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  1. freeser


    I also didn't think they reacted as positively as I thought they would. This is very 'nit picky' I know and I assume that all girls get the same treatment when they have the dress up with princesses package, but I did not like how their hair was done. I know it made them all look the same, but with it pulled into the bun on top of their heads they almost looked scalped. I wish they could have had some waves or curls or such. Obviously not a big deal, but different hair would have made the total princess package look better.
  2. I agree with you and thought the same thing. I don't think Winona looked all that different than in previous seasons. However, as much as I love the Hopper character, David Harbour looked rather worse for wear this season. He was heavier in his body and face. Maybe he was supposed to look like that, but he seemed to have let himself go physically.
  3. freeser


    I also agreed with most of what Nancy said. But what sets my teeth on edge with her is that no matter what she says, her facial expression always looks like she is smelling a pile of rotting garbage. Her nose is always crinkled up with a distasteful kind of sneer. She has always looked like that. I did not get to watch every minute of the Diane Downs program. For someone who did or who just knows more about this case, I have a question. After she was found guilty, why didn't her ex husband get custody of the 2 remaining children? I know there was some question about the paternity of the boy, but I also read that he accepted him as his own (?). Did the ex try to get the kids back? Did Diane have parents or siblings who tried to gain custody? It seems like the children did have a good life with the prosecutor who adopted them, but I wonder what the circumstances were that they were available for adoption when there were family members around.
  4. I'm glad someone else mentioned her hair! I admit it is a very 'nit-picky' thing to bring up considering her overall awfulness. But I just could not stop focusing on how terrible her hair looked in almost every scene. Not only did it look dry as hay, but the ends were all raggedy and scraggly like she never had it cut properly. I am sure if it would ever had been mentioned to her, she would have said that all of her time was spent on the company and she did not care about something as insignificant as her hair. But no matter, it still looked like cr*p.
  5. freeser

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    Although they are both wonderful actors, this last episode had too much 'Wayne and Amelia' for me. I felt all the talk and talk and talk about the state of their relationship and marriage was overdone for a detective/mystery show. "What do you want?" - "I don't know". "What do YOU want?" - "I don't know". "Where are we going in the relationship", etc, etc, etc. At least, they could have thrown in something about when Amelia died and what happened to her. I would have been interested in hearing about that a lot more than all the back and forth during their relationship. I wanted a lot more 'Wayne and Roland'. For the finale, I hoped to see the detective pair on the screen for the majority of the time. Young, middle aged or elderly, Wayne and Roland together were by far the best part of this show. Wayne and Roland both had good background stories by themselves, but together the pair, their working relationship and ultimate friendship was the most fascinating part of the story. It was disappointing that there was not something interesting for the story to say about the lady film maker who was interviewing Wayne. I kept waiting for something there. What happened between Roland and his daughter? The hinted that something went awry, but it was not mentioned again. Overall, the finale was not the best episode of the series. It was OK and did confirm things we already suspected. The discovery of present day Julie was a surprise.
  6. I am concerned about the same thing - things are going to change in this show if they stick to the same scenario that TBBT describes. I had watched the episode with Sheldon and Meemaw and the new video game when it first aired. My husband missed it. So after we both watched the football coaching job episode together this week (and found it rather dark), I said lets watch the episode he missed. We enjoyed the Sheldon and Meemaw/game episode so much! I loved it even the second time. We both commented how it was so fun, lighthearted and was so interesting as it showed how Sheldon became interested in video games. Sheldon commented how special it was to solve the game with his Meemaw. This was the kind of fun part of the series that is most enjoyable. I know as they appear to be sticking to the script about George and Mary, it will have to take a down turn, but lets hope they can keep it from getting all bogged down in emotions that turn this into a comedy/DRAMA instead of a pleasant regular type comedy. As much as I like the Mary character in TBBT, I find her kind of a drag at times in young Sheldon.
  7. As I was watching this episode, I kept feeling sad for "what was to come" also. As I watched George go to the job interview, his talks with Mary, buying the car, etc. I really was overwhelmed with sadness thinking that he wasn't going to be around for all that long. The job would have been such a good opportunity and certainly would have made him feel so much better about himself. He would have had a more prestigious position, made more money for the family, etc. The fact that Mary had a part time job with her church seemed a poor excuse for her to bring up. Kids are flexible (even Sheldon) if given a chance. As stated before, Sheldon might have loved his father's association with a university. Meemaw certainly could have moved also if she chose. This is such a strange TV situation in that because of TBBT we all know what is to come. People die all the time on TV shows. But it is rare that we viewers know who will go and basically when it will happen because of another TV show.
  8. freeser

