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  1. Jason Priestly made an appearance on the new Joel McHale Show. Of course, he looked about as tall as Joel McHale's waist.
  2. I know it's pointless to critique the academic stuff, but what college lets you major in child psychology? Also, if they did, it's called developmental psychology. Usually it's a BA in psychology that you usually can't do actual counseling or diagnosis with. Shut up show.
  3. Maybe art imitates life: Jason Lewis was supposed to be a regular but when they saw his "work" they sent him packing. Also, the 90s trend of buttoning only the top button of a cardigan made me FURIOUS as a large-chested gal. Does not work for us.
  4. Tracy is the most basic of basic. When I look at her it's like the tv is not even in focus.
  5. why is Tara in a wig? Because her single white female look is her actual hair? Do Joe and Donna actually know each other's favorite movies? Or is every conversation about his heart?
  6. When someone joins the gang, they have to claim everyone they know as a "suppressed person"? Susan runs the newspaper but doesn't have any other friends outside of Brandon?
  7. For the sex out, is Donna dressed like...a baby? Is that a pacifier and a stuffed animal?
  8. Ian Ziering seems to be the only one actually having fun being an actor. ETA: I think my friends and I learned that "in bed" game from this show. And might have played it a few times. Because our fifteen year old selves were so skilled in sex. I hate myself.
  9. I'm siding with Pablo on nakedgate. Brenda agreed, and then onstage, fucks of the lines and the play, and then expects forgiveness because "I thought it was funny?" If she wasn't gonna do it, quit the play. I am sure there are other shitty theater majors writing crap she can star in. These assholes.
  10. I did love Brenda's smugness when she was asked with what was going on with Kelly and Dylan. "Don't ask me." I'm going to be that person. I'm currently living in San Francisco. If Emily lives there, there is no was she would be riding the trolley. It's for tourists and Tommy Wiseau. Also, who rents that sort of apartment to an 18 year old? Also, pizza? You wouldn't go for some variety of Asian food? I hate this show. Can't wait for the next episode.
  11. This may be the most obvious comments of obviousness, but it irks me that the gang has made no new friends in college. Yea, I understand that for the show they can't have a lot of new cast members and actors have contracts, but come on. Also, is Andrea Dan Rubin's only resident? Where is the rest of the floor? The only new people they meet are either crazy sex addicts, rapists, or rape victims. Of course, I didn't watch past this season in its original run.
  12. Are you all open to sharing the drops as mp3s? I want the "DAVID!!!" to be the text alert on my phone.
  13. Gonna be that guy- but WHY in the hell are they still getting college acceptances in June? We all know that shit happens in April. And Dylan hasn't gotten his scores back? At least TRY to mimic real high school life.
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