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  1. Could Richard have been any more obnoxious? "I was on this show once as a no-body but now I am going to stick it to these rubes." Egg… over medium ... hash … hollandaise sauce. What an @$$hole. Even Padma could not hold back.
  2. Cooksdelight, thank you for posting this. I'm dating myself because I remember meeting Ric back in the early/mid 90s when he was overseeing the Regional Food Bank annual fundraising dinners. Also, I went to his place in Saugerties a bunch of times. Love the green beans. The green beans as an app with a Ketel One martini... mmm mmm. I was ( am) a fussy eater. And truly I credit Ric, for introducing me to all kinds of new foods for me back then at the dinners. He made it interesting, fun and a lot less scary for someone with deep seeded food issues. I moved away from the Capital Distric
  3. Come on and get in this boat with me. Now I am actually looking for it and don't really see it. And Isaac seems like he would not put up with someone being an asshole to him for long. Be interesting to see what they say about each other after the show.
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