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  1. oh my word you guys! Here I was thinking he seemed so good looking, and had such a sad story. I thought he was the normal one on the cast. I did think it was strange the showing of his friend/also nice looking and seemingly normal and regular who is giving advice and asking why they didn't work out. I just dismissed that as everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and TLC drama directing. Oh my oh my oh my. (and yes on another forum I frequent, several have said he reminded them of Pole.
  2. Sorry- just saw a snippet promo for this special item. It looks nice. but do you really think a hooded (and belted woo woo) cardigan at $108 is something I will be jumping at to order? What am I missing? (are there jewels hidden in the hood??) https://www.qvc.com/Barefoot-Dreams-Cozychic-Lite-Belted-Hooded-Cardi.product.A373554.html?sc=SRCH. Yes it's attractive and if you buy it I am sure it will be lovely------but a special value at that price? I think not. EDITING TO ADD--- I thought I would try to add the photo but lo and behold- photo image is not available. They are presenting it as a today only and don't have a photo to show you. So I guess stay tuned to the TEEVEE and you will see it presented. Maybe.
  3. Booney alert for fashion disasters!!! Prime example. Even on someone as attractive and statuesque this looks abysmal!
  4. Yes. I noticed too that Caro is the only one who buttoned the lovely blazer. Am I right? Fugly as it is, even the size xxs models are not shown with it buttoned. Not sure it would look bad if they did button it, but on a larger person it is bizarre looking. I too had originally thought she had on a shrug and wondered why she had closed that. OY. ((please if you ever see me and I look so foolish------take me aside and tell me))
  5. I didn't see this but have seen Toni quite a bit and I agree that she looks fabulous in all the wigs and even just throws them on with minimal adjustment. I don't know why it works so great for her but then usually when the hosts try to play along, they look like they are wearing someone's wig. I have been tempted so many times to give it a try but then I see the novice putting it on and I am restrained. I get a kick out of how some of hosts will only put the wig on offscreen and still look foolish. And there is Toni tugging and placing and adjusting on air and looking fabulous.
  6. increasingly a fan of Alexei and Loren- score for normalcy! Molly and friend definitely breakout stars. I do still enjoy David, less so for Annie (if she would stop shouting and repeating, I would like her more. ). They are both pretty funny. So what is the real deal with Mike and Natalie?? He seems like a sincere guy. I waiver about her because sometimes she seems sincere but I honestly think she is an actress. Very contrived with her facial expressions and such.
  7. I haven't been watching much at all lately and just decided to have a look see. I am seeing QVC3 and I see Breezy mama with Aimz. Breezy lady seems to have given up the black headband and replaced it with a skimpy streak of black hair. ?? Sorry if this is old news but I spent like a minute trying to figure out what I was seeing. "It's an interesting look".
  8. honestly, don't know what to think with them. Was hoping for some clarity last night. Guess we have to tune in tonight again and play along. What a crew.
  9. Dont' think this has been shared before- I saw this on Facebook. Joe G is performing at a theatre outside of Philadelphia. He will no doubt share his bits of brilliance for a small fee. https://www.axs.com/events/391120/joe-gorga-unleashes-a-night-of-stories-laughs-and-sinatra-tickets
  10. What's up with Amy wearing eyeglasses now? Is Shawn setting trends? I have never seen Amy with glasses. Every day is a new day. I guess?
  11. Wait wait wait. I thought I had read that Mahcull was here in the US? Like a while ago? So I thought well, he's here , no issue about the travel ban.......And now I see an apparent wedding celebration in Nahjeeria? Wow baby! Someone help a lady out here- a lady who does watch but was so turned off by Onjela that the lady otherwise known as MOI. would frequently doze off when Onjela was on the screen. And now I am paying the price because I totally don't know what to believe!!
  12. I just saw this on one of the deal sites I frequent. It's still cray cray $$ but hey it says refurbished by Dyson . I have no connection to this but thought I would pass this along. From what I see, Q sells for 399 (may come with other perks - again no clue).Just figured I would share and add some life to this forum. eBay is offering the refurbished Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for the best deal. This is refurbished by Dyson! Regular Price is $399.99 1. eBay Price is $279.99 Shipped 2. Use the coupon promo code JUSTBMINE to get 20% off Final Price is $223.99 Shipped
  13. Still processing the pic of Kerstin in the romper. That was Denim and Company????? Maybe I am getting delusional but I kind of had the impression that D and C went out of their way to support their market with clothing that larger wiminz could wear and be comfortable in. Really a romper that brief? And, Carolyn in her blue printed shirt- looks nice. Whatever xxs she is wearing it fits her!!
  14. YES!!!! I actually think the jeans are the worst part and man oh man do they accentuate everything negative and unflattering in this view.
  15. ooh sounds about right. And I am all about the dills and the fillings. and we know Kody and Robyn are as well. So there you go.
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