs to say anything unless it's relevant to the topic they're discussing or if the show makes her op-ed a discussion (which I think would be unlikely since I imagine they don't want to set a precedent of making the hosts a hot topics discussion based on the news cycle...that opens up a can of worms regarding expectations).
  8. RHJunkie

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I get Craig getting frustrated by Whitney's whining but his reaction was disproportionate to the situation and we've seen this from him yet again. Is something genuinely going on with him? His fuse seems pretty short this season and it comes out in the most over the top ways. Whitney is being really awkward on camera denying him hooking up with Kathryn. If it didn't happen, why act so suspicious in your denial? And if it did happen, he's not even trying to lie convincingly. I just don't get the angle here but at the same time, it seems like Kathryn is trying to make this her storyline by bringing it up with the women and then having it get back to Whitney and now confronting him about it. Maybe Whitney recognizes Kathryn's game and doesn't want to entertain it. I like how she made it seem like it randomly got out there that they hooked up when in reality she initiated the conversation with details to a table full of women. Metul seemed...kind of a like an ass. My eyes would get lost in the back of my head if I had someone self-righteously tell me that a cookie is going to give me diabetes and a yogurt parfait is going to give me high blood pressure. Being with someone who has that know-it-all attitude is more likely to make me sick than any cookie might. This is the first time I've seen Metul and actually came away with a negative impression whereas in the past I was neutral on him. Maybe my past neutrality was due to him speaking very little. I don't like the dynamic between the two of them. I get that there are people that are naturally sarcastic and push buttons but I don't find that cute in a relationship unless the other person can match that attitude with banter and wit. Naiomi is not that person. This episode read more like him talking down to her and her laughing like a giddy schoolgirl idiot thinking his behaviour is so cute because he's cute and therefore it's a compliment to simply have his attention. She seems lovestruck and he seems nonchalant...it's kind of an embarrassing look for Naiomi.
  9. RHJunkie

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    In fairness, I don't think the poster was saying that Meghan's handling of this was off-limits to criticism because she's a woman. They were specifically referencing comments about Meghan lying about having a miscarriage and being dishonest about the experience in order to gain public attention. This is specifically what I think the poster felt was crossing the line and felt that as a woman, there are some parts of her experience that should be respected and received...like the fact that it happened. Personally, I don't feel comfortable saying that she's lying. I'd like to believe anyone who claims to have gone through such an experience (unless evidence suggests that their story doesn't line up) but I also don't think it's crossing the line to question Meghan's intentions in releasing this information in the way she did and the timing of it as well...but questioning that doesn't take away from I'm sure was a difficult time for her to go through.
  10. RHJunkie

    S04.E11: Can I Get a Witness

    Ashley's TH wig...WTF girl. We know Michael pays you well enough to stand by his man grabbing ass self...do better with that wig. Also, Ashley's scenes this episode seem totally contrived in an attempt to shift the discussion away from Michael's sexual assault charges and focus on her 'my daddy left me' story. I saw it as manipulative attention to shift favour, the same way she's used her miscarriage and wanting a baby to rationalize why it's somehow different when others come or her and her marriage. I'm sure there is genuine sadness about her father not being in her life and also as seeing Michael as a paternal figure but I don't feel like we saw an authentic experience this episode with her. It's clear to me that Candiace went to therapy, not for the realization that there are things she needs to fix in order to repair her relationship with her mother, she just thinks it's all her mother's problems to sort out so that things can be well. She told her mother that she can only set goals that within her control, then Candiace proceeded to list goals that involved correcting her mother's behaviour and not her own. And when her mother called her out for having the same behaviour as her, instead of acknowledging it, she called her mother the shade monster. Candiace is a brat who thinks that her problems are a result of everyone else and they need to fix it so that she can be happy. Monique's children always make me smile. Milani is so damn precious! Gizelle's daughters are beautiful but I don't know how much I would feature my children on a reality show if they were at that age. It's just such a precarious age to be exposed in front of the cameras but I trust Gizelle knows her children better than I do. Hope she's made strides with Angel in giving her the attention and affection she needs from her mom.
  11. RHJunkie

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I know Meghan has said that she's not sure about having kids but becoming pregnant can change someone's view on that and I do feel for her loss. I can also understand the way a woman may feel shame or guilt of not doing enough to protect their child but it's hard to focus all of my energy on empathizing with her loss when she really talks about herself as a martyr and uselessly follows it up with 'don't feel sorry for me'. She made it seem like she was willing to fall on the sword in an effort to stand up for all women how miscarry and are shamed for it. We already live in a fucked up society, there's no need to create pretend issues just so you can stand up and act like you're going to be the saviour. That shame is often part of that woman's emotionally journey in trying to understand why she miscarried, not a journey that she's forced to experience because others are shaming her. Sure, there's some people that would find blame in the woman, but that isn't the prevailing feeling when people hear about a woman having miscarried. A LOT of high profile women and everyday women share these stories EVERY DAY...just because they aren't putting it in the New York Times doesn't mean that they aren't using their platforms in whatever way possible to open that door of sisterhood to all of the women who have had to go through that trauma. There's a lot of things that people say that Meghan has chosen not to address, I don't believe that she was forced to reveal this information. It's okay for her to speak on it but she's just always so extra and it's hard to really keep all of my energy focused on her loss but not to make all of this negative, I hope that she's healing well from her experience. If it's made her more open to the idea of having children and possibly excited about it, then I wish her the best of luck in that journey.
  12. RHJunkie

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    As long as Sonja and Dorinda think they don't have a problem because they've managed to avoid getting arrested the way Lu did, they will continue to drink, continue to deny that they have issues with the way they handle their alcohol and they will continue to think they're better than Lu because of it.
  13. RHJunkie

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I didn't like that they let Dorinda get away with not taking accountability for her fundraiser faux pas by exaggerating Lu's anger over the fish room. Lu didn't draw attention of restaurant goers the way Dorinda rudely interjected in front of a room full of donors and the fundraiser guest and then had Ramona not back down to only make the situation that much more awkward. Lu has had her fair share of fuck ups but on the RH show, she has been quite aware in removing herself from situations where a public spectacle begins unfolding. I felt bad for Tinsley. The women piled on her and her finances and how she pays for her lifestyle and tried to justify the insinuations about her basically hoeing herself out for a grand lifestyle as them feeling like she doesn't really share her life with them or for the cameras.
  14. RHJunkie

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    ONE month later...1.5 months tops, lol. They met around the beginning of August 2018 and had their baby at the end of June 2019. Calculating backward, she would have been pregnant around mid-late September of 2018. I wonder what brought Luis back to real estate in NYC. He's described some pretty dark times so like you mentioned, hope he's in a better place to be doing the show again.
  15. RHJunkie

    Week 2: July 15, 2019-July 19, 2019

    Correct me if I've misunderstood what Kyra said but did she basically say that her issue with her relationship with Chasel is basically because she only wants to jump his bones some of the time and not all of the time? I also found Chasel to be unbearable this episode. He quickly started telling the guys about how committed he is to Kyra while she's slow to open up but it was just a couple of days ago that HE told her that he wanted to be open to meeting new women that come in and he was actively trying to get Christen to choose him for her date. His relationship talk only became an issue when Krya caught the eye of a new guy coming in. It was such a manipulative move by Chasel and Krya doesn't appear too bright to have caught on. I was surprised to see Yamen cry over Christen having to leave. Sucks that they had to vote only one person per couple but I get that they wanted it that way to amp up the drama of having more singles in the house to get in the mix as new people show up.