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  1. Her hair looks nice and I like the fact that she is wearing a nice holiday outfit instead of pajamas. I give her a B+ for looking well dressed and festive. As a short gal myself, I know there are lots of outfits I would love to wear but don't because I know they aren't good choices for me. I guess I want to applaud the fact that she has the guts to wear that outfit and thumb her nose at the fashion rules.
  2. To be honest, I do appreciate knowing how tall a model is. I am only 5'2" and if an item doesn't come in petite sizing, I like to see where the hem hits on dresses, pants and sweaters. I know that if the model is 5 '9" and the sweater she is wearing hangs down below her behind, it's going to swallow me up and make me look dumpy .
  3. Eighty bucks for what amounts to a 9x13 pan of Mac n cheese with bacon is crazy. That's probably no more than $10 of ingredients. I think I've seen Stouffer's frozen Mac n cheese at the store for around $14. There must be tons of people who just don't want to cook and don't mind the ridiculous price.
  4. Bao: " I made a thatch hut, put my fake Barbies in it and burned them up. " Whoa...that sounds like a scene from a Halloween movie. I think Johnny is a jerk but she may have some deep rooted issues that should be resolved.
  5. I watched Mary D hosting a Diamonique show for about a half hour this morning. I thought she looked great. Her manicure was beautiful and she did a nice job describing the jewelry. The only funny thing to me was that she said several times that she is a diamonique girl. As I recall, she hardly wears any jewelry on air.
  6. I tuned in the the Q twice today. My first go round was watching Carolyn bumble her way through a presentation of the TSV food processor. Clearly, she had done no prep and had no clue how to operate it. She opened by telling us she was going to make Sangria (it was morning .. Who makes Sangria in the morning?) Anyway, she begins by throwing apples in and shredding them so that it looked like they had been run through the garbage disposal. (I'm pretty sure she was supposed to use the chop disc not pulverize😉) Then she lifts a full bottle of apple juice to add it and says, " I'm going to spill t
  7. It really is amusing that the Q hosts urge us to take our fashion cues from them when we review the Thursday Throwbacks (many thanks to @Booney for the laughs). This morning, I watched a little of Isaac trying his best to unload the pima cotton. I haven't seen him in a long time. I guess that he is now adorning his buttoned up black shirt with a pearl necklace. Good grief, surely he doesn't give a fig about how ridiculous he looks.
  8. Holy who would pay this?! Two and a half lbs. of precooked brisket for a $100? Brisket is pretty easy to make in the oven, crockpot or instant pot. I would rather take my guests out to eat before I paid this ridiculous price. Am I out of touch?
  9. Kathy Levine can work till she expires for all I care. I never liked her selling style. I found her to be disingenuous and full of herself. To her credit, she dressed professionally and had beautifully manicured nails. I also appreciated that she got out while the " gettin' was good. "
  10. For those who still fo!low what's going on with Antonella, she put up a video today saying that her husband had a heart attack and had to get a stint in one of his arteries. I know some think they are taking advantage of her followers. I don't know if that is true but I do feel badly that they can't seem to catch a break.
  11. Thank you @Booney for all your excellent hard work on the (bad)fashion polls and the Thursday trips down memory lane. You have given us all some good laughs! It really is astounding to see the hosts being willing to look like they dressed in the dark when they know they are being seen by millions. Obviously, sometimes they must take one for the team and wear clothes that they are trying to sell. However, I'm not buying if it looks awful on the hosts or models and I wonder who does purchase when they see poor Pam poured into a pair of too tight jeans and a midriff hugging knit top. All that as
  12. I think there must be a huge problem with distribution and shipping at the Q. Several of you have had issues and selling capris that will ship on June 15 is just embarrassing. I ordered the TSV sheets last week as I have purchased NN sheets in the past and the quality was very good. Four days after I ordered, the order had not even been queued for processing and shipment. I canceled the order and decided that I won't be ordering anything from the Q anytime soon.
  13. I think I was watching the show where Carolyn made her faux pas but I wasn't actually paying attention. Guess I missed the whole debacle. What I do think of every time I see her is that her voice sounds so much like Doris Day's. Has anyone else noticed that?
  14. Someone mentioned upthread that Ant had medical field experience making her highly employable. I believe she was a medical technician which is a very good field. However, because she has not worked in the field for so long, she would have to complete classes, take a certification exam and get recertified. But ... if she likes the work, it would be a good choice for her. Of course, she would not be making anywhere near her Q salary. I believe med techs earn about 50k on average.
  15. Deasy probably would blurt out inappropriate comments in a meeting but if I recall, he and Judy were gone by the time Antonella's chat partner was hosting shows. But someone mentioned Patty Reilly and that sounded very plausible.....also Shawn.
  16. I watched the live stream tonight with Ant and the other former host. I do feel badly that Ant got fired and is ill. 'Nuff said on that. What intrigued me was the story the other host shared about another host who was extremely rude in meetings where they were being shown upcoming jewelry. She indicated that the unnamed host would call things crap and would be overtly rude. Who do you think she was talking about? I don't think it was Lisa Mason as she mentioned that they were friends. The one that came to my mind was Jill Bauer.
  17. Another Sofa Shopping Channel.....these hosts just can't learn a new trick. I don't ever look at the "other" channel and have no idea if it is successful but I imagine that it is not easy to compete with the giant Q. Jill has a huge ego and believes the world needs her advice.
  18. Is there anything more boring than a mattress tsv? I won't be watching though I am amazed that the hosts and oaps can blabber on about a mattress for so long.
  19. I've said it before and I'll say it again...that Logo brand is inspired by "The Emperor's New Clothes." If you tell the people those hobo inspired schmatas are figure flattering, that the prints and colors all coordinate, and that $75 is a fabulous price for a polyspan top often enough, they will believe it in spite of themselves. I always picture Lori G laughing all the way to the bank. 😉
  20. I'm late to the party but wanted to say I'm more concerned about that lump that Ant says she has on her arm than about their boat adventure. She was pretty unemotional when she talked about the possible things that it could be. I hope it turns out to be something that is easily fixed. If they want to live on a boat, that's ok. They can always sell it if they find its not the life they expected.
  21. Today after hearing MaryBeth talk about how many kitchen aid mixers they have sold over the years, I remembered how they used to push Nesco Roasters all the time. Mine hasn't seen the light of day in years, so I hauled it out this afternoon to make scalloped potatoes for dinner. It really does work well for that! I like my ka mixer too but if I'm being truthful, I didn't buy either appliance from the Q.😄
  22. I think Mary Beth is lovely but definitely looks her age. Here's the thing(to quote her favorite phrase), I think genetics play a huge role in how we look as we age. You can spend a fortune on skin care but if your parents had lots of wrinkles and crepey skin, you will too, unless you shoot it up with botox and fillers. That said, I think the women who age naturally are beautiful. My dear mama is ninety five and has a fair amount of wrinkles but her face is still beautiful.
  23. I've about had it with the current sales pitch that many hosts are using. It goes like this: " You should pick this up now and get your holiday shopping done because we don't know what will be going on in the world by November and December. Shipping may be difficult. There may be less inventory and many of you will be choosing not to see your family during the holidays as a way to stay safe. "😵 Way to go, QVC. Use fear to push the Qrap.
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