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  1. how old is Jackson & is dwarfism a cause for delayed speech? The reason I ask is I have a 3 year old grandson and you can carry on a conversation with him easy.
  2. rather boring episode, I'm probably in the minority because I am rooting for Colter all the way :) I was sure this was the episode he caught the fish when he was pulling up the gill net and the red rope was in his boat....this is the scene that's shown on several of the highlights that I was waiting on.
  3. I too have been Team Colter from the beginning, however I do think Clay is gonna be a contender to the end so we'll see.
  4. I wonder how hard Tori rolled her eyes when she saw Amy stole her #storyofzachandtori wedding hashtag 😁🤦‍♀️
  5. isn't there a teaser for the upcoming shows that show a large fish in the boat, one that we haven't seen Colter catch yet?
  6. only shows a the back of babies newborn head.....you'll have to wait for a few more vids to find out what it is.
  7. I watched the video of Amy giving Gage a lemon to eat on.....I don't usually question her mothering & I may be exaggerating but I had to quit watching, it gave me anxiety!! All I could see is it going down his throat and she was just laughing....
  8. Has it been discussed on any thread about the items you're allowed to bring? I'm wondering if they can bring a bow/arrows why they can't bring a rod & reel? Yes you can make those but can't you also make a bow? The arrows might be an issue but I don't know maybe you could make those too. I love watching the show and like the others have mentioned, I don't like the starvation part, I like to see them build sustainable shelters, like to see them catching their food.
  9. I know right!! Every time I see them together I think to myself, what middle age unmarried successful man see's Amy Roloff and decides "I'm tired of being a bachelor and this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with" 🙄
  10. I think she’s posted it is some kind of diet supplement that she’s using. She said she wasn’t getting paid to advertise it but she did mention what it was a while back. She can lose all the weight she wants she’s still an ugly person, it starts on the inside.
  11. Amy looks like she never showers.....she put on the sparkles when she wore her butterfly costume and I swear it looked like she had left over with her black eye baseball player get up. Maybe she reapplied but it looks like slept in makeup to me....
  12. & since she's lost weight & you started it ;) her teeth look H.U.G.E she is not attractive at.all, throw in that nasty personality and boy what a mess.
  13. didn't she post a couple of weeks ago that they had been concerned about some things with the baby & she had gone in for additional test & they had come back good...or am I confusing her with someone else ;) lol
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