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  1. Something's not right there, 100%. I'm not jumping to any conclusions, but everything is definitely not what it seems there. Some nice juicy drama though for the offseason!
  2. Probably not, but that isn't a bad thing for me. What other show on television shines such a light on ballroom dancers? It must be great for industry that these people become stars in their own right and that kids at home can look up to them and want to be like them. If you replace the pros every season then you sacrifice that as it's impossible to get attached or invested in any of them. I bet a healthy portion of long time DWTS viewers out there don't care who gets casted every year and tune in solely to see the pros. I for one very much enjoy seeing the group dances for starters and it's the one thing I really missed this season due to Covid. Every show should have a proper opening number danced by the pros only.
  3. Yep, I'm certain Jenna won't be back next season as she'll be the next female pro on the pregnancy train. Take out one of Cheryl or Peta as well and that'll be the two female pro spots reserved for Witney and Lindsay's return. Daniella deserves to stay I think, I'd give her, Brandon and Pasha the best dancers next season.
  4. CAI always goes overdramatic in the finale, I've lost count of the amount she's said this is "the best dance ever done on DWTS". Best thing is to do what most people do 90% of the time CAI speaks....ignore her! 🤣 Watched the dances back and I know I never liked him, but I still thought he was most likely to win going into the finale. But I also thought Nev's freestyle was a bit of a dud. I was begrudgingly expecting the dance of the season when I find out he was doing Singin in the rain and it didn't really live up to my (admittedly high) expectations. Nelly I also thought busted on his freestyle, which was a shame as Daniella had done so well all season up to that point. He just didn't really move that much, I was expected some big extravagant cool hip hop number. I can't help but think that those two freestyles busting ended up opening the door ajar for Kaitlyn to sneak in. The two girls I thought had much better freestyles, but Justina as we knew from last week never had the votes so unfortunately it did little good for her chances. Speaking of Daniella, am I the only one who thinks that she feels like another Karina Smirnoff? Maybe it's just the accent, but I feel like there's a comparison to be had between the two. I'd be happy to see her get someone very good next season to see what she can do with a ringer. Agree that nobody from the Bachelor franchise should be cast next season, but I'm not holding my breath. Ultimately the show doesn't care about the long term fans, they only care about ratings and the promotion of other ABC shows. Worst of all the next Bachelor apparently has a dance background (I don't know how much or the details), so the alarm bells are ringing. Personally, I'd be happy with another All Star Season with contestants who never won the mirrorball.
  5. I was absolutely shocked when her name was called there, I was 95% certain it would be Nev. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits for Artem, nobody on the entire show deserves it more than him. This time last year he was sat at home having been unduly fired by the producers. This is some turnaround for him and he’s probably in the 1% of people in this world who has had an amazing 2020. That will probably be it for me in terms of the show unless Tyra gets fired. I can rest easy now Artem has his mirrorball:
  6. How convenient that a man who apparently marched for BLM would just happen to post this on the very week days before he needs viewer votes to win a reality show whose viewership skews hugely conservative.
  7. I'm not normally one to get all petty, but Nev deleting politically antagonising social media posts in order to avoid losing votes is very funny. He really is absolutely desperate to win this thing more than any of the others put together. If him and Nelly are the last two standing and Nelly gets called the winner, I want a camera trained permanently on Nev's face so I can see his reaction. Things don't normally go my way though, so I'm sure Nev will win and I'll have to endure that smug cheesy grin forever more!
  8. I fully agree that he's not as bad as Bones, but the reason he gets singled out as the main comparison to Nelly is because it would be an identical case where the weakest dancer in the finale by a mile makes a mockery of the show dubbing itself 'a dance competition' and takes the win due to overwhelming fan votes. Even the cast is similar to S27 with the two women and two men. Justina is Alexis in the bottom three the week before, Kaitlyn is Evanna with the pro in his first final and Nev is Milo with the Utah based partner. It's eerily familiar.
  9. Forgot to mention earlier, I'm so happy for Artem who has finally made a final and long overdue. I was worried Kaitlyn was going to blow it a few weeks ago but she pulled it together just in time. I now have a decision to make for next week, After splitting votes between lots of couples early on (Jeannie, Justina, Nelly, Kaitlyn, Anne), I voted for Kaitlyn only in the last couple of weeks (really since Jeannie had to withdraw) in order to see Artem make the final, with the view of likely giving my votes to Justina in the finals because I liked her more than Kaitlyn. However, Justina being in the bottom three will probably see me reconsider as I don't want to waste my vote. I don't like Nev, to the point where I'd honestly rather see Nelly win than him as he creeps me out and his outright lies over his heavy dance experience turned me off. So I'll probably end up throwing them to Kaitlyn (or rather Artem) again in the finals.
  10. The scores don't count for much, but at least it makes the judges and the show look more respectable when a couple that is getting 10s actually wins as opposed to say Bobby Bones. We all know it's a popularity contest, otherwise half the winners of this show over the years wouldn't have done so. If Nelly was in danger of finishing in the bottom three, I'm certain his Jive would have been scored as appropriate. In the end, he's likely killing it so badly with votes the producers probably just thought forget it, we'll get on board with him winning now rather than look stupid next week. At this point, he's guaranteed to finish above Justina next week, based on him definitely getting substantially more votes than her tonight. I think he's getting more than the other two as well, the only question is how many more. I suspect enough to get the win as long as his scores next week aren't terrible (finale scores never are).
  11. Bobby Bones didn’t get tens in the semi finals. He didn’t get tens until his freestyle which made it look even worse when he won. Giving Nelly tens now at least gives them some credibility when he wins it all, assuming they give him more tens next week.
  12. Nelly’s winning this thing for me, those 10s confirmed it IMO. I thought going into tonight that Justina still had a chance of winning, but not now after finishing in the bottom three despite a perfect score in her contemporary. She was beaten on votes by Nelly, Nev and Kaitlyn. Nev and Kaitlyn are both getting lots of votes clearly, but enough to beat Nelly? I’m extremely doubtful.
  13. It's not that no one is voting for Johnny. Ultimately all of the couples left are very likeable and/or have big fanbases. Plus around this time of the season people (like myself) stop splitting votes and give them all to one couple to keep them safe. I don't think Johnny is out of it yet, there's no reason to think that he isn't the next Ally Brooke and if he falls into the bottom again next week then the judges will just save him again. If he keeps getting perfect scores they can't really save anyone else. They aren't allowed to see each other outside of the rehearsal studios and the TV studios. Don't ask me why, but those are the rules. As for Kaitlyn Artem and CAI, I bet they got a serious telling off from the executive producers after the show.
  14. It's four hours rehearsal time a day they are allowed. In a normal season it would be almost double that.
  15. Yeah, I don’t think Sasha choreography helps her. It’s not the first time I’ve had question marks over it either. Like tonight I just felt the dance itself was slow and boring. Justina as usual played the character really well, but ultimately there is only so much she can do with what she’s being given.
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