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  1. Did she really say she had no interest in learning how to fix little girls hair??? Why would she want a little girl but not want to fix her up?
  2. We camp quite a bit, in a camper. We also camped in a tent several years ago when we first started camping, had we not "traded up" for a camper that would have ended my camping excursions. I thoroughly enjoy camping but I was sore for a few days from laying on the ground, so I don't blame her one bit for demanding a camper.
  3. I wonder if that's what caused all the hard feeling between June & her mom....didn't Anna go to live with June's mother after the bf molested her.
  4. woah, I can't believe they don't have an emergency evac plan!! All the what if's came to my mind. I'm glad he was okay after the 7+ hours he had to stay out in the elements.....how ironic, the one that didn't bring a fire starter has to tap due to fire consuming his shelter. Glad for Jordan....& he was planning on staying until Jan 20...huge fish on that last day, maybe he could've.
  5. The sad face is the only thing close to a puke face I could find lol.....& no he doesn't look good at all, actually looks gross.
  6. right, & they didn't need TMZ to announce it, she said as much when they were doing the intervention.
  7. Is Gabes girlfriend moving up there with him BEFORE they get married?? Are they even engaged yet? I wouldn't have thought this would have been permitted or have I missed something.
  8. Nathan..the one that didn't bring a fire starter. I kept thinking, this chic is gonna burn her house down with her clothes and freeze to death before they can come and get her 🤣
  9. Did I see right, 2 episodes left with 5 contestants. Will 3 tap on the next episode? Have they ever had that many left with so few epi left?
  10. I was thinking the whole time Michelle was walking and you could see the lake in the distance, don't go down to the water, don't go down to the water....it comes back on and she's right near the waters edge, almost falling in...she's not the only one, everyone of them are fishing on icy rocks, looks like an accident waiting to happen. Wasn't sad to see Michelle go.
  11. the same way Collin Gosselin reacted to Kate...Danielle is exhibiting a lot of Kate in my opinion & the way she talks to Adam is a lot of how Kate did Jon. What is up with these women not wanting their husbands to work.
  12. I had the Disney episode on this morning, when Dale & Nick were talking about the job, Dallas & what not, it went through my mind if those 2 got job offers they'd pack up their family in a minute and move. Then what is she gonna do, pack her family up and tag along??
  13. I know we only see what's filmed and shown but it appears that Parker, when she notices that the cameras are filming what she's doing, shys away & clams up. What if she doesn't want to be a part of the filming for tv anymore, does she have that option?? Cara Gosselin clammed up pretty early, not quite as early as Parker. What if the kids don't want to do this, then both Danielle & Adam will have to go back to work, how would she (Danielle) handle that?? I've only watched a couple of epi in the last year or so, can't handle either one of the parent.
  14. with the exception of Joe & Kendra's little Garrett.....that's Joe's middle name, named after his grandfather, Josh & Anna also have a Mason Garrett..is it odd that they all use the same name??
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