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  1. Sounds good! The girls who are consistently making errors should be put in the back or muddled in the middle, though it’s still visible. I hope they go back to the basic....earn your spot!
  2. I think Kelli was just having fun in the rain. and she is in shape. I admire her. Someone crossed the line and she said no deal. More people need to do have respect for themselves and live life no matter what is thrown at you.
  3. The 1st pic should have been all of the rookies together with their rings. That was what the evening was about: the rookies receiving their pinky rings. The mother daughter pic could have been thrown in with a group of photos, not the first.
  4. Lol...it was a facetious response to a post that mentions a certain person maybe didn’t have many friends on the team because some of the social media is not nice to her, so teammates stayed away...something like that. if the team, as K states is a sisterhood, then this wouldn’t happen was tone...🙄 Another excuse, like when the pom jumped in the way, early pop ups didn’t happen, or asking for examples of not so good moves etc. lol..
  5. This team is a special sisterhood, and the teammates will make friends for life. At least that is what I’ve heard. It would be hard to believe someone feels isolated amongst the team, and that the girls would stay away from another sister because she isn’t popular in part of the online world. If someone feels isolated, it is probably another reason or reasons. Sounds like the whole team could use a Dale Carnegie course!
  6. Ballet vs no ballet...connections vs no connections....shrug. I just want to see an excellent team. Nail landings like the other dancers do if one wants to be in a video and correctly count during practices and performances. Popping up early is noticeable to the naked eye and it does drag down the excellence of the team. One too many errors and they are the ones that are posted by the DCC. Stars are made by hard work and talent and only time will tell.
  7. Yes, that’s Kat...she popped up after VK did..in this pic VK is already done showing her face and continues with her moves as Kat pops up. See my 3rd pic in original post, which shows Kat coming up after VK. This is a repeated error and maybe, just maybe, someone who doesn’t correct the error and keeps repeatedly popping up, yes it’s sometimes minuscule but it is noticeable, should not be taken to the front and center. In fact, are they really game ready?
  8. She is early...even when looking at the whole video it was the early pop up that caught my eye. But then again, it is probably VK who is on time and the rest are off. My bad. She is rushing her counts.
  9. Same early move she did before when she was in the back. LOL
  10. “This board is an example of social media and body dissatisfaction”. I don’t understand this sentence in the post. This is a social media forum but we cover all topics about DCC. I’ve never seen a body dissatisfaction topic in the forum. We dissect and discuss as K&J and many other guests do on the show...
  11. The pics have good lighting and everyone looks good! So far!
  12. Not at all...they focused on her expecting VK to know the process and that she was as good as K said. VK went spiraling out of control in front of the cameras...too bad they didn’t get her on film yapping about herself. She is a legend in her own mind. I find her to be garish. I’m sure CMT loved the drama. I can’t speak on any redemption as I didn’t watch the show this season, but a leopard doesn’t change spots that easily. Erin is stunning! Erin has grace and poise. Erin would be a great point.
  13. Jazzmom

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Erin is the full DCC package! She would be great in the point spot.
  14. Just read the last few pages about VK, and what I haven’t seen mentioned lately, besides the weight and lying, was the gist, I read here from last year, that she was toxic somewhat in the locker room. I think I remember she was spouting off about stuff, which was kinda confirmed by what Kashara said to Kelli. Also, this year VK even said something along the line of that was me last year, but not this year....I guess she said this so we all understand her growth.
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