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  1. Mark and Val haven't had difficult reality stars? how about difficult "personalities" that aren't even stars in Bristol Palin and Elisabetta Cannalis? Derek has never had to deal with one of those types. the closest comparison I would think would be Joanna Krupa, but if she gave him a hard time, they sure didn't show it.Amber was a HUGE fanbase ringer, regardless of her size. and her size didn't hinder her much. I think you have to compare stars given on a certain season. Derek had ricki season 13, and on paper, no she wasn't great. in actuality she wasn't great but he masked that and they st
  2. it could be, I suppose. something to ponder :) I did find one other repeat actor. in season 2, the actor who played War, one of the four horsemen, in Apocolypse Not, also played one of the Gods in Oh My Goddess, the season 5 finale.
  3. that's who DWTSGossip is saying it is. I've never heard of him.
  4. this is my favorite pairing if true! i def know who I'll likely be voting for (unless she just really sucks, but I imagine she'll have some rhythm and Cal can work with that).
  5. I can get behind some of those pairings, and am pretty happy with a couple for pros who aren't my favorite...hoping it means early seasons for them.
  6. me too radishcake! I don't think andi could be on, even if josh is, because don't we have the complete female side spoiled? I don't know much about either of them, but I admit to being slightly curious about josh, since I'm a big SEC fan and familiar with his brother from watching him play at UGA
  7. I think I'll be more annoyed if Antonio goes to Peta. I agree about Cheryl, but Peta is much worse in that aspect, IMO.
  8. we haven't seen the last of Janel :) according to DWTSGossip on twitter, she'll be in the cast of dancing with the stars announced next week. I will vote my fingers off for her. love some JP
  9. I agree with you regarding Sadie. I'm a conservative, but I very strongly dislike the Duck Dynasty folks and their special brand of stupid. I worry that her fanbase could be similar to Bristol. and if she gets Derek (which I could see happening) that makes it that much worse. add in his fanbase and she could make the finals even if she falls every single week.
  10. DWTS Gossip just tweeted that Witney and Jonathan Bennett are following each other, and that he's also following some other pros. he also has a tweet posted about taking great adventures, and apparently he's close friends with Danika McKellar. I had to google him--Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls. I'm not sure of anything else he's done.
  11. I'm really excited about Janel Parrish. I'm a big PLL fan. TMZ is reporting on Lolo Jones and Casey K...(not gonna attempt her last name) from American ninja Warrior. I could get behind mighty Casey, as she's known. I like her. and apparently there's a 13th pro? I've seen rumors of Sharna, and also of Sasha if Casey is on. she's super tiny.
  12. whoa! I'm rewatching season 1, and I'm on I think episode 6. it's called the fourth sister. the girl conjures a demon or something from mirrored surfaces. I probably haven't seen this one since it's original airing, because I didn't really care for it. anyway, the girls's aunt was just in a scene, and guess who it was! Elise! as in phoebe's boss at the bay mirror. completely took me by surprise. ps- it's really hilarious seeing Prue and Andy browse VHS tapes to rent and Phoebe and Piper battle over Leo. :)
  13. has anyone else heard about Holly and Shannen's reality show? it will be on Great American Country early 2015, and it's called Off the Map with Shannen and Holly. they are driving an RV through the southeast and participating in local events. you can even go to the GAC website and vote on what they will do. they've already taken part in a tomato fight in Kentucky and I think they're in Tennessee now. they'll be coming through Alabama, which is where I live. I would love it so much if they came close to my town and I could see them!!
  14. absolutely, without a doubt, Mark. he is so patient with his partners, and he's extraordinarily creative. his height would also match well with mine. my second choice would be Val, as he is all of the above also (think I would mesh better with Mark, though) if I'm choosing a same sex partner I go with Emma. or Chelsie Hightower.
  15. I've been rewatching season 4 on Netflix. I figured I owed it another chance, since its my least favorite and I haven't actually seen it in years. still my least favorite, but better than I originally have it credit for.
  16. I LOVED Chris. part of it was that I thought the actor was pretty hot, part that I loved Piper so much and he was her son, and part because I always enjoyed the time travel stuff, whether it was the sisters or one of their family members coming/going. If I'm remembering correctly, the breakup in season 6 was so Leo could become an elder. which led to the destruction of Gideon, and ultimately of the avatars, so he was where he needed to be. Billie and christy. ugh. I could put up with Billie ok because I like kaley Cuoco, but the Christy actress and character was horrible. Paige did have ba
  17. it's interesting how people see things differently. I always thought Prue was very caring toward her sisters. a little over-protective, perhaps. now, the actress, on the other hand, may have been a different story. i was really pissed that Sd wouldnt allow her likeness in any of the seasons going forward, especially in the series finale. when senior Piper and Leo were walking up the stairs, there seemed to be a giant hole because there was no picture of Prue. even with all that, i still thought the character was done well. It took me a long time to warm up to Paige. I think it may be that I
  18. I love that there is a Charmed topic! it is my all time fave TV show. fave season: 2, followed by 5. fave episode: Morality Bites (season 2), followed by Centennial Charmed (season 5) least fave season: 4. I loved Prue and was upset when she left. plus the season was too Phoebe/Cole centric, and right after season 3 which was also heavy on those two. piper was always my favorite sister.
  19. I wish someone from Boy Meets World would do the show! And it would be great timing, as Girl Meets World is about to start up. Maybe Rider Strong or Will...the one who played Eric, I can't remember his last name. My preference would be Matthew Lawrence, but he dated Cheryl and I don't think they ended on a good note. So that's probably a no. lol Love the idea of a baseball player, too. If die if they could get one of the most well known Braves players. Chipper Jones, John Smoltz, Greg Maddox, or Tom Glavin. Any one of them would have my votes!!
  20. Camilla put something on twitter about being with her family and properly mourning her father. I am NOT a Camilla fan. Not even close, and I'm glad she's not on the show anymore. But, I knew the crying and emotion was weird last night. That is so not how Camilla behaves. I don't think Theresa beat her at all. Camilla gave up. You saw her just let go and roll over. There was something else going on, and it apparently had to do with her dad. So Theresa, you did not beat one of the stronger competitors. You were handed that win, sweetheart. Laurel killed me with that "execution list". It was me
  21. I was glad Laurel won, but I did feel bad for Jasmine, too. Poor thing. Everybody knew she was done as soon as se pulled the kill card. I was really hoping for Camilla to pull it. Johnny and Jordan are two evils I just can't choose between. There is no "lesser evil" between the two of them for me. Mannnn what an underhanded, sneaky bitch Teresa is. I can't even say that's a good play, because it wasn't like Laurel wasn't going to find out that Theresa was leading that charge. So I do not for one second believe Theresa thought it was "strategic" not to say Laurel's name, I think she was just
  22. I don't think the vote was based on race, but I can see where someone else might see it that way. As someone else mentioned up thread, there are a few AA contestants this season for whom this is their first challenge--LaToya, Nia, and Swift. Swift hasn't gone in yet, I just realized. The house normally does throw in newbies first...has he been eligible to be nominated? I can't remember. I was so mad Brandon went in. I love Brandon, and I feel like he always gets the short end of the stick. I don't know why. He's athletic and strong, but not as much so as CT or Zack. He's def on the same level
  23. Lol love it, Ramble! My favorite word is trifecta. I dunno why. I just like it. :)
  24. Hey guys, I hope this is the correct place to post this. DWTSGossip over on Twitter just posted a screen shot of a tweet of Danica's--apparently she broke a rib in rehearsal yesterday. I hope she is ok!!
  25. Well yes, that makes more sense! haha
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