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  1. Norasuke

    Season 5 Discussion

    It was so rich when Barbie was rolling her eyes at Jazmyn after Jazmyn had her PIN and phone money stolen. "Five bucks, pfft, big deal." Then someone steals her soap and shampoo and she's all indignant and telling the CO--who of course replies, "What do you want me to do about it?" You have to admire the complete lack of self-awareness with which she said (I'm paraphrasing, but barely), "It was dumb and trifling when Jazmyn had her stuff taken from her, but now that it's happened to me, this shit's gotta stop!"
  2. Norasuke

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    For the first time this week, I noticed the smallest of nods to the JCP.com deal (or lack thereof): the words "Previously recorded" showed up in the top left corner of the screen when Alyssa was reminding the designers on the runway that a version of the winning design would be available at JCP.com immediately after the show. I don't think that alone is enough to absolve the show from this weird JCP limbo, but maybe there was a more definite disclaimer in the ending credits. I meant to look, but forgot. I maintain that Dmitri did nothing wrong in the whole Michelle foofaraw. Irina came to him saying "Hey, Michelle's dress looks like one of yours," and he said "I'm glad she's 'inspired,'" and left it at that. Anthony Ryan stirs the shit further by "letting Michelle know" that there's buzz about her dress, and Michelle comes after Dmitri. "Say it to my face!" Say what? Just like another poster said earlier, it's classic middle-school antics of trying to pit people against each other, and it shouldn't work when one of the two main actors is staying out of it. Of course, this is all as far as we know from what they decided to show us, so who knows.
  3. I thought about that, too. The party line is that Scientology is doing so much good in the world, so much, you guys, believe me. All they need to do is donate (significantly and publicly) to disaster relief to check that particular box, as it were. (It wouldn't absolve them of everything, of course, but it would give them an easy answer to "How exactly have you helped save the world lately?") I suppose clearing the planet comes first, and that, well, that takes time.
  4. I noticed that this episode was without the usual interstitial statements from the CO$ disavowing everything everyone was saying (though there was still the blanket statement that starts off each show). Interesting, but maybe it has more to do with the active court case than anything else. I remember when we paid off our cars and suddenly we had all this "extra" money laying around every month. I think of the first time Luis and his wife and everyone else who's broken free of this giant scam realized they were done paying the CO$ for their bullshit: where did this $100K come from? You mean I can spend it on other things? Wow!
  5. Norasuke

    Project Runway Quotes: "But What About Andrae?"

    Season 7 (I think?): Anthony Williams in a TH on another designer's ideas for her piece: "Ohhhh, honey, honey, honey, hon-EY!" Season 8, Casanova in a TH on Gretchen: "Oh my God, she believe that I am a r*t*rd." Unknown season, Tim Gunn reacting to an in-progress piece in the workroom: "Oh, Jesus." I have sound clips of these and am not afraid to use them.
  6. Norasuke

    S07.E04: 11/9

    Chiming in late, but: I'm a Michigan native; our ballots look like that, but with Scantron-type bubbles that must be filled in with black or blue ink--none of this checkmark nonsense. Instead of envelopes, we have manila folders to protect the ballots (i.e., keep them private) between the voting tables and the glorified scanner into which the ballots are fed for counting. We don't have curtains, either, just the plastic folding tables with privacy screens. On another note, did anyone else catch the half-smile that flitted across Kai's face when he was told there were no openings on the city council?
  7. Norasuke

    S01.E09: The Bridge

    Were we supposed to recognize the butcher? They lingered long enough on his face (when they really didn't need to show it at all) to make me think twice, and June seemed to be doing the same thing. I thought he may have been the hunter who stumbled upon June et al. at their safe house en route to Canada, later breaking the bad news about their coyote getting shot.
  8. Norasuke

    S06.E05: Chapter 5

    I was mostly into this episode, but when Ambrose said to Thomasin something like "I will not let thou continue to murder!" the linguist part of me pulled me out so fast I got whiplash. Luckily this happened long after the bulk of Evan Peters's scenes, because damn, Evan Peters!
  9. Norasuke

    S02.E09: Institutional Knowledge

    Why on God's green earth are there any opaque containers in that jail? Commissary catalogs are full of clear headphones, clear TVs, clear clock radios, clear fans, clear power strips--but these inmates have opaque, possibly lidded, likely double-walled mugs? Someone ain't thinking right.
  10. Norasuke

    S06.E02: Chapter 2

    The one nurse with the more pinched face looked so familiar to me--but in checking her IMdB entry, I didn't know her from any of her previous work. The same goes for her sisternurse. According to IMdB, anyway, neither have been in AHS before. Weird! I'm sure it's because of the documentary conceit, but I appreciate having all the credits at the end. That way, I pay more attention to the goings-on instead of mostly watching for so-and-so to show up because I caught her name in the opening credits.
  11. Norasuke

    S02.E05: Hazed And Confused

    We last saw that psychologist when he interviewed Robert to see if he was ready to leave seg, right?
  12. Norasuke

    S15.E12: Robert

    I can't for the life of me get a screenshot of this, but that moment when his daughter held her hand out toward the closed bedroom door and looked at the camera crew like "Can you believe this shit?" just killed me.
  13. Norasuke

    S01.E04: Monster Swamp

    Quincannon's computer, or at least the one he was playing Q*bert on, was a Commodore 64, introduced in 1982 (and fairly dead in the U.S. by 1989). Talk about a blast from the past!
  14. Norasuke

    S01.E10: Institutionalized

    Aren't those aerobics risers the meal "trays"? Those things are so damn thick.
  15. Norasuke

    Intervention: Codependent

    I believe Amy was 37 and Eric 38.