    S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    I was also thinking that having to go up and down stairs to get the the front door was a really dumb feature for four people that have very short legs and problems with steps. You mention getting rid of the stairs, but I don't know if that would be possible with the design of the home. My thought was a home with that design would not be the place for them and certainly could have been a deal breaker. When Bill was telling the contractor they needed more steps to make it easier for them, you just could not help but think that it was a very poor and unnecessary feature and the wear and tear on their knees and hips will not get better over the years.
  9. I also felt Jason Alexander's character was obnoxious and they gave him too much time in the episode. In another episode where Jason was just the drama teacher helping with "Annie" I didn't mind him so much. This one fell flat for us. We normally praise the show when it is over, but for the first time we really felt let down by this story. This is one of those rare shows where the central players - Mom and Dad, Meemaw, Sheldon, Missy, Georgie, Tam, and even the minister - are so good it seems a waste to not use them for the majority of the show. By giving Jason Alexander such a big part meant that the others were just used to fill in a few minutes of show time. They have got a great cast and do not need to have a 'guest star' take up so much of the show. Use the good people you have to their fullest and we will be happy viewers.
  10. I agree with you and have felt this way for quite a while. First, there must be consequences for disobeying their parents. In every well behaved child, there is a little 'fear' of what could happen (grounding, sent to your room, no TV, etc) if you act up. Maybe it could just be the fear of disappointing your parents with unacceptable behavior. But with Bill and Jen, they make threats or count to three or say please or something, but it does not amount to a hill of beans as far as any kind of actual punishment for the kids. If I was Will or Zoey and was very strong minded, I would not go along with what the parents want if it was something I did not want to do. All I would get would be a few words from Jen or a snicker and chuckle from Bill. No problem for either kid with dealing with that kind of non-action. I have also felt that they definitely do not use much strong discipline or words because they fear if they do the kids 'won't like them'. I think that is pretty obvious. Bill wants to be their friend more than their father. That attitude show itself over and over as he laughs and makes excuses instead of showing a little strength when they act badly. And poor Jen just seems so uncomfortable with the children in general. Jen must notice that the kids are rather indifferent to her and could feel that if she was the strong disciplinarian, they would like her even less than they do now. Mothering and parenting just does not seem to come easily to her.
  11. freeser

    S10.E01: The West Side Curmudgeon

    If you figure out what to tell your husband, let me know too! I have been watching the old Will and Grace reruns for a few months. So the way they looked back then is the way they first come to mind. I have not watched the new ones until last night's episode. I thought Jack looked pretty much the same - Karen also - but a little more weight maybe. Will looked really good although I could tell he has aged some. But Grace - I am really with your husband on this. I kept looking at her when she and David Schwimmer were sitting at the table trying to figure out what was going on with her face. It is certainly fuller than before, but there is something really different about it. Has she had any plastic surgery? The others look basically the same (just a little older) but there is something unusual about Grace. Also, she was so rail thin in the original series. In all the scenes I saw last night she had on long sleeves so I don't know if she has gained weight overall or if it is just her face that is so different. She is still very pretty, but there is something strangely 'off' from her appearance 15 years ago.
  12. I have always wondered the same thing as far as the actual actors/actresses speaking up about some of the very obvious mistakes, continuity errors, etc. I sometimes wonder if a series got new writers who were not aware of previous facts like how many children, how many marriages, plus all other types of background information. However, the actors playing the characters surely must remember those things, right? If a Golden Girl was suddenly reading a script that included mention of a child that seemed to pop out of nowhere, would she want to or be allowed to mention the fact to a writer? I personally think I would find it difficult to play out a story where I knew that the facts were not what they were stated to be over the last years. This happens on so many shows. I have always wondered how much say-so the actors have regarding the scripts. Or if they care or pay much attention to all these details.
  13. freeser

    S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    Yes, her voice was the one thing that was barely OK. I couldn't believe they got her hair styling so wrong. It always looked like she just stepped inside on a windy day. With JFK, the only correct thing was that the actor was a white male of approximately the proper age. Beyond that, there was no real identification with JFK. The depiction of both of them was very distracting.
  14. freeser

    S03.E05: Part 28

    I'm glad to read that someone else is bothered by her hair! I have actually searched Google to try to see if anyone else had a comment about it. It is not just her bangs, but her entire 'hair style'. Does Sissy or anyone working on the show have a comb or a mirror? I understand it is a casual place down there, but c'mon messy and unkempt is way beyond casual.
  15. freeser

    S03.E06: Part 29

    With as many loose ends as there are in this show, unfortunately I don't think rewatching is going to help much. The more I think about different story lines, I realize how many things are just going to be forever floating around in the waters off the keys never to be washed on shore or be explained.....