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  1. Well, since Conan was a writer and appeared once or twice on SNL and is wrapped up with many SNL folks, it should be noted his 10 year run on TBS ends tomorrow. His final guests include several SNL alum, notably Dana Carvey, Martin Short, Sara Silverman, and Bill Hader.
  2. JZL


    Check out Michael Dorman in For All Mankind, the alternate-history period piece wherein the USA did not win the space race. Dorman has one of the lead astronaut roles, and deserves an Emmy for his performance in ep 7.
  3. Vulture's best-sketches-of-46 picks, in no particular order . . .
  4. I'm trying to figure out with whom they link Luther. Obama with a Jordan Peele cameo or with a castmember, or Obama himself a la the press dinner? Biden? Harris with a Maya Rudolph return? And yet another head-scratcher bubble-gummer MG who appeals to a demographic NBC must be trying super-duper hard to attract.
  5. Me three. I like that she's outrageous but agree she could dial it back a bit. Her singing reminds me of Janis Joplin (I wonder if Miley has ever covered "Summertime.") I generally liked the show and thought Musk was OK. I liked that he said he had Asperger's. Was this in part to explain his odd bobbing and weaving? He made fun of himself and was contrite about the mask dealio. I liked the alibi joke and the Space-X Chad sketch. Kyle was in an abnormally high amount. I'm not a big fan, but good for him last night. Ooli rocked.
  6. I think a lot of geeks who haven't watched SNL in forever may be tuning in.
  7. WTF? Gee, I wish MY boss let me pick and choose with whom I worked.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schmigadoon! A musical comedy feat. Cecily and Keegan-Michael Key premiering later this year. Cecily also has a book out in a few months. [source: she was on Andy Richter's podcast recently]
  9. Not too familiar with Kaluuya but it's nice to have an MG who can kick a little b.
  10. This is true, but the number of those who became selfish, self-indulgent-- who became "The Man"-- is gutwrenching. One of my closest friends (since kindergarten) I could barely talk to for awhile. I don't agree generally with the knock on Boomers, but I understand where it comes from. The one that got me started was the Hitler's Fart (or whatever) sauce. And then at some point he warned her about not rubbing her eyes . . . great stuff if you're a fan.
  11. I thought the Hot Ones sketch was one of the funniest of the year. I'm a huge fan, so I'm biased. FWIW, Kenan was on it recently, so it wasn't a total surprise when they did it. WU was fine, but the rest of the show was horrid, including the utterly lame MG. TBH, I stopped watching after the start of the Harris sketch and came here to see if any of the show was worth watching. I can understand some of the disenchantment with Boomers, but to tie that in to the vaccination protocols was disingenuous. And FFS, we are not the Greatest Generation and have never claimed to be-- that w
  12. Larraine Newman on Marc Maron WTF Direct link to the mp3 . . . This was fascinating. She has a new book,"May You Live In Interesting Times" .
  13. Bowen Yang on Andy Richter's podcast, The Three Questions.
  14. Very nice. The consensus season rank was how I ranked them, too. Holden doesn't get near enough respect. 🙃
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