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  1. blaksheba

    Spoilers and Speculation

    well said... especially regarding Daryl.
  2. A BAD surprise would be that Madison was alive. Please, please, no more Madison.
  3. Always hated Daryl, still hate Daryl. There's always some reason Darryl can do no wrong.
  4. LOL. Agreed, that we may be overreacting, but if he would have seemed more excited, or had gotten the name of the show right, I would be less cringy. He wouldn't even look at the camera for more than a couple of seconds. Even Melissa McBride was tearing up like he was off the main show for good. Ha! hopefully all goes well.
  5. He doesn't seem happy at all. That's probably why he can't remember the name, Poor guy. he is reacting like he had no choice.
  6. blaksheba

    S08.E02: The Damned

    Concur... it's only been two episodes so far, but this war is boring.
  7. blaksheba

    S07.E03: The Garden of Forking Paths

    dammit... thank you! I thought this was just me. So true. Because the story isn't working right now it is easy for to get distracted by the superficial elements. I hope this reboot gets better.
  8. blaksheba


    This was the best line of the show for me. I laughed out loud -- seriously. The Sam and Dean reference was the second best line.. As with most pilots, this, too was a bit shaky, but I am in for the duration I think. I feel it will get better. I will miss MVP's character, and hope his spirit makes plenty of appearances. And agreed, I wasn't happy with the use of "N-word" from the salty old man.
  9. It's not too late for a heavy piece of the dam to hit Madison in the head, it it?
  10. Please let this be the swansong for the Clarke family. Please
  11. Actor, yes; character, not my cup of tea.
  12. Concur about your survivors' wishlist... except for Daniel. I used to like Nick, but his story got dumber and dumber as the seasons progressed.
  13. I don't like anything about Daniel; even with his torturing of Nick (whom I'm now meh about). I started to dislike him on Victor's boat (in season 1 or 2), and was joyful when he "died" in season 2. I was so disappointed he came back because I find all his scenes annoying... esp this one. I hope he doesn't make it out of this episode.
  14. Agreed. Alycia Debnam-Carey looks like she is really phoning in her performance. In the last three episodes, and specifically in these last ones, she looks dead-eyed and blank. At first I thought it was to show the character's descent into sadness about their circumstances, but I remember the actress' performances from the early days of the show where she conveyed Alicia's feelings with a range of emotions. But then again, I can say the same of Frank Dillane. Kim Dickens never did anything for me though - she was emotionless from the start, but I digress. On another note, one thing that definitely cracked me up this episode was the talk of "brown people" not being welcome over at Brokejaw Ranch; seeing Frank Dillane next to other actors at the ranch makes it seem like the preppers/white supremacists are blind. Last night's episodes made me wish this season did not focus solely on the ranch. although I thought the duality of Jeremiah's personality was interesting. He hates "brown people", but is cool with sharing his canteen with one of them. It was also interesting that Ofelia drank so greedily from the canteen, and was going to finish the water, but was stopped by Jeremiah... just a few episodes ago, this self-same act of Strand greedily drinking water from Daniel's canteen was considered a negative character trait by Ofelia's dad (whom I can not stand, but like better as a character than Madison). So watching another thirsty person gulping offered water voraciously just a few episodes apart, I wondered what the writers were saying there... was there a comparison to be drawn or am I overthinking? Lastly, I was secretly hoping that the characters from those 30-second vignettes would have made it to Walker's hotel, and have been a part of the group of other "brownish people", but yet, another missed opportunity. Maybe they will show up when we return from the break.
  15. blaksheba

    S04.E16: All It Cost Her...

    Agreed. Even she looked embarrassed! I didn't understand that at all. I did like the way they handled almost all else, especially the extremely mature way Mary handed over her son James to her brother when she realized the jig was up and the arrest would hold. I loved seeing Toby Regebo again and I agree, he and Ms. Kane really do/did a good job of displaying a couple hopelessly in love with one another.