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  1. & a mockery to every "bush" family out there.
  2. I thought it comical, well the whole darn ABP is comical but nonetheless, Gabe is telling about his job to hang a flag by himself. He figures out how complicated it is because he is use to having his siblings to help out...."I usually have 6 more hands and a couple of brains" ok dimwit which one doesn't have a brain? From what I can see they are all lacking in that department. & for crying out loud why is Bird hanging on to the side of the truck?
  3. I think this show can't get anymore ridiculous then the next week happens and just like that they prove me wrong. Noah and his fake way of talking, "I want to give my wife uvrything", how bout getting a job & provide for your family. Rain milking a cat, how disgusting, I have never heard such in all my life. I believe the ones shooting at them in Alaska knew they were portraying the way they live & didn't want others thinking this was the norm. I feel quite sure they don't climb in an incubator to see how comfy it is. Who am I kidding, I don't know anyone that acts like these people do.
  4. Bam is an a-hole no doubt but him throwing shade at what they have lived in....not building just a trapper shack, not a closet. Then taking a jab at what Noah & Gabe is building, "I'm not building a log cabin or a concrete castle" lol.
  5. I'm guessing Michelle skipped the "anybody can make him a sandwich" talk with Jesse 😏 Ben brings home the bacon & fries it up in the pan, they never even heard the last part of that commercial, well Ben might have.
  6. Where in reference to the bighouse do J&A live?
  7. I think he trusted that JB would do the right thing when they were married and on their own, give them their share. JB may have given them a place to live and thought that was enough, Derick didn't. He says he never saw a contract.
  8. wow, just read his comments, seems while Jessa was in labor she wanted Jill there and Jill couldn't go to the big house until JB approved it.
  9. It looks like James to me, wasn't he the one in Jill's buddy group. He's also the one that chaperoned while theywere courting.
  10. Mine is possibly from a pinched nerve, however I can just clip my hair up and my head will be sore. If she put her hair up in a pony tail with that much hair there would be a lot of weight on her head. & Jill has been raising babies for years already. I'm sure she's ready for a break lol.
  11. Was just sitting here reading comments & rubbed my head (habit lol), my head tends to get sore spots sometimes. She was talking about wearing her hair up all the time, ponytails.....i can't imagine that, my head would be sore all the time.
  12. Wow, I didn't realize how over powering and ratty her hair looked. It didn't look healthy at all, she looks so much better. Yes I took one for the team lol.
  13. Jill's haircut looks good! she said she got 14" cut off, maybe Jessa will take note, this looks so much healthier.
  14. Guess I've been under a rock, had no idea Billy Brown had been married before & has kids?!?! Also has grands that he doesn't see as well, he's a piece of work that Billy Brown.
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