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  1. I know it's mean but I feel the same way!
  2. Yes Lawd! Who could blame him! She seemed to think that someone would put up with no sex and being sanctimonious - can't be both! LOL
  3. I think Iris just wants a friend to be able to hang out with. She is not even close to giving up the cookie. Keith doesn't seem that he is only focused on that but GEEZ give the man something - he is your husband. According to the reunion previews - the may have gotten back together...she should be so lucky I could not agree more!!! Well said!
  4. Vicki is and has always been a horrible - insecure - hateful person. She is so jealous of all of the other women and her underhanded actions show that constantly! When she feels threatened she lashes out with some "rumor" and then doesn't understand why people don't want to talk to her and call her a liar She is SO delusional!!!!!
  5. I think she is just starving for attention - from anywhere - and she knows that if she has a bad marriage/mean husband they will focus on her more. She knows he is horrible and doesn't care how he looks
  6. I have to agree. Although I do not find him attractive - his personality is the worst!
  7. You're right! I stand corrected! LOL
  8. I am just glad that reality hit her in the face! Yes Christie it's true America does hate you.
  9. I just don't like how she appears so desperate. I want her to be strong and show that she WANTS a man not NEEDS a man.
  10. I have such a reaction to these people - and that bothers me because they are SO boring. I couldn't be friends with any of them! Vanessa - chill out and let the man like you! Have you ever heard of a self fulfilling prophecy? If you guard yourself because you do not want to be hurt if he leaves then he will leave because you never opened up! Girl puh-leez! Oh and by the way - he cannot read your mind! Tres - she is needy as soon as you understand that you will figure out how to deal. Don't stop being you! You deserve to hang out with friends - just because you are married does not mea
  11. i am so glad that I found this board! I have been looking for a place to vent. As I read earlier this is a shot at Married At First Sight - and it missed - not in the premise but in the cast. Ugh. Most are truly boring...Marivic should have known that this would be difficult as her dad seems difficult to begin with! Christine - you are a true mess! You begged and pleaded to meet your husband at the altar - well just to be married at all really. And now you are treating him like a guest in your home...? Really!? If she wanted a friend she should have said that! I am not saying that she
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