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  1. ooh excitement!!! Yes thank you Booney and hey everyone- well done!!!!
  2. mayvenne

    Home Shopping Network

    ooh yes! If I remember correctly- I think she had a line at Tarjay? Then again all the names kind of run together but I do think I am remembering the right one. ?
  3. mayvenne


    Exactly what I thought. I was never a big fan of hers, but in the photo she sure looks so good and relaxed. I just find it strange that she is going this route- whatever it is. I would have thought she was not a spotlight seeker, that the job was a job. Guess I was wrong.
  4. mayvenne

    Russ and Paola: You're the Only Juan for Me

    Exactly. Never was. Boring.
  5. mayvenne

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    In the very beginning, he was a much better actor. My gaydar still pinged big time but he seemed to be more shy and tender with her and even meeting her the first time (at least what I remember) he was still sweet to her. More recently though, he really is not hiding his disdain.
  6. Yes when I saw the photo- besides having too too too much make up I thought her face did look distorted and then realized it's them LIPZ.....Man have they done been plumped up! She never had lips like that before. Must have had it done that very day!
  7. mayvenne

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    Also, that link regarding the payments for the show is from December. Who knows with the ever increasing popularity of the show and its' ***STARS*** if that was the beginning pay rates ,,,,,,,,,,,,just thinking..
  8. WAIT WAIT WAIT WhaT?????????????
  9. Every great designer has their source of inspiration or muse. -- Meet Lori's. Thanks ChrisB. 🙂 🙂
  10. Sign me up too- and if I can wear sweats and or PJ's all the better. Twinzies.
  11. mayvenne

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    Makes sense about the foreign fiance not getting paid in US (Work laws and immigration laws in play) ---- but I still think that the pay rate is variable. Possibly they start at a given rate whether it is $1000 per episode or season (per season seems really low and not likely?) but I bet when they turn out to be a good drama couple or a very likeable couple they get more. I am not sure if they are able to pay for THINGS as opposed to paying a salary- like trips, restaurants, maybe buying clothing ( like I don't recall seeing where Jay and his family got their winter gear from. that costs money no?) .... and of course for SUMIT and fiance- going shopping for sari and such. Where is that money coming from if he is not working and they have extremely limited funds.........just sayin' Obviously I have no knowledge and just guessing.
  12. Also just wanted to say that when she is not smiling, I do think she is a very pretty lady. When she is smiling (with her mouth closed) she still is a pretty lady. When she is smiling with her mouth open, she looks like a pretty lady with lousy teef! Still a pretty lady. Maybe a bit whacked out. Still a pretty lady. 🙂
  13. Late to joining you all but omg what a flight that would be......and ohmg if baby2 comes out blue eyed blonde what a HOOT!?!?!!??
  14. Thank you for doing this- I am new to voting. I did vote for OAP. Honestly, I agree that there were just too many choices. As I reviewed the choices, I thought there were some that weren't SO bad compared to the competition. I kept thinking to myself, "it's not so terrible!". 🙂
  15. mayvenne

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Yes......at best (to ME) the pieces are the random "unique" piece you wear every so often and maybe feel a little special ( in a good way) doing so. Not day in day out not a wardrobe full and not combined with other like pieces.