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  1. stillhere1900

    NHL Thread

    Avalanche vs Ducks. #29: Cole got a 5 min major for "Kneeing" a Ducks player.... WTF?!!!!!!! My dh and I watched that player over and over and even the announcers didn't understand that penalty.
  2. stillhere1900


    Just watched the episode "Tiny Monsters" The mother (Sherry) is a POS but what kind of a father would move out of that horrible, horrible house and leave his kids there ? My mind is completely blown that he just left them there with 100,000 roaches. I didn't see this from the beginning. Did the therapist ever ask the father 'WHY he left the kids in that roach/needle infested pig stye ?
  3. stillhere1900


    OMG!!! I really don't understand her hair. lol
  4. stillhere1900

    S05.E11: Waltz in A Minor

    Where is the oldest daughter ?
  5. stillhere1900

    Live PD

    I was thinking 2 apts where joined by a door between the units.
  6. stillhere1900

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Damn!!! Why the hate? Do you know her personally?
  7. stillhere1900


    Damn~ Lainey looks old. Are you saying that the only good bb players are Black ?
  8. stillhere1900

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    There is also cash to cover those expenses
  9. stillhere1900

    Live PD

    Don't know why Tom can't fill in for Dan ?
  10. stillhere1900


    It's pretty slick because it's not illegal to give away "divine intervention oil. (even the shipping is free) That way it can't be called a scam.
  11. stillhere1900


    Divine Intervention Oil Flipping thru the channels and came across the *Robyn Davis Ministries on a religious channel. They were encouraging people to call their 800 number to receive a free bottle of "Divine Intervention Oil" The line was to "anoint yourself/house/friends with this oil to ward off witchcraft/evil spirits" OMG!!!!! Are they serious ?!!!!!!!!! The bottle is free with no shipping cost ,etc
  12. stillhere1900

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Look at Carla and you can see that her father was White. esp if her mother was Black
  13. stillhere1900

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    "Light-skinned Black woman" equals... Bi-racial I guess some still go by the "one drop of Black blood" makes you "BLACK" Really hard to ignore that one of her parents is White.
  14. stillhere1900

    S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    How was Rosanne killed off ?
  15. stillhere1900

    Adam Ruins Everything

    Adam & that "Expert" guy kept saying that there wasn't any proof that strangers harmed/killed children by tampering with halloween candy. That was really confusing,