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  1. No Rules??? I will indeed do a double vote then!! Any chance we can get an exorcist in here?! lol 2 to DL Drogo (MarkHB, saoirse), 4 to prove a point 1 to DL JTMacc99 (MarkHB, saoirse), 5 to prove a point 2 to DL SilverStormm (MarkHB, saoirse), 4 to prove a point 1 to DL The Crazed Spruce (MarkHB), 5 to prove a point 1 to DL Deadpool (MarkHB), 5 to prove a point 1 to DL Deaja (MarkHB) 5 to prove a point 1 to DL meet trouble (MarkHB), 5 to prove a point 1 to DL Machiabelly (MarkHB), 5 to prove a point 1 to DL Lady Calypso (MarkHB), 5 to prove a point 1 to DL ohjoy (MarkHB), 5 to prove a point 6 to DL saoirse (MarkHB, Drogo, SilverStormm, deaja, Deadpool, Deadpool) 0 to DL the SK again bc obvious 4 to revive all other dead players (Drogo, MarkHB, aquarian1, saoirse) 2 to go (hell, the dead players are a whole lot nicer to me then some of the living ones, bring 'em all back!) 3 to throw your hands in the air like you just don't care and WIN for your team (SilverStormm, Biz, aquarian1) 3 to prove whether LOL mafia 'has NO rules' once and for all 1 for everyone to win except SilverStormm (MarkHB) because she's being a cranky pants!
  2. 3 to DL BizBuzz (SilverStormm, aquarian1, Deadpool) 4 to buzz off 1 to DL deaja (BizBuzz) 6 to level things out 4 to DL The Crazed Spruce (JTMacc99, Drogo, Deaja, ohjoy) 3 to put down the Pinot Grigio and make a difference 1 to DL Aquarian1 (MarkHB) because now those cookies exist, so she obviously conjured them out of thin air to antagonize and addict me so...
  3. 3 to DL A1 (BizBuzz, MarkHB, Lady Calypso) 4 to do something 4 to DL Machia (saoirse, Drogo aquarian1, TCS), 4 to do something else 6 to DL Saoirse (Machiabelly, ohjoy, deaja, SilverStormm, JTMacc99, Deadpool) 2 to take a shot in the dark.
  4. I'm game. 4 (SilverStormm, Drogo, aquarian1, Deadpool) to DL CuriousParker AND SVNBob AND SVNBob, 4 to do a double bubble. Not had a chance to look through the story for clues yet and am off to bed now. Will look tomorrow and see if I find anything. I liked the Jester/Joker connection but am willing to wait.
  5. If no one else is going to do it I guess it's up to me then. 1 to DL saoirse (CP) 5 to see what happens 1 to DL spruce (Deadpool) 5 to see if all that glitters is gold
  6. I'm on board 1 to DL Saoirse (deaja) and 7 to kick names and take ass. 6 to DL festivus (Drogo, HM, trouble, CP, saoirse, Deadpool) 2 to move forward
  7. I'm still catching up, not been around much last couple days due to work. I've not had chance to read through the story properly, I'll do that after dinner. Hopefully will pick a clue but @Drogo seems to have found a good one
  8. I'm not trying to implicate anyone, just demostrating that resignation can apply to more than just me and therefore probably not a clue at all. @Drogo likes to try and get me killed often, maybe as i tried to kill him in the last game lol
  9. Whatever the clue is, it can't be pointing at me when i am a Hero. I am still scouring the story for possible clues.
  10. @deaja - Her favourite TV show is West Wing, isn't that a show about an american president? Just off the top of my head i can think of a very famous resignation by President Nixon during the watergate scandal.
  11. There has been a lot of famous resignations @Drogo
  12. Great game everyone! Thanks @SilverStormm as usual for a brilliant game
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