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  1. I understand the Queen being regal, controlled, etc. during her public outings. The family's motto of 'never complain, never explain' states how they feel they should act when the world is watching. But as someone mentioned in another post, I have always heard that in private the Queen was funny, caring and showed emotion to her grand kids and extended family. That was what I felt was totally lacking in this season 3. Olivia/Queen rarely ever smiled or looked pleasant in any circumstance. The dour/sour look was almost pasted on her face. There were plenty of opportunities to show the more carefree happy side of her personality in these episodes. In fact, I think that would have been such a good way to let viewers see the two sides of her - the public vs the private. But she did not seem to act much differently from one instance to the other in this series. Olivia could only work with the script she was given - so maybe the point of the season was for us to dislike her. But I don't know why the writers would have chosen that course. I would have much rather watched a Queen that showed different sides to her personality instead of the rather unpleasant one we saw in the show.
  2. I agree that there are many moments in this season that make me dislike QEII. I don't know if it is how this third series is written, the actual stories, Olivia's acting or what. I don't exactly dislike her acting, but I don't think she has been given much actual emoting to do. She seems very dour most of the time and has the same unhappy serious look on her face. Except for the story involving the horses, she rarely ever smiles or has much of a change in her facial expressions. Once in a while as in the final scenes with Margaret, she seems to show some emotion. When I finished the final episode I felt overall that I did not like this series nearly as much as the first two. I think Phillip and Charles were very well cast and did a fantastic job. But Olivia - not so much. I don't feel her part was as well written as some of the others. Olivia probably did her best with what she was given. I was just not as pulled in by the stories and acting as I was before. I found myself looking more at the dresses, furnishings, scenery, etc. than the actors.
  3. That last scene between the Queen and Charles was heart breaking to me. Charles was trying to show the country of Wales that he appreciated them and all they had gone through with his addition to the speech. I thought the Queen's response to him was horrible. She acted like she hated Wales and put Charles down so hard for saying positive things about Wales. They forced Charles to go to Wales to study against his wishes. But he went and learned the language quite well. A small thank you from his mother was certainly not too much to ask. I think that scene again shows that Elizabeth is Queen FIRST and a mother and member of a family second. I'm not even saying that that is wrong, maybe that is how it has to be when you are Queen. But it sure also shows how very hard it must be to be a child of the Queen when you come in second.
  4. The feelings and actions of Margaret were indeed very interesting. When they were young girls, Elizabeth expressed her thought that she would not be able to take over as queen. Margaret said she would like to do so and inquired if she could. She was told in no uncertain terms that it was not possible for her to be queen. After Margaret's trip to America, she told the queen that she did not want any kind of reward for her efforts except for a more serious and involved role in monarchy events. Elizabeth looked rather stricken after Margaret's request and said she would have to think about it. After her talk with Phillip, she decided Margaret should not have a bigger role, but was so concerned about what that would do to her relationship as a sister to Margaret. Elizabeth knows that no matter what the personal/family consequences might be, her first and main duty is to be Queen and her family feelings come second. Pretty serious stuff and I understand a lot more about Margaret feeling like the vice-queen and having to play second fiddle all her life.
  5. When the teacher was reviewing Hazel and Parker, she said that Hazel did not answer all the questions. But she felt that Hazel was kidding and fooling around and really did know the answers but just chose not to tell her. With Parker, she said something like she did not necessarily feel that she knew the answers. She was not as sure of the amount of knowledge that Parker had. She felt Parker might not be answering because she did not know the answer. I wonder how difficult it is to try to determine the ability of a child who just does not want to talk, participate or answer questions. I guess the teachers have to observe someone like Parker during the course of the day to see what her behavior is with others. Because if it all depends on a specific test and the child (for whatever reason) refuses to answer questions, how can the teacher know if the child has the knowledge and just won't speak or if the child does not know the correct answer. I agree with others who have said that Parker might have found out that she gets a lot of extra attention by NOT speaking up and just being quiet. I am sure it can be rough to get personal attention when you are one of 6 children. So maybe not answering questions is her way of having the light shine on her for a while.
  6. I'm not totally sure but I think it was Parker who was unable/unwilling to answer the lady about which birthday cake she wanted, wasn't it? I thought that was really being shy when a 4 year old was not able to answer a question about something so fun as that. All the other girls were so into choosing from the photos. It almost felt like she was NOT choosing as the other were so that she could get some special attention because of her reluctance to make a choice.
  7. I also didn't think they reacted as positively as I thought they would. This is very 'nit picky' I know and I assume that all girls get the same treatment when they have the dress up with princesses package, but I did not like how their hair was done. I know it made them all look the same, but with it pulled into the bun on top of their heads they almost looked scalped. I wish they could have had some waves or curls or such. Obviously not a big deal, but different hair would have made the total princess package look better.
  8. I agree with you and thought the same thing. I don't think Winona looked all that different than in previous seasons. However, as much as I love the Hopper character, David Harbour looked rather worse for wear this season. He was heavier in his body and face. Maybe he was supposed to look like that, but he seemed to have let himself go physically.
