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  1. I guess that would explain why the other articles didn't mention that part. Thanks for clarifying!
  2. Exactly. His response and his comments were pretty clear from the get go, she just wanted to ask it again so that when he confirmed his point of view, she could have her moment.
  3. I had to go to the second page of google before I stumbled on an article that wasn't a regurgitation of all the others. People.com reported that the woman walked off and a voting official approached her and helped her change her vote to Elizabeth Warren. Meghan is probably too obsessed with that 2016 map of red and her small brain has forgotten how to comprehend that all those votes don't mean Republican voters.
  4. And it's moment like Megan's Twitter retweet that make me question her intelligence and ability to think for herself. When Mayor Pete answered her abortion question, she thanked him for clarifying and then went on to lecture him about how he's not going to get votes because of it. Now she's retweeting a headline that's saying that Mayor Pete refused to give his stance on partial birth abortion with a clip of her question and his response from today. Are people stupid or just need to clean the wax out of their ears? He clearly answered the question - the government has no business making those
  5. Today just proved to me what I always suspected about Meghan. Meghan is the type of person who can hear one person say something and if that person is a Democrat, then she's going to repeat that information and misrepresent it in a way that makes it seem like there's a large body of people that feel this way when in truth she only knows of one source. She gets offended that Whoopi gave her a taste of her own medicine but she doesn't recognize how dismissive it is that she basically attributes the exact same thought and opinions to all 3 women on the panel just because they all happen to be Dem
  6. Damn, I had no idea that they were siblings!
  7. Justin has literally replaced the role of Kelly this season. I'm starting to see how this was all envisioned. Season 1 Kirsten needed to promote her business and thought the best way to do it is to let her messy employees bring the drama while she enjoys the storyline arc of a mother, wife and businesswoman doing it all and learning that she needs to stop being the boss everyone loves and become the boss everyone respects. Season 2 Kirsten saw the fruits of her business being promoted and once again leaned on her employees to bring the drama while she solidified her role as a bo
  8. I didn't look at that segment but I think she looks great in that colour! She pulls off bright colours really well, in my opinion.
  9. Yeah that's why she's full of shit. She's very careful of how she criticizes Republicans (mostly by turning the conversation into a 'both sides' argument but let it be a Democrat then all of her entire talking points will be focused on Democrats) but she claims that she calls balls and strikes. She is still beholden to her politics above all else. That's why you would think that she took a mood stabilizer when a Republican guest is on the show but with Democrats, she acts like a raging raccoon with rabies that drank a crate of Red Bull. She's got all energy then. I'm being excessive with my de
  10. So they why is Meghan mentioning Corey? There should be a certain level of decorum as a host interviewing a guest. Nothing wrong with tough questions, but everything is wrong with an unprofessional attitude. It's forgivable once in a while when dealing with intentionally difficult guests or guests who say things that are very racist or bigoted and endorse hate speech. People can be entertained by her and agree with her politics, but there is not a single person on planet earth who can believably do the mental gymnastics required to deny that this woman isn't a hypocrite when it comes to 'views
  11. First of all, don't bring up being a woman of colour when it suits your attempts at dodging criticism. The criticisms against Gabbard had nothing to do with her being a woman or a person of colour (which is a far different experience when you are white-passing by the way). Defend your intellectualism, that's fair enough...but all the other comments was so cheap and sickening to listen to her bring up. As a person of colour, don't cheapen my experiences in this world as though someone's criticism of you and your campaign platform is some kind of affront to me and my very existence. As far as I'
  12. Cute concept with the Flintstones theme but the edit on Chicago is pretty bad but I don't blame Kim for specifically mentioning that she was edited it because she probably would have gotten called out for forgetting one of her children and having to edit her in after the fact, lol.
  13. No. She was misleading as usual. She tried to turn into a moment exposing leftist hypocrisy but the issue pressed right now is not about the President withholding funds to Ukraine, but within the context of a phone call that may have included extortion which eventually led to the release of funds that was being withheld in an unprecedented capacity. That is the crux of the issue that the Democrats were raising eyebrows over - they were not getting on a pedestal and proclaiming how immoral it was not to provide funding to Ukraine. Here's what she did, she quoted the Washington Post with he
  14. I don't recall her lying about the Amistad comment. She repeated the word as Monique said it and when prodded about what it meant, she confirmed it in the way she interpreted it. It was a stupid reference to make and Candiace shouldn't be blamed for how she interpreted it, however, she was not a good friend sharing that information with Gizelle knowing Monique's history with her and when prodded by Gizelle, she should have simply said 'honestly, I don't know exactly what she meant by it but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't meant maliciously'. Because that's what yo
  15. Straight out of Meghan's own mouth, she said the reason she loves politics is because there are winners and losers. That lens views politics as a reflection of power and ego. You can try to disguise it with portraits of Founding Fathers and hang as many flags as you want but anyone with a lick of sense can see that those intentions are not patriotic.
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