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  1. Well, okay. I hope Laila Robbins goes to a show where she can show her Katerina performance was a one-off bad job... Still going with Bokenkamp not having a clue about what any of this is about. I've never cared if Red was Liz's dad (I hoped he wasn't) and I didn't care about who her mother may or may not have been or is or...whatever. Ressler and Cooper are beyond needing their heads examined. Don't know what was up with Dembe. That had better been deliberate on his part. Liz is once again done with Red. I'd like to believe that but alas because she needs answers damn it! Hmm, will Liz retrieve her phone and if so, will she hear what Red and Katerina were talking about? That might be too simple.
  2. I watched this but totally forgot to get on here afterwards. Apparently, that's how much I cared... The Ressler/Liz thing wouldn't be so gross for me if they both weren't such morons and co-workers. No one that dumb should be allowed to possibly procreate and I hate when shows even teasingly decide to pair up co-workers because there aren't any other people they could possibly connect with. It's just lazy. Also, Ressler should have seen that betrayal coming a mile away but again, moron. Red trusting Liz was also dumb. I don't know what Cooper's thing is. At this point, Liz should be on a most wanted list and not working for the feds. Laila Robbins is a good actress just not in this role. It's painful to watch her. The only sort of saving grace is if Liz is playing her. As for Bokenkamp remembering to tie up all the theories and loose story lines (the bones, the different files, who's Liz's daddy, etc) I'll be stunned. I still think he's just randomly throwing things in the air and seeing where they will land. I'll never be convinced he knows what's what.
  3. The Blacklist EPs Tease Season 8 Tribute to Clark Middleton: Glen Will Get 'Sweet, Affectionate' Sendoff
  4. I don't think Liz can be anything other than moronic. She's been doing dumb things throughout the run of this show so why should she stop now whether or not you believe mommy dearest? Red's infatuation with Liz has never made sense so why should the rest of it. I don't believe anything Bokenkamp says because he's making this up as he goes along. Just enjoy it for the fantasy/distraction it provides because looking for logic or cohesive storytelling is a fool's errand.
  5. Cush Jumbo Exits The Good Fight
  6. Enough with the directives and fulcrums and conspiracies and what-have-you... Liz going over to her mother's side makes as much sense as anything else Liz does. If Red had any sense, he'd kill her and Katerina and be done with it. Liz and her darkness? Please, she's killed enough people and lied for a lifetime. Even if she's joining Katerina to get intel and find out this "truth" she's so hellbent on and playing Katerina and Red against each or trying to somehow protect Red, no one but Bokenkamp cares at this point. I don't know what Bokenkamp is up to. If he reads any of the comments from folks after these shows air or after he gives an interview, he'd know that a lot of people could give two figs about Liz. The animation was interesting and I'll leave it at that. That rooftop scene with Liz and the billowing jacket that was just silly but hey, this show what do you expect? For a moment there I thought she'd jump off but no such luck. Amir's puppy is such a cutie.
  7. Wouldn't it just make more sense for Katarina to stay "dead?" I don't get the whole poking your loose tooth with your tongue business. I mean, she doesn't see how chatting up Liz in her car could make her an easy target since she's so convinced she and Red can't live on the same planet together? What is she after and can she just get it and go away for good? I'd accept Red killing Lizzie before Dembe if we're talking choices because yes, he really wants Lizzie running his criminal empire? He might as well blow it all playing craps. I had to see Tom Wopat twice before I recognized him when I saw his name in the credits. It's always amusing to see Fisher Stevens but friendly or not let's never have Al Roker on this show (or any show for that matter that isn't The Today Show) again.
  8. I wonder if the digital comics make more sense than the show. The Blacklist: Laura Sohn Promoted to Series Regular for Season 8:
  9. From TVLine, The Blacklist's Makeshift Finale to Mix Animation With Live-Action Scenes:
  10. I was debating about watching this episode or an old Inspector Morse on PBS. I should have gone with my first instinct which was to watch Morse... Aside from all the stupid and silly that's already been pointed out. I was flabbergasted by the Liz/Ressler conversation about her being a good person/agent. So, we're just forgetting that she shot the attorney general? No big deal... Thank goodness she and Ressler just hugged because I'm probably one of the minority that hates it when shows put their co-workers together as couples because of course no one has a personal life or interests outside of their jobs.
  11. From TV Line, Anthony Michael Hall on Blacklist:
  12. The Blacklist Renewed for Season 8
  13. From TVLine: The Blacklist Season 7 Adds Nip/Tuck's Joely Richardson as Reddington's Former Flame — 2020 FIRST LOOK
  14. More fun to be had: From TVLine: The Blacklist Bosses Shed Light on That Unexpected Fall Finale Alliance, Hint at 'Looming Danger' Ahead for Katarina From The Wrap: ‘The Blacklist’ Bosses on What Fall Finale’s Big Red Reveal Means for Katarina and Liz’s Future From TV Guide: The Blacklist Bosses Break Down Liz's Dangerous 'Family Triangle'
  15. Thanks for that ottoDbusdriver. Yeah, I haven't been able to watch this season so I've just been following recaps and this forum. If this isn't the final season, I'll be dumbfounded. It's like a continual rabbit hole with no ending in sight. Ugh! And Bokenkamp's insistence that there is a point to it all and that he and the other PTB know what it is, I find laughable at best.
  16. More Bokenkamp nonsense, Blacklist EPs Tease 'Very Loaded' Fall Finale, Suggest Katarina Is 'Not All Evil'
  17. Does this Katerina even have a Russian accent or does that matter? So Lizzie is looking for a nanny for Agnes but where is Agnes?
  18. Promo for Season 7 premiere epi, airing 4 Oct:
  19. Bokenkamp et al, swear they've know where this story was going from the beginning and it's playing out just how they want it. They promise they aren't pulling it out of their butts... The Blacklist Bosses Break Down the Finale's Major Cliffhanger, Tease More Answers to Come About Red's Identity Blacklist’ Finale: Captive Audience Awaiting Next Season Now Includes Red Reddington
  20. So we're supposedly going to find out what the stupid plot is to kill the president but they're going to drag out the who Red is through next season... Nice. This show.
  21. I've only read the recap but dear Lord tell me we aren't going to get ANOTHER story about who Red is??? Although, let's be real, this show got picked up for another season so I won't hold my breath.
  22. Promises, promises... Blacklist Boss Teases 'Biggest Answers to Date' in Red-Centric Two-Parter
  23. I think I was more upset that Red killed Oded Fehr's character than anything else... I liked Samar but never liked her with Aram only because I thought she could do better. Aram is too puppy dog-like. I like puppies but they aren't always the brightest. Not a lot of Liz which was nice. Ressler wasn't even annoying. And yes, I rolled my eyes as soon as I saw the assassin with the ring, like are we in the '60's here people? The python was dumb but I laughed when I saw it. I was more concerned about the chinchillas though. I've held one of them and am convinced they are better alive than they are as coats. They make ugly coats. Evil Aram is eyeroll inducing. As has been pointed out, he never would have been able to take care of Samar and should have been grateful to Red. I get he's angry and Samar could have perhaps handled telling him better (like before she just disappeared on him) but he needs to get a grip and face reality.
  24. NBC Renews ‘The Blacklist’ for Season 7 ‘The Blacklist’ Team Talks Outcome of Red’s Trial and Future for Vontae
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