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  1. So why don;t they make an announcement? I'd think the cast could make other commitments if there is no announcement.
  2. I was wondering what it was for. 😀
  3. they can skip my house. I don't care (and don't believe). At the beginning I thought she was just too busy with her job as police chief and he walked out.
  4. I think establishing where one sits on the sci-fi -- fantasy spectrum is better storytelling. I mean are we supposed to expect aliens, pixies or find out we are in a Matrix style virtual reality? Or do we have sci-fi writers that don't have a clue about science and technology. It looks to me like they had a bag of special effects and just tossed them in.
  5. Code can't change the physical reality of what Helen is made of. Unless this is not reality at all but some virtual reality. If that were the case it ought to have been revealed by now.
  6. With this episode giving the writers the benefit of the doubt comes to an end. As science fiction the show is a mess. It is partly character driven which is fine but it is also partly special effects driven without any reasonable science explanations. There is no alternative fantasy/supernatural explanation either. Floating during upload. Reminds me of the Shrek non transformation, Beauty and the Beast transformation and the cursing of Katie Bell in Harry Potter (and the Half-Blood Prince). It is happening here because why? Is it just because someone know how to do the stunt? Why the reveal only now in this episode that Helen is made up of nano-scale robots. Science fiction fantasy is more palatable if stuff is established before it is important to the plot. Now Helen reminds me of the Human Form Replicators from later seasons of Stargate SG-1. Pipers energy bubble. Reminds me of S1E9 of Travelers series where a stasis field is used to save a Congressman during a plane crash. Unfortunately this was not explained in episode one where it was first used. This time it is used to protect everyone on the outside from an extraordinarily high energy event. Piper has/had unlimited power it seems.
  7. Not to mention why should they all float into the air during an upload? Since this does not look real world it is starting to look like most everything is some virtual reality simulation.
  8. Never watched a complete episode of the newer Battlestar Galactica. Did anyone try to use a dead cylon as a supercomputer?
  9. So Emily lied or is somewhat delusional. That much is not impossible.
  10. Still expect a second season?
  11. It seemed implausible that just a couple of scientists advanced technologies enough to create Piper. I'd guess they overstated their contributions.
  12. She seems to do things the others don't. My guess would be there are multiple versions already and Piper is the most recent and most advanced..
  13. I'm guessing we will be finding out before the end. They talked about liquid metal. I think it is actually a container filled with ninites (as in nanotechnology). The strong magnetic field to me appears to be over reach in the writing.
  14. Okay, but are there are two of them or more? There could be more and a yet to be revealed parallel story. Perhaps the urgency in putting that on Piper is a result of changing circumstance that will only be revealed later. Got to wonder back in episode 1 when the van came to a dead stop how could that happen. It looked like it hit an invisible barrier. How is that consistent with what Piper can do. Perhaps she had help or perhaps it was silly writing. One can try to suspend disbelief for a while and see if some explanation is eventually relieved (or not). If there are others perhaps there will be an explanation.
  15. We don't really know what they are up against, how many there are and if they have factions.
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