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  1. hellohoping

    S07.E20: Stamina, Stamina, Stamina

    Agree, Laurieann was spot on throughout. And I may get criticism for this but I was especially pleased to see Nia get taken down a peg or two. Her dancing is heavy and lazy almost all of the time. It's about time it got pointed out to her. Of course her and Holly will keep going back to their 'victim' speech, but fact is Nia's has been dancing too long and too often to have the lack of technique that she does. What a terrible waste of two smart people's time. And yes, all of the mums and girls think they've made it, when they've not even started yet.
  2. hellohoping

    S07.E17: Out With Abby, In With Chloe - Part 1

    I loved the episode. I like the new choreographer and it was good to see her shame Kendall for being lazy - it might be just what Kendall needs. I felt a little for Chloe, being so out of her depth with the MDP girls (glad they're back - love their dances). It's Christi who I just can't stand, although it's possible I love to hate her.
  3. hellohoping

    S07.E16: Abby Flies the Coop

    What scenes were these? I must have missed them somehow??
  4. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    I find it surprising how bitter and cruel people can be. I know Abby wasn't nice to Paige and Chloe, but to throw a party for the woman going to jail? And what could she have done that was so bad to Mackenzie? I wonder if the fact that no fuss was made of the girls on their last episode and Abby gave Mackenzie a solo destined to lose was actually the final straw for Melissa, or if it was something else behind the scenes. On the one hand I think Abby must actually be a pretty terrible person, for real, to have so many people - including old friends - rejoice at her prison sentence. On the other hand I think these people are just a bit twisted. Who knows. Cathy's post seems the most normal of all of them.
  5. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    So is the general consensus that Abby and the Ziegler's are through? Apparently they've all unfollowed each other on Instagram (read in a YouTube comment, no idea if that's true). Last I heard before this was Abby was calling and crying to Melissa when the mums ditched her, so I guess there's been a rift since then. Hm. I'm not Abby's biggest fan but seems a bit hard that she'll now get no credit from Maddie or the Ziegler's for Maddie's success. Stressful or not, Abby's constant pushing and praising of Maddie really helped get her where she is. But there must be a reason people seem to turn so easily on her, so...
  6. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Studio 19, a Pittsburgh studio. MDP is an LA studio (I think) who have been on the show before. I love their dances. Chloe is presumably only dancing with them for the television show. I would assume she's never trained or danced with them before the cameras started rolling.
  7. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    So according to Instagram, Chloe...
  8. Yes. I got the vibe that only Chloe and Nia were really friends - it was a little awkward otherwise. Kendall and Jill never seemed too fond of Chloe back in the day.
  9. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    Just seen on Brynn's instagram they're encouraging kids to go to another 'Dance Moms' competition, so I guess it's been renewed for another season?! I wonder if Chloe will be back as a regular? I could never stand Christi for a moment and disliked the 'victim Chloe' routine she shoved down everyones throats (long before Chloe actually did become victim of Abby, in my opinion) but I would be interested in seeing Chloe on the show now, with her new confidence. She'd be risking a fall from grace though, I think, since right now she's the 'hero' of the programme. I'd also be happy to see this entire cast scrapped and just go to a new school, new teacher, new kids.
  10. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    Woah. Did not see that coming...
  11. hellohoping

    S07.E08: ALDC Ain't Dead Yet

    Yes that's true and I never disliked Maddie's confidence, on the contrary I admired it. I just saw her getting a lot of stick for it whilst Nia gets praised. I admire Nia's confidence too really, the difference is though that she hasn't got an ounce of Maddie's talent but seems to have a hell lot more entitlement and occasionally rudeness towards other dancers.
  12. hellohoping

    S07.E08: ALDC Ain't Dead Yet

    The point is quite right that when Maddie would say 'I think I'm the best' and so forth she was branded arrogant and too big for her boots by the viewers, whereas Nia will say 'I can do this, this, this and this... and she can only do... what is it? Errr... acro?' in that "sassy" (or extremely rude?) way and be praised for it. Yes, she's got a lot of the audience behind her - more so than Maddie back in the day - mainly because she's NOT good and there's a "you go girl!" mentality. If a genuinely talented kid said the same things, or acted the same way as Nia did in that pyramid, everybody would dislike them for it. Imagine if Maddie had been all raised-eyebrows and backchat when she came second row in pyramid, with no regard for the poor lass who got to the top for the first time!! It just wouldn't have happened. Nia's entitled attitude with the fact she's not actually a great singer (unarguable average at best) or dancer (same thing) and it's all a bit of a poor show really. But for some reason she gets away with it in the viewers eyes because 'underdog'.
  13. hellohoping

    S07.E08: ALDC Ain't Dead Yet

    Wow. Yolanda is completely barking mad. It's hard to watch... harder than Christi, who I thought could be disgraceful, because Yolanda seems to actually be bad for Elliana. And Elliana seems a sweetheart and a lovely little dancer, I wish her mum could just support her rather than push and berate and suffocate. A case of trying to live through her daughter, but with absolutely zero self-awareness of how mad she's coming across. And I agree with the comments about Nia. Bang out of order. Advocating for oneself is fine, but she was just gobby and rude. And bratty and spoilt. If I was Abby, or any teacher, I wouldn't have accepted it. Nia and Holly have been unjustifiably entitled for a couple of years now. I'm sure Nia assumed she'd be celebrated for being such a grown up, wise, self-advocating young woman but that's not how she came across at all. And what's with Holly's "why is Brynn leading the dance, why not Nia or Kendall?".... because Nia & Kendall are clearly the worst freakin' dancers on the team, and "team" includes the minis. ETA: Sassafras I'd like to hear more dirt!
  14. hellohoping

    S07.E06: No Clowning Around

    Holly has been insufferable, deluded and entitled for a long time. I always thought she was much worse than Melissa, who's kid at least had the credentials to back it up.
  15. hellohoping

    Dance Moms in the Media

    Nicaya's mum talking about last week's drama