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  1. I enjoyed it. Glad the radio calls were finally spoken about, thought the casting of the Marper baby was spot on, happy to say bye bye to earth and the potential of a new planet.
  2. The showrunner seems 100% dedicated to no romance in the clarke/bellamy relationship, calling them 'platonic soulmates'. I think Echo is safe from any smooching on C/Bs part, though I have to wonder just how happy she is going to be now clarke is back full time in bellamys life, she doesn't look like the type to share, even platonically. That said, showrunners lie, it is a universal truth.
  3. The Raven/Shaw pair-up is weirding me out. Super high speed romance never works for me and this one is lightening fast. Totally unrelated but the strange hair choice for Raven this season is very distracting.
  4. if the season ends the way it looks like it is ending I think we have a couple of ways to go. Another time leap thanks to the cryo pods and stay on earth or maybe abandon earth and try to find whatever happened to spaceship number 3/new world/planet. Either works for me.
  5. I see a lot of people online whining about how the meat was raw cubes, it damn sure looked like Aspic/meat jelly to me, which would be best way to get every bit of goodness/protein out of a single body. I loved Bell bring the sass and the swerve around Miller was pretty awesome.
  6. dialyse... there were two whole scenes about it with Jackson, Bell and Indra
  7. Nay

    S04.E13: Priamfaya

    I agree, the show works so much better when the squad is all together. I was my biggest complaint about season 3 was Clarke being isolated for so long, the season only really kicked into gear and became interesting again after Lexa got shot. I would hate to see season 5 repeat that mistake of having Clarke stuck with all new characters with no interaction with the core group. I'm not sure what I think has happened to the Bell and Co. They aren't on that transport, but they have to be tied up with the penal/mining story somehow, something has been keeping them from coming down for the last year or replying to Clarke's little daily 'dear diary'. If they are going with a hostile take over situation I would be fine with the ark/miners action happening fairly early in the 6 year gap. yes it possibly stalls interpersonal relationships between team ark, but it is interaction we won't privy to apart from the odd flashback, so I'd rather not have them come down totally different people. Clarke at least is fairly straight forward, was alone, found kid, didn't go insane. Trying to explain how 7 peoples lives intersect in a few flashbacks would be a lot harder.
  8. Nay

    S04.E13: Priamfaya

    I'm betting the transport is from the mining/penal colony that was mentioned when they were explaining the origin of nightblood, I'd have to go back and check but I think they said Becca developed it for the long term space radiation exposure the miners were suffering.
  9. I don't think that is accurate. The scene with Nylah wasn't there just for the lulz, it was there for Clarke to verbalize the fact that humanity needs Skycrew skills to survive. She is still working to keep humanity, any humanity, alive. Before she knew about Octavia winning the fear was Luna would win and let no one in, so moving the Sky people in made total sense, Octavia was a massive long shot, that is repeatedly driven home in the last ep and Clarke has a bit of a 'nightbloods are awesome' blind spot. To Clarke, Octavia is as good as dead. Once she knows about the miracle win the problem becomes if we let them in and they kick us out who will run the bunker? She doesn't at this point know that Octavia has been keeping the Skycrew betrayal a secret, she thinks everyone locked out knows about it, that they are going to be angry and will throw Skycrew out. We the viewer knows Octavia is working it out, Clarke doesn't. She is expecting to be met with Grounder violence, experience has shown her that to be true. So what is to be done? The bunker is an advanced piece of technology, relying on the same skills Skycrew used in space, if it is left completely in the hands of the Grounders then what is left of humanity is completely doomed. They can't run it, they can't fix it, asking the grounder to run the bunker would be like asking a toddler to fix a a nuclear reactor. Opening the doors in Clarkes mind basically insures that no-one survives. Not her people, not grounders, not anyone.
  10. I don't think the 'lottery' idea is going to come to fruition. Jaha & Co will do something very aggressive to stop the grounders coming in. A lottery has always been a stupid idea, especially now when 90% of the other beds are taken by people who are basically techno-savages. You can't rely on the luck of the draw that you 'might' get people who know how to work the water filtration, the power plant or even basic doctoring. Fine share the bunker, its good for the DNA diversity anyway, but you better make sure that every single one of the 100 from Skycrew are qualified to keep the bunker and the people inside it healthy and running smoothly or everyone is screwed.
  11. I think the problem I have with the 'Octavia brought unity and Clarke screwed it up' mind set is that, as Kane whispers to her at the end, they still aren't all going to fit. The bunker can take 1200 (I think thats the number given) and Octavia just promised that she would let everyone in and they only have 3 days left.
  12. There were several shots of Roan reacting to the rain, then shots of him with burns all over his face from said rain. The only one not suffering from it is Luna.
  13. I'm not sure I agree that everyone is out of character in this ep, yes Clarke was willing to try and share but the idiot Grounders do what they always do and try to solve everything with violence pretty much killing all of the Sky people if Octavia bites it. Clarke has always done what she needed to do to save her people, if some grounders make it in as well awesome, but I really don't see her being happy with a 100% death rate for the sky dudes. Luna's mental break has been coming for awhile now, her' no-one deserves to live' attitude is hardly out of left field. She has increasingly had enough of the Sky peoples shit for awhile now and her relationship with other grounders is hardly sparky. I think people just love the idea of the water hippy and miss what is actually being shown sometimes. Personally I loved the ep, I hate cast bloat so a brutal trimming now and then is always welcome for me. When Bell got kidnapped I knew it was going to turn out to be Clarkes doing, she looked just way to shifty after convincing Bell to go to Octavia.
  14. I agree, the timeline from the bombs dropping to the start of the 100 is way too short. I haven't read them but I think the books have the gap at 300 years, which is better but still not great. Grounder culture/language, the general environmental decay and the genetic adaptions all happening within less than a 100 years is a baffling choice. At this point I am just hand waving it and enjoying the other parts of this charmingly crappy teen sci-fi.
  15. The wave is survivable if they go underground I think, the big problem with places like Mt Weather and the cult bunker is that they don't seal the radiation out, with nightblood that stops being an issue. Yes they will still get sick but they won't die. That said I don't think they know about the wave, if Raven does do the space thing then its possible that is when they get clued in, if it is indeed a global thing and not just a shockwave from a local meltdown that peters out.
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