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  1. oops - thank you. forgive my ignorance and thank you for explaining.
  2. Unreal. I went to Treasure Trove Live Auction page, and saw Nicole's mom in one photo. I did not "like" the page or join it; I just wanted to see. Then I saw another photo (these are all stills from video) that showed May drawing and it said she was signing her pictures as a promo when you bought something from Nicole. I can try to link but anyway I pasted this: "May, signing her picture special for you when you buy at least one lularoe item. Limit one per person. Auction starting soon" AND EDITED TO ADD I am shocked that it's spelled MAY not Mae as I thought and we all seemed to think. and here is me trying to share the link
  3. Well that is truly very sad. Very touching, and I have to say unexpected. The good news is that she took the right steps to get past, through, or around it.
  4. I have not read the whole thread, but I don't see anyone else commenting on her baby voice. It is very cute and sweet sounding, but I mean, really??? It is just so bizarre. In my opinion. As are her modeling photos above which I can see feature African print skirt and Victoria;s Secret leotard top? 🙂
  5. So agree with all of this; particularly the finances. That is what totally baffles me with this show. Where does the money come from for people not working and who do not seem to have come from "means". I understand TLC pays the American but I don't know how that works if they are living abroad? Anyway I totally agree that something just doesn't add up. What could he have been thinking about being televised and married and carrying on going to find out about the letter being sent to his residence and all of that. It just does not make sense. AT ALL
  6. Watching Giuliana and I am reminded how I have never seen what people see in her. Yes, she is articulate but as a fashion expert designer model spokesperson saleswoman hawker? NO
  7. I am glad Rebecca is clarifying this all - honestly. But I agree that to rely on TLC not showing it is a myth......also Nicole and Azan (as much as I dislike him- remember she hit him? And it was a non event a la TLC)
  8. 🙂 thanks for the geography incentive. I too am new to the area and just looked it up. It's "only" about 80 miles from me but looking at the map, and seeing it on the tv, it is light years from where I reside.
  9. I am one who has long felt that Darcy (and twin) are just looking to be on TV $$ (or have a "following"). At this point though I have to say, I don't know how much Darcy is staging this to keep the "intrigue" or interest (As in there is no such thing as bad publicity?) or how much she really is that messed up. Probably 1/2 and 1/2?
  10. Just now on Q3 I had to turn it off- Elise doing Cuddleduds. Man oh man what an annoying voice ( I remember that from way back) but she is trying to do that free association thing that Shawniesue does . It's not working. It is painful to listen to. Carry on
  11. YES. I also noticed lots of French interspersed in the majority Arabic.
  12. Wait WUT? A few pages back, the scoop was she was claiming to be pregnant--then a few posts later she is whoring in Ecuador with Evil who is now solo and then a picture of Laura and baby and then one black eye. O and Aladin texting to Avery????? So please - I guess I doze off too much while watching but PLEASE someone help me out here. What is going on???
  13. Yass! Especially about Darcy- pretty sure I have read ( on here) that their dad has or had custody? I don't know if it's true but I thought it made sense- given how normal they seem.
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