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  1. Breaking news: David T. Cole fired from Guardians of the Galaxy franchise after his controversial comments regarding monkeys became public.
  2. Hey, so Dave, I just finished Norsemen and the later episodes are ..ahem..problematic. particularly the finale.
  3. I had just the day before watched a documentary produced by past guest of the show John Ramos -- What Lies Upstream -- about regulatory agencies spreading fake science, and...a lot of time was spent on Charleston. So it was on my mind! (And if you want to watch that film, you can back the Kickstarter and help them finish it!) I'm certainly very happy to hear things are less poisony there now. John produced that? I had no idea. I have friends that shot video on it. From what I understood it may never be finished because the director kept adding new footage to try to incorporate Flint and stuff. I actually hosted an open mic that night at a bar that wasnt legally supposed to be open that night. We were on a different water system from the rest of the city. Truthfully, nobody actually knows what MCMH would actually do to the human body, so it is possible that it could be harmless, aside from turning to formaldahyde when heated. Also, google George Southern Water Bottle. Jack: You know there are no known side effects. The children will be perfectly fine Cece: They're Orange!
  4. As a lifetime citizen of Charleston WV, Imagine my joy in hearing my name tied to 2014 Freedom Industries water poisoning snaffu. I would like to point out that while yes, that was a thing that happened , its not happening anymore (as far as I know) even though later that year WV legislators actually voted to loosen water safety regulations. To take a book out of the Shinehardt Wig Company playbook I propose the following promotional shirt: Charleston, WV: NOT Poisoning the water since 2014 (that we know of) Also, as it turns out, in light of the James Holmes incident, it turns out Charleston WV is also steeped in racism.
  5. That awkward moment when you realized that you listened to a 47 minute Star Trek fantasy draft because you're only friends are the voices in your computer.
  6. Has anyone done Hurt Pomeranz yet?
  7. 'Bubble' as a Martha Stevens helmed rustbelt mumblenoir. I'd also love to see Tim and Eric take a shot at Schizopolis
  8. History's Greatest Skating Robot.
  9. Are you afraid of the Dork? King of Lens-ington The Trouble with Mace E
  10. Switchin 2 Glide The Wrecker of Head Man Hits Harold The Littlest HoBlow Crookiepuss ScotiaBonk Gordon FightFoot Hurtin' Cummins. Corner Gash Sharon Lois and BAM! Alan Hamel's Comedy Bang
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