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  1. I just discovered that eleven years after ABC’s "LOST" left the air, many fans are still harboring illusions about the Kate Austen character. I came to this conclusion after watching the "LOST Explained" series on YouTube. Why do these certain fans continue to harbor illusions about her? Because she was portrayed by Evangeline Lilly, the show’s leading lady? Did Kate being the leading female character was a reason why so many made excuses for her mistakes and crimes? What exactly did Kate do? Well . . . let’s see: *Murdered her stepfather Wayne Jensen, when she discovered that he was her r
  2. This series was such a disappointment to me. I had such high hopes, because someone had compared it to "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Instead, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" spiraled into the bad writing of movies like "Captain America: Civil War" and "The Avengers: Endgame". I just realized that aside from "Black Panther", which had a questionable finale, most of the MCU productions in the past six years have either been likable, yet mediocre; or just terrible. And most of them - including this series - have been badly overrated. Disney/Marvel has really managed to brainwash
  3. The problem is not that Emily Van Camp lacks the charisma to play the villain. She had spent four years on "Revenge" portraying a character that was on the edge of villainy for the sake of revenge. What I dislike is how the MCU pretty much destroyed the Sharon Carter character. I hate the MCU for what they have done to her character. The franchise has been screwing her over since "Captain America: Civil War". This show was the last straw. I hate this show. I hate it for its convoluted writing. I hate it for its pretense at progressive politics, when it was nothing more than
  4. Where is this series going? Where is it going? It's like watching the manifestation of too many cooks in the soup. It's so messy. Questions: *Why wasn't Bucky arrested for arranging Zemo's escape from prison? The idea that Dora Milaje kept his involvement a secret is a joke. The moment Zemo had escaped, the U.N. authorities or any national intelligence service could have quickly surmised that Bucky was involved, due to his visit at the latter's prison. *Why did the writers drag Zemo into this story in the first place? He makes his escape at the end of one episode and is quickl
  5. I'm afraid that this series has jumped the shark, as far as the narrative is concerned. No amount of good action or acting can really save it. And why isn't Bucky in prison for helping Zemo escape?
  6. The Dora Mijae should have Bucky arrested for helping Zemo escape prison. He should feel betrayed? He is the one responsible for allowing Zemo, the man who had murdered their king, out of prison. Screw him. I'm tired of being told that I have to think of Bucky's well being; when his stupidity and aggressive behavior has made it obvious that he rarely cares about the well being of others.
  7. It's a pity that they seemed to be trying to achieve this with sloppy writing. What a disappointment.
  8. What was the point of that scene? That Bucky is more important than Sam?
  9. Bucky should have never helped Zemo escape from prison. It was a really stupid decision. The latter had killed a good number of people since his escape and tried to murder Karli in cold blood, because of his bigotry against enhanced people. Yet, Sam and Bucky kept protecting him. And many are behaving as if he is not much of a threat. Sam and Bucky need to find that man and put him back in prison. Meanwhile . . . Are we really supposed to question the moral compass of John Walker, who had killed that member of the Flag Smashers in a fit of rage over his friend's death? Yet, we're
  10. I'm too busy disliking Bucky for shoehorning his way into Sam's mission as if he had every right to even think about Walker.
  11. It's interesting how many focused on the police's behavior toward Sam and Bucky; yet no one wants to discuss Bucky's earlier behavior toward Sam when he ignored the latter and inserted himself into the Germany mission without consent. As if he had the right to do so. Right now, Bucky Barnes is at the top of my s**t list. So what? That did not mean Bucky had the right to join that mission. Period. You know what? This series is already a disaster to me. I'm through.
  12. Both Sam and Bucky behaved liked a-holes to Walker and Hoskins. And Bucky, especially, behaved like an a-hole to Sam. Watching him insert himself into Sam’s mission without the latter’s consent really irritated me. What an arrogant prick! The only people like, right now, are the Flag-Smashers.
  13. Considering the Avengers' talent for condescension, I'm not that upset. The writing for this second episode - (1.02) “The Star Spangled Man” - seemed to be all over the map to me … and not in a good way. Although it featured some pretty good and/or powerful scenes, there many moments or scenes that did not make sense to me. As I had stated, there were a few scenes that impressed me. I liked how the episode introduced the John Walker aka Captain America character. I thought the screenwriter did a good job of portraying him in a more complex manner than Marvel Comics did by
  14. When will this series openly acknowledge that Bucky really has nothing to atone for? And that he had committed all of his crimes, against his will, due to be brainwashed? Because this whole "Bucky has to make amends" plot point is really starting to irritate me.
  15. Does anyone know why the setting for Wanda Maximoff’s sitcom scenarios in “WANDAVISION” keep changing from one decade to another nearly every episode? What is this about? Why not stick with one setting and one living room? Is this transformation from one decade to the next simply a gimmick? If not, does anyone know what this change in setting is about?
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