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  1. Re Nicole & how lovely she looked, I wonder if Cousin Randy helped her choose her dress. About another former DCC, Kandi Harris Mahan is in the news, & not for a good reason: https://www.golfchannel.com/news/amid-personal-turmoil-jason-enloe-steps-down-smu
  2. It's still hard to believe that with all the family dough & a mother doing her best to make her baby perfect, those veneers are the best that cosmetic dentists in Dallas could do.
  3. Whether Varner is correct or not (& I hope he's not), it was the production company & CBS who chose to remove Dan, & cast members were not consulted so their opinions carry no weight except in the 'court' of public opinion. The company would not have done so without being damn sure that they had sufficient documentation to protect themselves against any action that Dan, or anyone else, might take for their doing so. Of course, one wonders why it took so long! After all, they had, & have, tape showing that Dan to continue to touch women inappropriately for more than a MONTH, a company that 'warned' him a couple of weeks into the show, but did nothing, until a production member received the same treatment that contestants did. Something finally compelled them to act, & it must have been a biggie.
  4. Posting here rather than the episode thread JIC something comes across as a spoiler: until last night I could see how Meredith might possibly convince me that she'd be okay making the team, even with memory mistakes & vocal fry . However, her media 'training' performance was so dreadful that now I can't see anything about her except her looks while she's standing still & mute that is even remotely DCC! Kelli's girl-crushes strike again. About Kelli's brief mention of Jalyn being back on track, maybe that was an effort to show some of us that she's aware of our reactions, that she really does have a heart, that she really forgives Jalyn for her reaction to the SG omission, & that maybe J. does stand a chance of making it back on the team again next year if she tries out. Maybe.......
  5. Maybe she quit because groups just got shuffled & VK is now in hers? More seriously, if the rumor is true & she did quit, hopefully it was, or will be, filmed & shown so that we can have at least an idea of her reason.
  6. I don't recall seeing another aspect of VI's lack of control mentioned anywhere: has Kelli considered that her 'beautiful storm' & 'wild horse' could, because of her wild flailing, inability to stay in her space, etc. easily hurt another cheerleader? We all know how one person's messup in the kickline can seriously injure the cheerleaders on either side of her. Surely being knocked down, kicked, etc. could too. Could there ever be legal implications for the DCC, & Kelli personally, for allowing someone who has been documented as often being out-of-control to be on the squad & therefore a potential harm to the others?
  7. Based on the info above, I wonder if Jalyn is considering quitting TC right now, & if others who see how things are going, & likely to go, would join in quitting now rather than retiring at the end of the season.
  8. In that photo, Heather looks like Holly A.
  9. Anybody else think that Lord Pam might have planted the seed about Heidi marrying the new French emperor w/ Feo to try to get rid of her? That maybe he assumed that eventually the idea would get back to Albert, who would flip out & send Feo packing? A. certainly turned on Feo in a hurry when Bertie told him.....
  10. Didn't a poster above say that Ann Lux is expecting twin girls.....don't she & her golfer hubby already have two little girls?
  11. Slightly OT, but we moved away from Texas, where we had both Central Market & Whole Foods, to another state, & only have WF. Time & time again we bemoan that face - we'd so much rather have CM!!!!!
  12. Seems unfair to Brother that he had five sous he didn't know so had no idea of their strengths. Nini, OTOH, knew her team well & could assign tasks accordingly. But then, fairness & Restaurant Wars don't go together anyhow.
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