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  1. PodcastTown

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    Has Vincent been shredding at the gym? Cause he didn't look like that in seasons 1 and 2 that's for sure.
  2. PodcastTown

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    New Greg sucks. Everyone else is on point though. Another great episode in the books. I thought Nathanial and Josh were funny as hell in this one. The ending kinda made me upset, new lame Greg over Nathanial, really? Oh I freezed frame every shot. ;)
  3. PodcastTown

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I grew up with romcoms, especially hong kong movies, that was their wheelhouse. Shaw Brothers did a bunch of them back then. I grew up in the 80s so this was definitely up my alley. This movie made me want to venture out and seek more films set in Singapore/Malaysia. Read an article about a film called Mee Pok Man came out in 96 which I need to see in a hurry!
  4. PodcastTown

    S04.E07: The Day After Thanksgiving

    LMAO, just seeing George Takei, not sure whether to vomit or laugh because of those sex allegations. So sad, I always liked him personally but the allegation does not look good for him at all. Feel bad for the cast of Fresh off the boat, not knowing he was a sex predator.
  5. I don't know, but I thought closing out the episode with Let It Be was excellent.
  6. That is a wonderful take @GHScorpiosRule... Please continue the posting. Keep the discussion going.
  7. I think so? Maybe in the later episodes? I might have to watch it again. Shit load of content to get through for sure.
  8. I wish there were 10 more episodes of this. This content is so rich. 1975, Khmer Rouge took over and seized Cambodia under the communist rule of Pol Pot. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick could knock out 10 episodes of content easy. Those last 2 weeks were some of the best piece of television that I've ever seen, period!!! Now I have to wait till next year for another Ken Burns document, country music? The anticipation is killing me,hahhaah! And I'm not the biggest fan of Country Music but it's Ken Burns!!! He's the master of this!!
  9. Calley and the rest of his goons should've gotten the electric chair. WTF??? Why is this dude still walking?
  10. That My Lai massacre and the Kent state shooting aggravated me. Bout to destroy my TV just a second there.
  11. Tunnel Warfare: I strangled a guy to death in the dark. If you turn the light on, you better be sure you're the only one there. Jesus Lord, war is not to be taken lightly. Episode 7 NO, NOT THE CAT!!! NOT THE CAT!!!! Vietnam war should've been the war to end all wars!! Brutal brutal stuff!!!
  12. PodcastTown

    S01.E01: The Vulcan Hello

    Wait this is also on netflix?
  13. The editing in episode 6 was incredible. Thought I was watching an action movie or something. Just reality.
  14. Agree. 18 yrs of age. automatic weapons and an unlimited amount of ammunition and whatnot. What could possibly go wrong? In the middle of Episode 7, had to take a break. Emotionally draining. As soon as I see Nixon in the clips, OH BOY!!! Yeah, was shocked too. They were just kids. All the bullsh!t they had to go through, gotta smoke once in awhile.
  15. As soon as the U.S pulled out of Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge sieged an entire country and executed a million plus people in Cambodia.