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  1. I dunno brah. I got pulled over and searched twice when I lived in TX driving in the middle of nowhere. They asked if I had guns and drugs. When I said no, they searched my car anyways. I was wearing a button down and kakis. I work in Corporate America, not that it should matter. It took over an hour each time. Totally wasting my time and freaking me out not knowing if they were going to go all George Floyd on me. In the current environment, I would not drive through certain states alone. But if I had to pick between driving home alone and sleeping in the room with Hurrican K, I would ha
  2. No. Nobody is going to get into a car with her. Maybe Bao. But even she looked scared.
  3. Yeah, I noticed they would not allow Machala to shoot guns.
  4. I would get fucking hammered if I had to meet with the experts. Also, I would have smoked weed while the experts were talking to me and offer them a hit. Myrla did great. Why do the experts need to be worshiped? They are just like us. Myrla was honest with the expert, and that is all that was required. She looks so much better when she smiles and stops complaining.
  5. The problem is that Ryan has already seen Brett's bathroom. So he is not getting a boner anytime soon. It was a bad move for her to keep her bathroom that way. Unless the producers did that for her.
  6. Hey, she needs to get something out of this too. She is getting sex. She deserves it.
  7. Hes not getting the Angry Black Man edit. Thank god. But he seems really sensitive. I've never met anybody who cries every time they get upset.
  8. He is raging on Rachael and locking her out of the house. Where have I ever seen him spend money. Even Gil was seen wearing Gucci? You can both enjoy life and enjoy financial security. You dont have to pick- especially when you are single. Its almost like Americans have been brainwashed.
  9. 100%. This was the point I was trying to make. I thought Jose and Zack were wearing makeup. I thought at one point Johnny was wearing lipstick or lip balm.
  10. Going into larger debt to own 2 houses so you can never take a vacation doesnt sound good either. What is the point of having money if you are locked down in your home and cannot enjoy it? What if he only owed 1 home and put the other home into the stock market? That requires no upkeep and the returns are 30% higher. The extra 30% could pay for vacations, and Jose wouldnt ever be paranoid that a bank would take his house. He could enjoy his money. At this point I think the only reason why he has 2 houses is so he can tell everybody he has 2 houses.
  11. So he is paying 2 mortgages but not enjoying life outside of your backyard BBQ pit? I am still trying to understand this. He owns two houses but wont go to Europe? What is the logic behind this. What if he owned 5 houses? He still would be forcing Rachael to stay at Motel 6 off the highway.
  12. I'm just joking with you. I'm just a fan of bringing your best. Well Ryan is "Dealing" with Brett not trying to bring her best. Once Ryan lied to her and told her that he prefers her without makeup, that all she seemed to do. It was a bad move on both their parts. Another thing, guy are looking at the other brides too, and comparing them against their own wife. If everybody else looks great, but their wife looks washed out, then they are going to be thinking about that. This actually happened in Australia MAFS. I would point to Ashley from a different season. She didnt have the VS model l
  13. What's the issue with teachers going to Europe? Why cant they take a 2 week vacations together? Why cant they take one vacation in Europe and another in the States? Its weird how Americans expect people to work all of the time.
  14. I think they know something about Gil's future that we dont know. Like she somehow knows that he is going to make more money soon in the future.
  15. Why should she work more? Why does she need to earn more? Why cant she just have a good time traveling after she is done teaching for the year? Why do people want to force Rachael to work during the summer. When I used to teach, people use to tell me this whenever I told them I was traveling for a few months.
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