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  1. As someone from Buffalo, I didn't love the two establishing shots and then incorrect liquor store gaffe mentioned above. Our liquor stores have wine and hard alcohol, but beer is sold in grocery/pharmacies/gas stations. I thought for all the mention of Paula being from Buffalo and actually having her visit that there might be one in joke or attention to detail in script that people from the region would get, but nothing. I did really like "First Penis I Saw." It reminded me of Abba and Mama Mia right away.
  2. This is one of the worst episodes of 90210, just really bad. The bright spot was the bear caper, which says a lot. I hate to nitpick, but I hate Val saying "SUNY Buffalo." No one from Buffalo would call it that, no one from New York State would call it that. It's UB, and if the writers thought the school was too small to say that, have her say University of Buffalo, which people here also say.
  3. Especially considering in the Season 3 "Electric Slide to end racism" episode, when Kelly's dad flakes on her for dinner, she tells Dylan last time he did it she went to "Cliff Berman's pool house and got high for three days." (Yes, I realize it is sad that I know some dialogue of this show so vividly.) So maybe cut the poor girl who just lost a father to suicide a few months ago some slack.
  4. Since they have been airing reruns nonstop, I have regrown my fondness for this show. I was also interested in this episode as I follow Alison from @25park and wanted to see a glimpse of her in action. I miss Eddie, but glad that Ben is back, and obviously Captain Lee. I do have a shameful crush on Kelley but if I had to pick, I would rather his sister come back instead. Any reason she didn't return, she was a model stew last season. Sidenote: Kate is really sticking to that 32 age answer?!
  5. Wow, how weird is it that upon re-watching this episode, Donna's best chemistry really was with D'Shawn. Missed opportunity. This is also the season of the worst Kelly hair ever. Jennie Garth, what were you thinking? It starts off with this shag, that isn't great. After the fire, comes that awful mullet with the bangs. Ugh. All the while the season where she is the pinnacle of a central love triangle between the two male leads.
  6. As much as I love the Brenda years, and when I do a rewatch, usually stop there, I'm cool with Val. She was a breath of fresh air, she rejuvenated the show in some ways and also made it sort of more like Melrose/soapy. Plus they got to go the full on bad girl route with her and fighting with Kelly vs. Val. I agree. They do this again when Vanessa Marcil's Gina joins the show. An actress who I consider one of the most gorgeous to grace my screen.
  7. Wow, what a Donna moment for me, thanks for the clarification. I do agree with Eddie now that I know. I would never tell someone who is from New York that I am too and not think they would assume the city. I always just say Buffalo.
  8. As someone from Buffalo, back then and now I still don't get the "uptown or downtown?" comment. Is something going over my head here? Also, I did like scene as well of Steve and Brenda with him finally showing up to see her. If Ian and Shannen hated each other, they both did a great job being playful and looking like they had genuine affection for each other.
  9. Damn, David really starts getting good looking upon this season! Why did I not see that as a kid?
  10. This was my favorite episode of 90210 for a very long time, so it will always have a special place in my heart. I was very young (too young really) when 90210 ran on its original airing but would watch with my mom and she taped all the episodes, this was one of the few she never taped over so before reruns came on FX and DVD's years later, so this and one or 2 more episodes were all I had to watch of the Brenda years before 2000 and I watched this episode so much I know all the lines. I get it's kind of a clip show, but it's also their high school graduation episode! I loved the whole senior
  11. I didn't go to my senior prom because I didn't have a date but met my friends right after in their limo for our after party. Even years later my best and I wish we were progressive and self-assured enough to have gone together as she went with someone she was repulsed by so she didn't have to go alone. Onto the prom fashion, I even as a young kid I hated all their dresses. I used to love so much of the fashion only to be horrified years later upon rewatch and continuing to be so everytime I have since rewatched. Andrea's isn't bad for Andrea, but it still looks like what a 40 year old would
  12. As horrible as it is to say, I think if Andrea were to be played by an actress who was a little more, youthful looking, she could have had more viable love interests in the main cast. Say Jennifer Grant were to be Andrea instead of Celeste, they would have actually pulled the trigger on Brandon/Andrea or went with Steve/Andrea and if she stayed on I could see Dylan/Andrea since they seem to get each other on a intellectual level and have a mutual respect. I did like their interaction in this episode and the platonic friendship Dylan could have with a woman though.
  13. Ugh the beginning of this "soulmate" crap. This episode is the real start of the next season long misery-fest that was their relationship. I honestly don't know what the writers were going for at times with them. Were they intentionally trying to have them show such contempt for each other? Were the viewers supposed to infer like Tara and Sara said that they only were into each because of the secrecy and wanting to bone, and now it's boring? Or is this stupid soulmate bs supposed to be tortured and romantic and beautiful? Blech
  14. Yeah I am pretty sure Darren Star left SATC by end of season 2 or 3. He is now the creator and producer of Younger on TVLand, which is a really great show that hasn't landed on any obvious daddy issue tropes that I can see. I think when he was on Melrose, he was only involved for first couple seasons just like he was with 90210.
  15. Why did the writers spend the first half of Season 3 showing Dylan/Kelly were more compatible only for once they got together to tease some deeper connection with Brenda? It continues in Season 4. How I wish ShanDo had just done one more season to see how different Season 5 would have been. And yes Valerie does seem to look into Brenda's box of pain in an early ep of Season 5.
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