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  1. stillhere1900

    NHL Thread

    Avalanche vs Ducks. #29: Cole got a 5 min major for "Kneeing" a Ducks player.... WTF?!!!!!!! My dh and I watched that player over and over and even the announcers didn't understand that penalty.
  2. Just watched the episode "Tiny Monsters" The mother (Sherry) is a POS but what kind of a father would move out of that horrible, horrible house and leave his kids there ? My mind is completely blown that he just left them there with 100,000 roaches. I didn't see this from the beginning. Did the therapist ever ask the father 'WHY he left the kids in that roach/needle infested pig stye ?
  3. OMG!!! I really don't understand her hair. lol
  4. Where is the oldest daughter ?
  5. I was thinking 2 apts where joined by a door between the units.
  6. Damn~ Lainey looks old. Are you saying that the only good bb players are Black ?
  7. Don't know why Tom can't fill in for Dan ?
  8. It's pretty slick because it's not illegal to give away "divine intervention oil. (even the shipping is free) That way it can't be called a scam.
  9. Divine Intervention Oil Flipping thru the channels and came across the *Robyn Davis Ministries on a religious channel. They were encouraging people to call their 800 number to receive a free bottle of "Divine Intervention Oil" The line was to "anoint yourself/house/friends with this oil to ward off witchcraft/evil spirits" OMG!!!!! Are they serious ?!!!!!!!!! The bottle is free with no shipping cost ,etc
  10. Look at Carla and you can see that her father was White. esp if her mother was Black
  11. "Light-skinned Black woman" equals... Bi-racial I guess some still go by the "one drop of Black blood" makes you "BLACK" Really hard to ignore that one of her parents is White.
  12. Adam & that "Expert" guy kept saying that there wasn't any proof that strangers harmed/killed children by tampering with halloween candy. That was really confusing,
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