  9. I also agreed with most of what Nancy said. But what sets my teeth on edge with her is that no matter what she says, her facial expression always looks like she is smelling a pile of rotting garbage. Her nose is always crinkled up with a distasteful kind of sneer. She has always looked like that. I did not get to watch every minute of the Diane Downs program. For someone who did or who just knows more about this case, I have a question. After she was found guilty, why didn't her ex husband get custody of the 2 remaining children? I know there was some question about the paternity of the boy, but I also read that he accepted him as his own (?). Did the ex try to get the kids back? Did Diane have parents or siblings who tried to gain custody? It seems like the children did have a good life with the prosecutor who adopted them, but I wonder what the circumstances were that they were available for adoption when there were family members around.
  10. I'm glad someone else mentioned her hair! I admit it is a very 'nit-picky' thing to bring up considering her overall awfulness. But I just could not stop focusing on how terrible her hair looked in almost every scene. Not only did it look dry as hay, but the ends were all raggedy and scraggly like she never had it cut properly. I am sure if it would ever had been mentioned to her, she would have said that all of her time was spent on the company and she did not care about something as insignificant as her hair. But no matter, it still looked like cr*p.
  11. Although they are both wonderful actors, this last episode had too much 'Wayne and Amelia' for me. I felt all the talk and talk and talk about the state of their relationship and marriage was overdone for a detective/mystery show. "What do you want?" - "I don't know". "What do YOU want?" - "I don't know". "Where are we going in the relationship", etc, etc, etc. At least, they could have thrown in something about when Amelia died and what happened to her. I would have been interested in hearing about that a lot more than all the back and forth during their relationship. I wanted a lot more 'Wayne and Roland'. For the finale, I hoped to see the detective pair on the screen for the majority of the time. Young, middle aged or elderly, Wayne and Roland together were by far the best part of this show. Wayne and Roland both had good background stories by themselves, but together the pair, their working relationship and ultimate friendship was the most fascinating part of the story. It was disappointing that there was not something interesting for the story to say about the lady film maker who was interviewing Wayne. I kept waiting for something there. What happened between Roland and his daughter? The hinted that something went awry, but it was not mentioned again. Overall, the finale was not the best episode of the series. It was OK and did confirm things we already suspected. The discovery of present day Julie was a surprise.
  12. I am concerned about the same thing - things are going to change in this show if they stick to the same scenario that TBBT describes. I had watched the episode with Sheldon and Meemaw and the new video game when it first aired. My husband missed it. So after we both watched the football coaching job episode together this week (and found it rather dark), I said lets watch the episode he missed. We enjoyed the Sheldon and Meemaw/game episode so much! I loved it even the second time. We both commented how it was so fun, lighthearted and was so interesting as it showed how Sheldon became interested in video games. Sheldon commented how special it was to solve the game with his Meemaw. This was the kind of fun part of the series that is most enjoyable. I know as they appear to be sticking to the script about George and Mary, it will have to take a down turn, but lets hope they can keep it from getting all bogged down in emotions that turn this into a comedy/DRAMA instead of a pleasant regular type comedy. As much as I like the Mary character in TBBT, I find her kind of a drag at times in young Sheldon.
  13. As I was watching this episode, I kept feeling sad for "what was to come" also. As I watched George go to the job interview, his talks with Mary, buying the car, etc. I really was overwhelmed with sadness thinking that he wasn't going to be around for all that long. The job would have been such a good opportunity and certainly would have made him feel so much better about himself. He would have had a more prestigious position, made more money for the family, etc. The fact that Mary had a part time job with her church seemed a poor excuse for her to bring up. Kids are flexible (even Sheldon) if given a chance. As stated before, Sheldon might have loved his father's association with a university. Meemaw certainly could have moved also if she chose. This is such a strange TV situation in that because of TBBT we all know what is to come. People die all the time on TV shows. But it is rare that we viewers know who will go and basically when it will happen because of another TV show.
  14. I was also thinking that having to go up and down stairs to get the the front door was a really dumb feature for four people that have very short legs and problems with steps. You mention getting rid of the stairs, but I don't know if that would be possible with the design of the home. My thought was a home with that design would not be the place for them and certainly could have been a deal breaker. When Bill was telling the contractor they needed more steps to make it easier for them, you just could not help but think that it was a very poor and unnecessary feature and the wear and tear on their knees and hips will not get better over the years.
  15. I also felt Jason Alexander's character was obnoxious and they gave him too much time in the episode. In another episode where Jason was just the drama teacher helping with "Annie" I didn't mind him so much. This one fell flat for us. We normally praise the show when it is over, but for the first time we really felt let down by this story. This is one of those rare shows where the central players - Mom and Dad, Meemaw, Sheldon, Missy, Georgie, Tam, and even the minister - are so good it seems a waste to not use them for the majority of the show. By giving Jason Alexander such a big part meant that the others were just used to fill in a few minutes of show time. They have got a great cast and do not need to have a 'guest star' take up so much of the show. Use the good people you have to their fullest and we will be happy viewers.
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