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  1. luckykat

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I agree with this, but I think Amy is probably really afraid of being alone, and since Chris seems to be ambivalent about committing, she's probably uncomfortable giving up the only home she's known for the majority of her adult life.
  2. luckykat

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    Poor Gabe. I don't know how in the world these nimrods can possibly think this is the best move for their kids. Also, did I hear Kody correctly? Money be damned! I didn't know that mature adults could just pick up and move whenever they wanted to. I want to live near the ocean, but I can't afford it and my job won't allow it. But who cares? Jobs, money and children be damned. I'm gonna start looking at beachfront proper its tomorrow!
  3. luckykat

    S08.E20: Say It Ain't So

    Side note: I quite enjoyed B's summation of the parade of losers these ladies have managed to amass. Her color commentary was spot-on. Adam is truly the only ray of light in otherwise dismal, if not completely black and morally bankrupt, specimens of humanity.
  4. luckykat

    S08.E20: Say It Ain't So

    I'm really glad Lu wants to leave the party to be with Tom. She better like being with him because she's gonna need to be with him every minute of every day for the rest of her life to make sure he doesn't fall into any more clutches. Damn those evil clutches.
  5. luckykat

    S08.E20: Say It Ain't So

    Ok so, yes, he wasn't able to stay faithful for an entire week after his marriage proposal. But you know, Lu's right, "who doesn't make mistakes?" Forgive and forget is definitely the best way to handle this. I'm sure it was a one-time-only thing.
  6. luckykat

    S08.E20: Say It Ain't So

    I mean...this is a joke right? She's gonna come on the reunion next week and tell she was just f---ing with all of us, and of course she kicked him to curb. Right? I mean like one of them said - it's a month-long relationship. A week-long engagement. It's 4 weeks of her life. No f---ing way she's gonna marry this Douche. Right?
  7. So far Kelly is proving to be 50 shades of crazy and I'm loving every last one of 'em! Crazy is as crazy does.
  8. luckykat

    S07.E04: A Life To Envy

    Chris Laurita doesn't have a Plan B? Here's a thought:. GET A JOB!
  9. luckykat

    S07.E04: A Life To Envy

    How on God's green earth did that lawyer pay off her restitution already? Where did that money come from? Edited to add:. My google search revealed the restitution order was only for $400,000.00. I guess I can see how she (the lawyer) was able to scrape that together. I suppose the $13.5 million debtors remain unpaid.
  10. luckykat

    Season 5 Discussion

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks..." is my reaction to Reza's desperate and pathetic attempts to discredit GG. His behavior reeks of guilt.
  11. Did I hear Farrah correctly? Did she tell Simon that she wouldn't be waiting 2 years for a proposal because "that's for ugly girls"? Did I really hear that correctly?
  12. luckykat

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    As long as Izzy doesn't get off the blanket he won't be able to put his finger in the socket. If he does, that's his dumb problem. It's called common sense.
  13. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  14. luckykat

    Kate- She'll Fold You A "Rocket Ship" Towel

    That's some major bitchy resting face.
  15. luckykat

    S03.E15: Reunion Part 2

    I finally watched Part Deux and my only contribution to all of this brilliant commentary is that Eddie once again proves what Watergate has already taught us: the cover-up is way worse than the crime. Who the hell cares that he banged Rocky? No one! It's the way he ghosted her, gaslighted her and outright lied about her that makes him a colossal douche in my book. And to the Eddie defenders out there I would simply say: I agree, Rocky is also a huge douche for spilling the beans. But her blabber mouth is the direct result of her increasing frustration over the way he treated her. His ghosting tactic backfired in a big way. On a separate note, I wish they made a Captain Lee bobblehead because I need one!