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  1. The series takes place in 1949. Vern served in World War II, that's how he received his injuries.
  2. I live in Utah, and eat at their brick and mortar locations frequently. Their food is delicious, and their chicken and waffles is heaven! I'm hoping they add the chicken and waffle sliders to their regular menu.
  3. I would watch the Hell out of that!
  4. Speaking as a Utahan, I can say that Jello is not a state dessert as much as a state joke.
  5. Which is such a shame, because in general they hire great actors to play them. In particular I adore Richard Masur and Boyd Gaines. Their incredible acting talent is what made their characters at all tolerable.
  6. Maybe he'll die in the transplant surgery, and then we can continue with the good characters on the show. And more Sara Rue, please!
  7. Adam: "The woman from WKRP in Cincinnati who isn't Loni Anderson." Me: "That's Jan Smithers to you, kind sir."
  8. Can the drum instructor lady with purple hair please be in every episode?
  9. And Annie Potts still has the moves! I can't kick like that and I'm at least 15 her junior!
  10. They didn't even try to tie the Troll theme into Spring, did they? Just re-name it the "Whatever We Feel Like Throwing At You Championship" and be done with it. And I will need a lot of chocolate and emotional support to get over Nancy's "look" last night.
  11. Tonight. She was on the bed with Raj when Raj was face-timing with Anu.
  12. Oh Robert, it doesn't matter if you win. If you don't you'll just lie about it on your resume and say that you did win.
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