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  1. TreeStand123123

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    she's not part of the troll family persae but she does have a few fake accounts we suspect are in the private message groups with the trolls. so she has fake accts they may have accepted as 'real trolls' against JO
  2. TreeStand123123

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    hey guys did anyone read ALMOST DEFAME'ED by Jackie Overton I mean uh... "Samuel Cooper"? It's horribly written, once again bragging like Jackie always does. I wish she'd just get arrested.
  3. TreeStand123123

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Kooda just so you know this Nett person is actually a pretty big psycho. Google the name @netterrrrrrr and you'll see what I mean. google trollhugs.com
  4. TreeStand123123

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    honestly, I'm not a fan of Jackie or anything and I think what she did was HORRIBLE - but that's just kind of stalking her. She's mentally ill, we all already know that. She must be to spend 24/7 at home inventing people to be in order to scam people. That's not something a normal person would do. Clearly, we've established there's something wrong with Jackie. These women are constantly taunting and "investigating" her 24/7 via Twitter, forums, Facebook, etc. I know what she did to many women/men and Meri is "asking for it" but really, she's going to snap at some point. I fear for her elderly mom, who she lives with.
  5. TreeStand123123

    S05.E22: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part Two

    My husband has only watched a few of the shows, because he hates reality television - but during the reunion and Tyler's "suicide recap" my husband said he thinks that, "that kid's lying. He would have more emotion instead of just sitting there like that." My husband who doesn't read people but was a psych major in college people lol. I hate to say someone would lie about something so serious and unfortunately so common (many people won't ever admit to suicidal thoughts or attempts), but maybe it wasn't exactly what Tyty says it was? I like Catelynn but I feel so sorry for her. Of course she's depressed, she's had weight problems and body image issues thrust on her because she's not "rail thin" (neither is Amber, who's a recovering addict and everyone thinks is doing so well so they don't talk shit too much about her weight) - I just feel for her.
  6. TreeStand123123

    S03.E05: 2016

    I was so excited to see Cynthia Nixon and Hillary Clinton in this episode. I am a Hillary supporter so I was so excited when she actually showed up (for the episode). As always - love this show! :)
  7. TreeStand123123

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Strange situation via Twitter Trolls if anyone is still following this "story". One of them @Netterrrr went to Jackie's house and took pictures of the outside and apparently left something in Jackie's truck bed. Does anyone else think that's crossing any lines and bordering on stalking (just wondering?) Also that person doing the documentary filmed in LA/Vegas this week so I cannot wait to see what she finds out.
  8. TreeStand123123

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    does anyone know when the new show starts again? I'm not sure if I want to watch it but I am curious to see if it's the last season. I hope so. Also, anyone else read that AATT article?